Marriage licenses

Wendy Lee Domsher, 41, of 1034 #A Laurel Tree Court, Troy to Steven Edward Jergens, 43, of same address.

Jamie Michelle Nation, 37, of 918 McKaig Avenue, Troy to Terry DeMore, 49, of same address.

Marcie Dean O’Hair, 25, of 3765 Peterson Road, Fletcher to John Andrew Hendry, 38, of same address.

Michael James Bradley, 26, of 435 Richard Glen Drive, Tipp City to Brooke Aileen Benvenuto, 22, of 500 W. Evanston Road, Tipp City.

Katelynn Ann-Marie Pilkington, 26, of 509 Scott Street, Piqua to Daniel Joseph Thomas, 25, of 1600 Washington Avenue, Piqua.

Mark Douglas Beard, 48, of 269 Riverside Drive, Troy to Susan Lyn Rocco, 47, of same address.

Michael Howard Suber, 35, of 2206 State Route 202, Troy to Molly Anne Watson, 36, of 537 W. Dow Street, Tipp City.

Terry Allen Graves, 49, of 10220 County Road 25A Lot 28, Piqua to Joshua Floyd Thumma, 32, of same address.

Dywane Henry Moon Jr., 27, of 701 S. Stanfield Apt. 107, Troy to Ashley Eileen Cook, 30, of same address.

Kiesha Lynn Miller, 19, of 460 Wood Street, Piqua to Michael James Shively, 19, of same address.

Sarah Shea O’Dell, 27, of 257 Westhaven Drive, Troy to Lance Sheldon Phillips, 44, of same address.

Todd Christopher Carver, 38, of 200 W. Monument, Pleasant Hill to Kelly Sue Lawson, 34, of same address.