Miami County Real Estate Transactions


Nathaniel Shigley to Katharina Friedly, one lot, $95,000.

Charles Klein Jr., Mary Klein to Evelyn Carus, Joshua Miller, Larry Miller, a part lot, $130,000.

Jamie Burchfield, Jamie Kennedy to Leah Hamilton, one lot, $90,000.

Amy Decrerbo, Amy Stoltz to Amy Stolz, William Stoltz, one lot, $0.

Eric Myers, Jennifer Myers to Julie Sillman, one lot, $105,000.

Ruth Aldridge, Walter Aldridge to Thomas Aldridge, trustee, Walter and Ruth Aldridge Joint Irrevocable Trust, $0.

Deanna Brock, Kevin Brock to Miami County Home Builder’s Foundation, a part lot, $255,000.

Don Delcamp, Jane Delcamp to Michael Stueve, Sara Stueve, a part lot, $225,000.

Troy City Schools board of Education to City of Troy, one part lot, one lot, $0.

Leslie Calicoat, Timothy Calicoat Jr. to Nicole Patrizio, one lot, $138,500.

DBO Lymington to Frederick Meyers, one part lot, $135,000.

Adam Betts, Rebecca Betts to Angela Craft, two part lots, $117,000.

Paul Watkins, Sally Watkins to Tommy Sutton, Virginia Sutton, one lot, $175,000.

Nancy Bailey, Robert Hawkins, Karen Schoettinger, Mark Schoettinger to Harry Honeycutt, one lot, $93,800.

Eddy Hawkins, Rita Hawkins to Harry Honeycutt, one lot, $31,300.

Secretary of Veterans Affairs to Hines McMahon Enterprises, one lot, $0.

Pierce Business Properties LLC to Clayton Mikesell, Corine Mikesell, one lot, $111,100.

Devan Carlson, Scott Howard to Jessica Greene, Nathanael Greene, one lot, one part lot, $259,900.

National City Bank, PNC Bank N.A. to Daugherty Services LLC, one lot, $39,500.

Joseph Ording, Penelope Ording to JJ’s Lunchbox LLC, a part lot, $315,000.

Elloween Fisher, Jane Fisher, John Fisher, attorney in fact to Breanne Woody, Jareth Woody, one lot, $167,000.

Stephanie Grice to Jarret Heath, one lot, $75,000.

Douglas Fitch, Hazel Studebaker to Kathy Huffman, one lot, $34,100.

Scott Investments of Troy to Connie Kennedy, Frelon Kennedy, one lot, $395,100.

Grae Rayner, Laura Rayner to Greg Kirchner, Julie Kirchner, two part lots, $155,000.

Bubba Grant LLC to KP Properties of Ohio, $2,900,000.

Mary Reed to Darrin Reed, one lot, $27,000.

Estate of Roy Willoughby to Cynthia Godfrey, one lot, $0.

Joshua Bowman, Michele Bowman to MAAB Properties LLC, three lots, one part lot, $0.

Linda Patterson Revocable Living Trust to Jo Ella Michael, one lot, $214,900.

Estate of James Longendelpher, Myron Longendelpher, executor to Patti Cramer, one lot, $57,000.

Robert Weaver and Beverly Weaver Trust to Erik Strope, Stephanie Strope, one lot, $251,400.

Patricia Jones-Logan, Matthew Logan to Brookfield Relocation Inc., one part lot, two lots, $495,000.

Brookfield Relocation Inc. to Christine Hogue, Mark Hogue, one part lot, two lots, $495,000.


Erika Penrod, Thor Penrod to Penrod Four Seasons, one lot, $0.

Erika Penrod, Thor Penrod to Penrod Four Seasons, two lots, $0.

Erika Penrod, Thor Penrod to Penrod Four Seasons, one lot, $0.

Secretary of Housing and Urban Development to Jerri Porter, a part lot, $47,550.

Orr Felt and Blanket Company, Orr Felt Company to For-Tech USA LLC, $175,000.

Laura Penny to Olivia Smith, two part lots, $92,500.

Doris Weiss, Jack Weiss to Daniel Jay, Margene Jay, three part lots, $0.

Carrie Wilson, Ricky Wilson to Donald Vernon, Rebecca Vernon, one lot, $50,300.

City of Piqua to XSSV Properties, a part lot, $0.

City of Piqua to XSSV Properties, a part lot, $0.

Glen Ash, Patricia Ash to Christopher Creath, one lot, $30,000.

Estate of Nancy Wiford to Ronald Wiford, a part lot, $0.

Cassandra Meed to Ardith Ritter, Mark Ritter, one lot, $0.


NVR Inc. to James Hardin, Lauren Hardin, one lot, $253,100.

DJB Unlimited LLC to RCS Peerless Inc., $175,000.

Estate of Peggy Hagerman to Robert Hagerman, two part lots, $0.

Robert Hagerman to Lucas Smith, two part lots, $25,000.

