Miami County Real Estate Transfers


Margaret Kesig, Ricky Kesig to Gerald Patterson, Jo Ann Patterson, one lot, $325,000.

Jason Hadden, Mary Beth Hadden to Nicholas Trimble, one lot, $140,000.

M. Paul Staton to Michael Staton, one lot, $100,000.

Erik Lamka, Kristen Lamka, Kristin Pour to Frederic Thuillier, Fei Yan, one lot, $210,000.

Billie Lindon, Jeffrey Lindon, attorney in fact, Muriel Sims, one lot, $113,400.

J.S. Smith Rentals to Joseph Burt, one lot, $90,000.

RRM Holding LLC to Angie Cline, Joshua Cline, two part lots, $25,000.

Brasta Lialios, Christopher Lialios to Dorothy Bleam, Ronald Bleam, one lot, $152,000.

Gary Neff, Victoria Neff, Stephanie Stoner, Tod Stoner, Bonnie Sutherland, Ronnie Sutherland, Tanna Tank, Tanna Zank to Greenpen Realty, one lot, $37,000.

Harbor West Land Company to Bogle Investments LLC, one lot, $44,900.

Keith and Debra Zary Revocation of Trust to Eleanor Streit, two lots, $259,900.

Heather Delcamp, Tyler Delcamp to Melissa Franklin, Judy McNeal, one lot, $216,300.

Scott Aultman to Julie Fellers, Sean Fellers, two part lots, $155,000.

Harlow Builders Inc. to Anthony Moran Jr., Erin Moran, one lot, $381,100.

Diana Denton-Waugh to Katherine Burnside, Madison Harbuagh, one lot, $78,900.

AG/FO Holdings, Troy 7995 LLC to National Retail Properties, one lot, $3,073,000.30.

Jack Jamison, Katherine Jamison to Rodney Ellis, one lot, $207,000.

Alex Gillott, Mara Gillott, Mara Yardlay to Benjamin Jamison, a part lot, $76,400.


Matthew Poe to Brendon Poe, $0.

Mark Van de Grift Revocable Trust, Yvette Van de Grift to VSF Investments 3 Ltd., a part lot, $85,000.

Nancy Kruse to Kruse Preservation Trust, Katheryn Stacy, trustee, two part lots, $0.

All Ohio Home Buying LLC to Jack Pleasant, two lots, $35,000.

Sullenberger Rentals to R & J Piqua Properties, one lot, $2,000.

Craig Cheney, Susan Cheney to Emily Kessler, one lot, $62,000.

David Nicodemus, Kelly Nicodemus to Estate of Nellie White, Frank Patrizio, executor, a part lot, one lot, $1,000.

Daymatt Investment LLC to Town and Country Pools, one lot, $115,000.

Bank of America N.A., Carrington Mortgage Services to Secretary of Veterans Affairs, a part lot, $0.

Michael Maron Living Trust to David Miller, Lori Miller, one part lot, $55,000.

Roland Sourmail to Tawney Hefner, Richard Peters, a part lot, $59,000.

Mr. Cooper, Nationstar Mortgage LLC to Sparklin Benazer LLC, one lot, $28,000.


Jennifer Weimer, Travis Weimer to Alexa Vagedes, Ross Vagedes, one lot, $660,000.

NVR Inc. to Darla Brown, William Brown, one lot, $319,500.

Karen Jo Donovan to Craig Koesters, Stacie Koesters, one lot, $279,000.


Martha Eisele to Martha Eisele Revocable Trust, $0.


Chanda Zedaker, James Zedaker to Ravshan Ismailov, two lots, $277,000.

NVR Inc. to Daniel Frick, Jamie Frick, two lots, $228,900.

NVR Inc. to David Schwartz, two lots, $277,700.

Justin Swisher, Melissa Swisher to Christelyn Barnett, Daniel Barnett, two lots, $229,000.

Carriage Trails at the Heights, Dec Land Co. I LLC to NVR Inc., two lots, $52,700.

Carriage Trails at the Heights, Dec Land Co. I LLC to NVR Inc., two lots, $45,200.

Michael Schneider, Rachel Schneider to Robin Martin, two lots, $240,000.

NVR Inc. to Josh Gulley, Nicole Gulley, two lots, $255,700.

NVR Inc. to Crystal Cox, Reginald Richardson, two lots, $238,500.

Kathryn Hensman, Kathryn Shaffer, Ryan Shaffer, attorney in fact to Jordan Decker, Melissa Tillman, two lots, $251,400.


Binkey’s Real Estate and Building Co. to FIDC 78 LLC, part lot, $450,000.


Beverly Wray, Ezra Wray to New Hope Community Church of God, 37 acres, $370,000.

Carol Sweet to Robert Shoup, Vicki Shoup, 8.8727 acres, $300,000.

Amber Esterline, Christopher Esterline, attorney in fact to Clifford Moore, $140,000.


Brian Cartwright, Donna Cartwright to Rejeanna Connors, Samuel Connors, one lot, $400,000.


Charlotte Stager to Charlotte Stager, 1.0 acre, $0.

Hannah Havenar, Ryan Havenar to Ashley Byers, Michael Byers, $349,900.


Mary Winblad, Michael Winblad to William Castaldo, one lot, $250,000.

Talismanic Properties to NVR Inc., one lot, $55,000.

750 Wisteria Land Trust, Ben Moiser to 937 Investments LLC, one lot, $0.

Nancy Carus, Patrick Carus to Nancy Carus, Patrick Carus, 2.5452 acres, $0.


Garry Burnside, Patsy Burnside, Patsy Dohner to Garry Burnside, Patsy Burnside, 12.23454 acres, $0.

Bonnie Lou Powell, Douglas Powell, Kimberly Powell, Larry Powell to Pleasant Hill Newton Township Joint Fire District, $70,000.

Benton Cook, trustee, Lowell Cook Trust, Ruth Cook Trust to Nathan Cook, $0.


Eric Rich, Shirley Rich to Gary Lavy, 155.280 acres, $0.

Carolyn Blocher, Martin Blocher to Gary Lavy, 155.280 acres, $0.

Dallas Lavy Trust, Esther Lavy Trust to Gary Lavy, 155.280 acres, $427,000.


Robin Siler, Robin Smedley, Michael Smedley to Felicia Booker, John Booker, two lots, $236,000.


Charles Holcombe, Zetabarbara Holcombe to Zetabarbara Holcombe Trust, $0.

Michele Yingst, Kristopher Young, Michele Young to Gay Weng, one lot, $28,000.