Restaurant inspections

Restaurant inspections are performed in the county by Miami County Public Health, except in Piqua, which has its own health department. Miami County Public Health can be reached at (937) 573-3500, by email at or on the website at These inspection reports were provided by Miami County Public Health.

Oct. 19

  • Chin’s Ginger Grill, 965 W. Main St., Tipp City — Critical violation at time of inspection: observed worker cutting lemons with bare hands for drinks. Observed owner cutting cabbage for cole slawwith bare hands. Gloves must be worn when handling RTE foods to prevent bare hand contact. Observed trash on ground around the dumpster. Please maintain area to be free of litter.
  • Maruti Gasoline, Satisfactory at time of isnpection. Owner states he might start cooking sandwiches/sausages again. No level 3 activities at this time.

Oct 21

  • Little York Tavern Troy, 116-118 W. Main St., Troy — Observed the handles of ice scoops in ice bins behind bar and in the ice machine. Keep all handles out of ice to prevent contamination. Critical violation at time of inspection: observed raw sausage stored on same tray as RTE ham and salami in walk-in cooler. Raw meats must be stored separately to prevent cross contamination. The inside of two prep refrigerators are leak. Please repair.
  • Troy Apostolic Temple, 625 N. County Road 25A, Troy — The can opener has food debris on it. Clean often to prevent build up.

Oct. 23

  • 25A Cafe, 1469 S. County Road 25A, Troy — The can opener has food debris on it. Clean often to prevent build up.
  • Sweet By Kristy, 29 E. Main St., Tipp City — Satisfactory at time of inspection. Dip ice cream installed. Scoops are cleaned after use. Keep cones in protected area.

Provided by the Piqua Health Department

Oct. 22

• Uniqworks LLC, 8433 N. County Road 25-A, Piqua — Remodeling still going on. No plans have been submitted. No food may be prepared in kitchen while remodeling going on. No food present during inspection. Submit plans and menu to health department.

• Piqua DQ Grill and Chill, 1288 E. Ash St., Piqua — Violations from 10/16/2015 have been corrected.

Closely monitor food temperatures and employee hand washing.

Oct. 23

• McDonald’s West, 1546 Covington Ave., Piqua — The temperature of upright above 41 degree. Tomato 56 degree, ohion 58 degree, butter, 59 degrees. Keep all TCS foods before 41 degrees at all times to prevent bacterial growth. Items removed from coolete. Repairman called.

Times not being marked for items where time is being used as public health control, lettuce, bacon. Must mark time on TCS foods received from refrigeration and discard after four hours.

Oct. 26

• Heartland of Piqua, 275 Kienle Drive, Piqua — Satisfactory at the time of inspection.

• Heartland of Piqua

Oct. 29

• Kids Learning Place and Head Start, 285 RM Davis Drive, Piqua — Provide metal stem thermometers with a thin tip so food temperatures can be monitored.