Miami County Real Estate Transactions


Bart Adkins, Kevin Adkins, Norma Adkins, Patricia Adkins, Corby Enochs, Debi Enochs, Karen Swearingen, Wayne Swearingen to Sharon Robinson, one lot, $139,900.

Truman Harrison Family Trust to Weitzel Investments LLC, one lot, $102,500.

Brooke Emery, Gregory Emery to Brooke Emery, Gregory Emery, one lot, $0.

Crystal Allison, Robert Allison to Christopher Bateman, Kassondra Bateman, two part lots, $146,900.

Angela Laughman, Joseph Laughman to Maureen Short, Ronnie Short II, one lot, $114,500.

Stonebridge Meadows to NVR Inc., one lot, $58,400.

Linda Barton, Linda Dilts to Valarie Weaver, one lot, $132,900.

Brian Gaal to Andrew Circle, Julia Circle, a part lot, $110,000.

Susan Arvin, trustee, Estate of James Calvert Sr. to Susan Arvin, Daniel Calvert, James Calvert Jr., Catherine Smith, one lot, $0.

Joseph Kennedy, Linda Kennedy to Linda Dilts, one lot, $140,000.

Elizabeth Schweser, John Schweser to Bobby Phillips, Linda Phillips, one lot, $121,000.

Julia Schieltz to Richard Rosenquist, Robin Rosenquist, one lot, $131,900.

Mary Boyer, attorney in fact, Willis Boyer to Mary Boyer, one lot, $0.

Jessica Bankson to Carlea Harper, one lot, $173,000.

Richard Steineman to Hatfield Properties LLC, a part lot, $65,000.

Daniel Lazear, Lisa Lazear to Crystal Allison, Robert Allison, one lot, $189,500.

Shirley Barker, Stanley Barker to Charles Sharett, Michelle Sharett, one lot, $0.

Hong Zhan, Liang Zhang to Angela Laughman, Joey Laughman, one lot, $199,900.


Donna Bender, co-executor, Estate of Edith Shawler, Marsha Pritchard, co-executor to Benjamin Staugler, Rozella Staugler, one lot, $78,000.

Estate of Dorothy Mumaw to Dorothy Grunkemeyer, Cynthia Huelskamp, Linda Spain, three lots, $0.

Jim Cline, Sheri Cline to Elmer Swank III, Jennifer Swank, one lot, $32,500.

Ty Hess Sr. to Lisa Kellis, Wallace Kellis, one lot, $38,000.

Marlo Investments to VSF Investments 9 Ltd., two part lots, $222,500.

Craig Mullenbrock, Nancy Mullenbrock to Nancy Mullenbrock, a part lot, $0.

Misty Dawn Powell, Paul Powell to Elige Warren, Gail Warren, one lot, $249,900.

Chad Wright, Stephanie Wright to Jennifer Barnes, Williams Barnes, one lot, $186,000.

Amanda Brown, Dustin Brown to Brenda Rice, Paul Rice Jr., one lot, $153,000.

Lucinda Lumpkin, Michael Lumpkin to Amanda Brown, Dustin Brown, one lot, $215,000.

Estate of Robert Schneider, Linda Kelley, executor to Federal National Mortgage, one lot, $0.

Hazel Peltier, Raymond Peltier to Eric Peltier, a part lot, $0.

Sue Ann Pendrod, Thomas Penrod, Sue Ann Penrod Declaration of Trust, two lots, one part lot, $0.

Miami County Sheriff David Duchak, Theresa Keister to Riedel and Riedel Investments Ltd., a part lot, $24,500.

Miami County David Duchak, Carol Elifritz to Chappies Investment, U.S. Bank Trust N.A., trustee one lot, $50,5000.

Miami County Sheriff David Duchak, Theresa Keister to Park National Bank, Unity National Bank, one lot, $18,000.

Miami County Sheriff David Duchak, Monique Riser, James Riser to Bank of America N.A., a part lot, $48,000.

American Land Investments Ltd. to Amanda Nowman, one lot, $98,100.

American Land Investments Ltd. to Katrina Summers, Matthew Summers, one lot, $96,000.

Martin Maxwell to Actionworks LLC, two lots, $300,000.

Jeremy Hall to Jessica Stager, one lot, one part lot, $87,000.


Susan Spitler, Wayne Spitler to Cheryl McKee, Marilyn Potter, one lot, $136,900.

Douglas Miller, Sandi Miller to 25ABeverage and Deli Inc., one lot, $68,000.

Sandra Thomas to Sandra Thomas Revocable Trust, Sandra Thomas, one lot, one part lot, $0.