Gail Ahmed to Andrea Brooks, one lot, $229,900.

Melissa Smith, Ronnie Smith to Brent Brown, Megan Trent, one lot, $126,500.

Donald Chaney, Holly Chaney to Nathan Daulbaugh, one lot, $132,900.

Virginia Frank to Christine Bernard, Stephen Casella, one lot, $350,000.

Steve Vanzant to Ashley Dunlavy, a part lot, $90,000.


Douglas Minnich, Miriam Minnich to Corey Pitman, two lots, $70,000.

Ciara Dunlap, administrator, Estate of David Lambert to Debra Sell, Michael Sell, one lot, $2,000.


Jeffrey Wintrow, Marilyn Wintrow to Kim Heber, one lot, $25,000.


Janice Bruns to Dennis Lecklider Ir, Equity Trust Company, custodian, Dennis Lecklide, Judith Lecklider, one lot, $80,000.

Frieda Garber, L. Randall Garber to Samuel McCool, a part lot, $75,000.

Staci Kirker, Staci Short to Joshua Meyer, Rebecca Meyer, one lot, $151,000.

Billy Leistner, trustee, Leistner Family Trust to Megan Baker, Michael Baker, a part lot, $108,000.


Clarissa Ross to Judith Biser, Michael Biser, two lots, $232,000.

Kathryn Moore, Kevin Moore to Kevin and Kathryn Moore Joint Irrevocable Trust, Jon Moore, trustee, Joseph Moore, trustee, two lots, $0.

Dennis Hadin, Susan Hardin to Alyne Meyers, William Meyers, two lots, $279,900.

Inverness Group Inc. to Angela Currier, Mark Currier, two lots, $294,600.

Carriage Trails at the Heights, Dec Land Co. I LLC to NVR Inc., two lots, $62,700.

Inverness Group Inc. to Christopher Cowlan, Statira Petersen, two lots, $324,700.

Inverness Group Inc. to Billi Cain, Jason Cain, two lots, $322,000.

Inverness Group Inc. to Aygul Khasrat, Bakhtyar Khasrat, two lots, $413,000.

Inverness Group Inc. to Brandon Fraley, Rebecca Fraley, two lots, $233,400.

NVR Inc. to Kevin Harmon, Kristine Marsh, two lots, $299,000.

NVR Inc. to Jessica Anderson, Vittorio Anderson, two lots, $236,700.

Inverness Group Inc. to Susan Danahy, two lots, $232,900.


Newton Investors Inc. to Terry Hines, two part lots, $3,000.


Bayview Loan Servicing to Stanwich Mortgage Loan Trust, Wilmington Savings Fund Society, one lot, $56,000.


Gary Price, Hazel Price to Gary and Hazel Price Joint Revocable Trust, Molly Tennant, trustee, two lots, $0.

Curtis Eldridge, Patricia Eldridge, Cassidy Powell to Cassidy Powell, one lot, one part lot, $63,700.

Andrew Ogden, Erin Ogden to Christina Gammell, Joshua McNamara, 0.954 acres, $149,000.

Diann Stephens, Keith Stephens to Russell Hammer, 2.762 acres, $295,000.


Estate of Shirley Stone to Matthew Stone, $0.


Robert Bledsoe, Jennifer Crabtrey to Olivia Nicodemus, Raymond Nicodemus, $335,000.

Nancy Brake, Robert Brake to Kathleen Stapleton, one lot, one part lot, $0.


Ruth Ann Walker to James and Ruth Ann Walker Revocable Living Trust, 90.7546 acres, 2.0503 acres, $0.

Pamela Blevins to Isaac Baker, Jonathan Baker, 2.211 acres, $22,000.


Diahann Blair, Jayde Blair to RCS Peerless Inc., 1.382 acres, $175,000.

Philip Knife to Nashville Seed Co., $0.

Eleanor Warf to David Meeks, one lot, $0.

Basil Blizzard, Donna Blizzard to Jeffrey and Angela Lawrence Trust, Thomas Sellers, Jr., $55,000.

Dianna Borchers, John Borchers to Christa Owen, Mathew Owen, one lot, $256,500.


Jason Lear to Nicole Wood, 3.172 acres, 0.035 acres, $125,000.


Laura Jackson, trustee, Rex Jackson, trustee, Rex Jackson Trust to Elisa Brandon, Jonathan Brandon, 10.223 acres, $104,000.

John Hennemyre, Laverne Hennemyre to Jessica Deeter, Michael Deeter, 20.4096 acres, $71,500.


Douglas Grise, Linda Grise to James Perry, Mary Perry, 24.0146 acres, $865,000.


Monica Webb, Stewart Webb to Darrin Reed, 1.823 acres, $98,000.

Melvin Brazie, Sandra Brazie to Dustin Otley, Tabitha Otley, 7.01 acres, $270,000.

Kevin Cook, Nancy Cook to Kevin Cook, Nancy Cook, 1.053 acres, $0.