Health inspections

Inspections are performed in the county by Miami County Public Health, except in Piqua, which has its own health department. Miami County Public Health can be reached at (937) 573-3500, by email at or on the website at

Sept. 12

Cedar Springs Pavilion, 7931 County Road 25-A, Tipp City — Irreversible registering temperature indicator not readily accessible for hot water mechanical warewashing operations.

Sept. 14

Arby’s, 17 Weller Drive, Tipp City — No violations were documented at the time of inspection.

Ducky’s, 100 W. Main St., Troy — Single-serve spoons were observed being stored in storage sorter scattered. Place all one direction with handles accessible. At the time of inspection, quaternary ammonium sanitizing tablets were observed being used, however, quat test strips were not available. Obtain quat test strips

Sept. 18

McDonald’s, 127 N. Miami St., West Milton — Repeat: In the back kitchen area (near the back door and mop sink area), the floors under pieces of equipment were observed with food debris and grease build-up. Remove items from the area and clean.

Sept. 19

Kroger, 731 W. Market St., Troy — No violations were documented at the time of inspection.

Sept. 20

Tippecanoe High School, 615 E. Kessler-Cowlesville Road — Critical: Time-temperature control for safety food items in the walk-in cooler and then food items on both the serving lines were observed holding between 45 F and 51 F. The food items in the walk-in cooler were placed in the reach-in coolers while the food items on the line were used and then discarded. The walk-in cooler was observed with an ambient air temperature of 46 F. Repair or replace.

Red’s Fried Chicken, 251 Union St., Troy — The person in charge was observed without a level two food safety certification. Critical: In the front kitchen area, the stand-up cooler was observed holding food at 45 F. Also, the back kitchen stand-up cooler was observed holding raw chicken at 48 F. Person in charge moved food items from the front kitchen reach-in cooler to the prep cooler, which was holding food at 34 F. The back kitchen reach-in cooler was decreased in temperature. The back exterior screen door was observed in disrepair resulted in gaps. Repair or replace. The front and back kitchen stand-up coolers were observed with ambient air temperatures of 45 F and 48 F, respectively. Repair or replace.

Sept. 21

Tom’s Pizza, 690 S. Miami St., West Milton — Repeat: In the back storage area, a noncommercial chest freezer was observed being used. Replace with NSF or like.

Ulbrich’s Hometown Bakery, 14 N. Hyatt, Tipp City — Critical, repeat: At the time of inspection, the establishment was without an EPA regulated sanitizer. Operator was closing after inspection. Ensure an EPA regulated sanitizer is on hand at all times.

Sept. 22

Milton Union Recreation Association, 7640 Milton Potsdam Road, West Milton — Repeat: Facility does not have a person with level two certification in food protection. Food workers are eating and drinking in non-designated area. FSO did not have a person in charge per shift with level one certification in food protection.

Sept. 25

Cassanos, 1201 Experiment Farm Road, Troy — The hand sink adjacent to the prep sink was observed without disposable hand towels. The door gaskets of the low boy reach-in cooler (dough cooler) were observed in disrepair. Replace. On the top section of the prep cooler, the interior surface of the lids were observed in disrepair. Repair or replace lids. The following nonfood contact surfaces were observed with food and dust debris build-up: the walk-in fan covers and adjacent surfaces, bottom internal surfaces of the prep coolers, the exterior surfaces of the prep coolers, the internal surfaces of the drawers beneath the prep tables (front and adjacent to the low boy cooler). The walls adjacent to the prep sink and prep cooler were observed with food and a black, mold-like substance build-up. Clean. The walls adjacent to the walk-in cooler and between the three-compartment sink and mop sink were observed in disrepair. Repair.

Health inspections provided by the Piqua Health Department

Sept. 20

Subway, 1575 Covington Ave., Piqua — Employee cutting bread with bare hands. Bare hand contact with ready to eat food not permitted. Bread discarded. Provide thermometer for walk in cooler. Damaged and cracked food containers. Replace.

Sept. 21

Nippon Food Store, 441 E. Ash St., Piqua — At least one person must take Level 2 food safety class.