Carl Crawford, Diane Crawford to Diane Crawford, one lot, $0.

Eric Strope, Stephanie Strope to Michael Dinneen, Breanne HOlliman, one lot, $175,000.


Gabrielle Jones, Joshua Jones to Megan Schaab, two lots, $275,000.

Jay Garrett, Mary Garrett to Michael Fisher, Sherill Fisher, two lots, $155,000.

Carriage Trails at the Heights, Dec Land Co. I LLC to NVR Inc., two lots, $35,500.

Carriage Trails at the Heights, Dec Land Co. I LLC to NVR Inc., two lots, $35,500.

Kevin Reinhalter to Kevin Reinhalter Revocable Living Trust, two lots, $0.


HSBC Bank USA, N.A., Ocwen Loan Servicing, attorney in fact, Ownit Mortgage Loan Trust to CR 2018 LLC, one lot, $15,800.

Robert Daughtery, Sarah Daugherty to Joseph Grunkenmeyer, a part lot, $105,000.


Robert Brewer to Mary Manning, Michael Manning, one lot, $70,000.


Steven Burelison, trustee, Burelison Family Trust to Matthew Collins, one lot, $33,100.

Estate of Dorothy Garman, Sandra Sweetnich to Ana Godin, Andrew Godin, a part lot, $58,500.

Katharine Marker, Katharine Schindel to Gene Studebaker, one lot, $94,000.

Patricia McMaken, Richard McMaken to Lisa Bailey, Parker Bailey, a part lot, $67,500.


Estate of Robert Honeyman to Amy Honeyman, Kevin Honeyman, one lot , two part lots, $0.


Taylor Bryant, Tyler McDavid to Kelly Hartman, one lot, $90,000.


Heather Kimmel, John Kimmel to Heather Kimmel, John Kimmel, a part lot, $0.

Deborah Aldrich, attorney in fact, Helen McGaffic to Thomas Melvin, one lot, $115,500.

Chuck Heit, Dawn Heit, Dana Ward, Gavin Ward to Brittany Renner, one lot, $158,000.

Scott Bubeck, Terry Bush to Terry Bush, one lot, $45,900.


Larry Ishmael, attorney in fact, Lisa Ishmael to Donna Thompson, one lot, $307,500.

Dale Wynkoop, Sandra Wynkoop to Alysson Marafon, Luana Marafon, one lot, $239,900.

Hilltop 45373 LLC to Merrimont Development Corp., 0.109 acres, 0.060, $2,500.

Merrimont Development Corp. to Hilltop 45373, 0.540 acres, 0.045 acres, $2,500.

Jan CHaney, Ricky Chaney to Kelli Wimmer, one lot, $142,900.


Brianna Manuel, Seth Manuel to Karen Bocko, $26,000.


Fifth Third Bank, trustee, Piqua National Bank and Trust Company Trust to Brenda Yingst, James Yingst, 71.170 acres, $519,900.


Donna Blatterman, William Blatterman to Gabrielle Jones, Joshua Jones, one lot, $254,000.

Sharon Robinson to Paul Stephens, one lot, $164,500.

Sheriff of Miami County David Duchak, Deborah Fugate, Jeffrey Fugae to Fannie Mae, one lot, $86,000.

NVR Inc. to Ronda Bennet, Thomas Bennet, one lot, $278,000.

NVR Inc. to Cassandra Locke, Matthew Locke, one lot, $336,900.

Anthony Frazier to Donna Felt, Anthony Frazier, one lot, $0.

Jay Stutz to Jason Tipton, one lot, $200,000.


Patricia Smith Revocable Trust to Wesley Root, 10.454 acres, $153,500.

Hoying and Hoying Builders to Lucinda Lumpkin, Michael Lumpkin, one lot, $369,000.

Scott Investments of Troy to Lara Sims, Roderick Sims, $205,000.


Estate of Robert Schumacher, Deeanna Schumacher, heir, Sheriff of Miami County David Duchak to Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp., $0.


Paula Popovich, Thomas Zaugg to Kip Lavy, Nicole Lavy, $185,000.


Vincent Franklin to Kimberly Perez, Victor Perez, 5.002 acres, $231,100.

Kristine Dick to David Hayes, 2.019 acres, $198,100.

Phyllis Bohse to Bryan Barnes, Deanna Barnes, two lots, $575,000.

Estate of Debra Cress, Jacob Cress, administrator to Larry Roeth, Paula Roeth, two lots, $400,000.


Jamilyn Mumford, Zachariah Mumford to Roland Kellar Jr., Tecla Powell, $35,000.