Commissioners discuss sewer rates

By Cecilia Fox - Troy Daily News

MIAMI COUNTY — At their work session Wednesday morning, the Miami County Commissioners discussed proposed changes to the county’s sewer rates with the Sanitary Engineering Department.

Miami County Sanitary Engineer Paul Huelskamp proposed a rate increase of 30 percent for the Piqua Supplied System.

“We’ve been making money on all of the systems except, unfortunately, the Piqua Supplied System,” he said.

The other systems include Troy, Tipp City, Clark County and Wiley Industrial Park.

According to Huelskamp, the Piqua system has lost nearly $80,000 in the last five years. In 2017, the system lost $35,728.77. Through September of this year, the system has lost about $30,000, he said.

“We’re fairly confident 30 percent will not cover it, but it will get us closer to closing this gap,” he said. “I don’t like raising rates any more than anybody else does, but I don’t see that we have a whole lot of choice here.”

The proposal would increase the base rate on 0-2,000 gallons from $32.91 to $42.78. The county average for use is about 4,000 gallons.

Commissioner Jack Evans noted that the increase did not include rates over 2,000 gallons and asked if the rate increase could be spread out more evenly. Huelskamp said the department is taking the increase “one step at a time” and added that the county’s rate for use over 2,000 gallons is typically higher than the in-city rate.

By Cecilia Fox

Troy Daily News

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