Miami County Real Estate Transactions


Harlow Builders Inc. to Carlene Lee, Kenneth Lee, one lot, $348,300.

Stonebridge Meadows LLC to NVR Inc., one lot, $58,400.

Keystone Land Development Inc. to Harlow Builders Inc., one lot, $49,900.

Deanna Brock, Kevin Brock to Miami County Home Builder’s Foundation, a part lot, $255,000.

Chad Hurley, Michelle Hurley to Wayne Street Apartments, one lot, $0.

Keystone Land Development Inc. to Drury Lane Apartments, two lots, $420,000.

NVR Inc. to Julie Harris, Kyle Harris, one lot, $341,200.

Rene Naas to Kyle Bonner, one lot, $247,500.

Angela McMurry, Glen McMurry to Rene Naas, Jeffrey Olden, one lot, $425,900.

David Zirkle, Mary Zirkle to Angela Dalton, Patrick Dalton, one lot, $199,900.

Paulyne Holten-Sinder, Fredric Sinder to Miami Montessori School, a part lot, $395,000.

Trolyre LLC to MVP 619 Lincoln Inc., one lot, $165,000.

Alex Steinbrunner, Melissa Steinbrunner to Debra Paxon, one lot, $210,000.

Bonnie Lurie, Joshua Lurie to Matthew Jones, a part lot, $132,000.

John McLachlan, Kelsey McLachlan to Craig Robillard, Eileen Robillard, three lots, one part lot, $214,900.

Jack Romick, Jennifer Romick to Alyson Wolf, Jonathan Wolf, one lot, $225,5000.

David Smiley, Lisa Smiley to Chiayu Kontur, Kurtis Kontur, one lot, $300,000.

Edith Maury to Jill Knutson, Paul Knutson, one lot, $214,000.

Up North Construction Ltd. to Anthony Cono Sr., Laura Cono, one lot, $247,500.

Estate of Charles Langston to Vicky Langston, one lot, $0.

Jacob Deskins, Jennifer Deskins to Elizabeth Myers, Megan Myers, one lot, two part lots, $137,900.

Jeffrey Beane, Julie Beane to Brian Hilliard, Angela Wegscheider, two part lots, $169,000.


Derek Reed, Alexandra Reed to Alexandra Switzer, one lot, $0.

Andrea Karn, Trenton Karn to Emily Cheek, Jonathan Cheek, one lot, $189,900.

James Perin to Travis Massengill, one lot, one part lot, $36,700.

James Perin to Nathan Perin, one lot, $39,800.

James Perin to Anthony Grissom, one lot, $52,700.

Wanda Worley to Joseph Worley, one lot, one part lot, $23,000.

John Garbry to Upper Valley Community Church of the Nazarene Inc., a part lot, $212,000.

Michael Havenar, Tammie Jo Havenar to ML Moore Investments LLC, one lot, $45,000.

J.D. Sullenberger LLC to Carmen Vogler, Damon Vogler, two part lots, $51,500.


Carol Biser, Maurice Biser to Brian Biser, Gregory Biser, Tamara Biser-Sherborne, one lot, $0.

David Young to Randi Cross, one lot, $129,900.

Marilyn Fennell, trustee, Florella Miller Revocable Living Trust to Pamela Stepp, one lot, $165,000.

Craig Brackman, Karen Brackman to Kyle Dickerson, Stephanie Dickerson, one lot, $538,000.

Mark Debrun, Sarah Jordan to Elizabeth Roach, Eric Roach, one lot, $191,000.


Sherry Elliott to Kearstin Gearhart, one part lot, one part lots, $0.

Aiko Retterbush to Kathleen Grusenmeyer, two lots, $191,900.


John Lewber, Kristin Lewber to Janice Anderson, two lots, $53,800.


Ralph Johnson Jr., executor, Kathryn Keller Realty Inc., Bonnie Rolf, president, Kristy Wallace, executor to Alan Geiger, Rebecca Manns, one lot, $50,000.

Ronald Evans, Main Street Baptist Church to Wagner Paving Properties, a part lot, $25,000.


Jennifer Householder, Scott Householder to Brent Collum, Laura Lindsay, one lot, $163,000.


Frances Groh to Alva Thomas Jr., Barbara Thomas, a part lot, $125,000.

Michelle Groff, Trent Groff to Kristina Adams, one lot, $76,000.


Carriage Trails at the Heights LLC, Dec Land Co. I LLC to NVR Inc., two lots, $35,500.

Carriage Trails at the Heights LLC, Dec Land Co. I LLC to NVR Inc., two lots, $35,500.

Nancy Thor to Forrest Agnor, Sharon Agnor, two lots, $185,000.

Betty Swallows to Benny Powers, Marilyn Powers, two lots, $175,000.


Anita Pollard, David Pollard to Candace Furlong, Steven Furlong, a part lot, $25,000.

Bruce Nelson to Joseph Hyland, one lot, $95,000.


Daniel Kelleher, Deborah Kelleher, power of attorney to Jason Pickett, Natalie Pickett, 11.791, one lot, $138,000.


Jay Lopez, Jessica Lopez to Justin Lopez, one lot, $154,000.

Kathy Vickers to David Wainscott, Laura Wainscott, one lot, $292,000.

Joshua Kossler to Bill Oldham, one lot, $145,000.

James Yardlay, Kimberly Yardlay to Amber Buschur, Brian Buschur, $590,000.


Douglas Taynor Revocable Living Trust, Julia Harris, trustee, Ruth Taynor Revocable Living Trust, Ruth Taynor Revocable Living Trust to Douglas Taynor and Ruth Taynor Irrevocable Trust, 2.5 acres, 103.254 acres, $0.

Lear Property Group to Misty Gross, Shaun Gross, one lot, $200,500.


Rosalin Smith, Stephen Smith to Mirriah Phillips, Robert Phillips, one lot, $230,000.


Talismanc Properties to NVR Inc., one lot, $55,000.

MBLB Properties Ltd. to Gregrey Smith co-trustee, Stephanie Smith, co-trustee, Smith Family Dynasty Trust, one lot, $42,500.

Carol Sroufe, David Sroufe to Gail Ahmed, one lot, $169,900.

Carol Marcum, Gary Marcum to Carey Vagedes, Michael Vagedes, one lot, $400,000.


Steven Burns, trustee, Robert Jamison, trustee, Robert Jamison, trustee, Old German Baptist Church to Charles Bowman, Doris Bowman, 0.843 acres, $30,000.

Britney Stout, Eric Stout to Joshua Landis, Nicole Landis, 10.0 acres, $117,000.


Douglas Hansen, Kent Hansen, power of attorney to Troy Lightcap, 1.0 acres, $32,000.

Fredrick Meyers to Carmajo Burghardt, Roland Burghardt Jr., 5.546 acres, $258,000.


Amanda Falldorf, Dustin Falldorf to Diana Christy, 1.142 acres, $140,000.