Miami County Real Estate Transactions


Bank of America N.A., Carrington Mortgage Services LLC, attorney in fact to Secretary of Housing and Urban Development, two lots, $0.


Miami County Sheriff Miami County, GM Mechanical to Midwest Business Capital, two lots, $266,700.

James Boyer Revocable Living Trust Agreement, James Boyer, trustee, Janalee Revocable Living Trust Agreement, Janalee Boyer, trustee to Jan Wendel, Matthew Wendel, one lot, $256,900.

Sean Babington, Emily Enderle to Scott Boehringer, one lot, $76,500.

CRU Enterprises LLC to Jerry Knaus, Kenton Wolf, two lots, $55,000.


Villas at Benchrock LLC to Margaret Graham, trustee, Margaret Graham Trust Agreement, two lots, $170,000.

NVR Inc. to Formon Akhmedov, Almakhon, two lots, $266,200.

NVR Inc. to Anvar Kilich, two lots, $264,200.

Carriage Trails at the Heights LLC, Dec Land Co. I LLC to NVR Inc., two lots, $32,500.

NVR Inc. to Zhamol Akhmedov, two lots, $257,600.

Nicole Allen, Richard Allen, Miami County Sheriff Charles Cox to American Mortgage Investments Pertner Fund I Trust, Christian Trust, trustee, Wilmington Savings Fund Society, two lots, $185,000.


Genevieve McFadden, Phillip McFadden, power of attorney, to Carol Snead, one lot, $93,200.


Frances Potter to Kelly Carville, four lots, $96,100.


Miami County Sheriff Charles Cox, Angela Sauser, to JP Morgan Chase, N.A., one lot, $78,300.

David Wolfe, Melissa Wolfe to Evergreen Rentals LLC, one lot, $0.

David Wolfe, Melissa Wolfe to Wolfe Rentals LLC, one lot, $0.

Cynthia Gahan, Joseph Gahan to Matthew Eshelman, Alexandria Lynch, $87,500.

Estate of Peggy Lowther, Jacqueline Noll, executor to Kimberly Burgess, one lot, $72,000.

Karen Fiste-Rowland, Danny Rowland to Brian Harsh, Kristi Harsh, one lot, $25,000.


Debra West, Gordon West to Noel Cleary, Ryan Cleary, Charles Lanham, Deborah Lanham, $425,000.

Ulysses Denlinger and Florence Denlinger Joint Revocable Trust, Roger Denlinger, successor co-trustee, Wayne Denlinger, successor co-trustee to Aaron Fouts, Brittany Fouts, 2.001 acres, $46,500.


Allen Mays, LaDonna Mays to Timothy Schaeffer, 1.18 acres, $163,000.

Katherine Saunders Trust, Larry Saunders, trustee, to Dixie Deaton, Timothy Deaton, 4.243 acres, $40,000.


Barbara Ernst, Barbara Wilson, John Wilson to Keystone Homes in Troy, Scott Investments of Troy LLC, 4.717 acres, 0.836 acres, $385,000.

David Haney, Debra Haney to Ernest Janka, Lillian Janka, one lot, $163,000.

Don Delcamp, Jane Delcamp to Anthony Gilardi, Coleen Gilardi, 5.941 acres, $614,800.

Shirley Clark, Buford Thacker, Janette Thacker to Steve Werling, 0.99 acres, $235,000.

Vivian Hines, Leslie Howe, to Vivian Hines, Leslie Howe, one lot, $0.


D and S Rentals, Darla Peck to Ronald Peck, 0.861 acres, $0.

Anna Brownlee, Derrick Brownlee to Derrick Brownlee Trust, Derrick Brownlee, trustee, four lots, $0.


Jenny Gambill to Shawn Gambill, 1.941 acres, $0.

Wendy Castaldo, attorney in fact, William Castaldo to Eric Vanderhorst, Wendy Vanderhorst, $435,000.

Jacqueline Noll, Jeffrey Noll to Tamela Brown, 0.382 acres, $89,900.

Erin Chaney, Erin Thompson, Scott Thompson, Tonya Thompson to Scott Thompson, Tonya Thompson, 10.0324 acres, $0.


Miami County Sheriff Charles Cox, GM Mechanical to Michael Diamond, Patricia Hahn, 3.847 acre, 1.196 acre, $57,000.


Robert Bowling, Jennie Bowling to Jennie Kimes, 39.694 acres, $0.


Nationstar Mortgage LLC to Scott Strayer, 0.918 acres, $64,500.


Rex Cottrell, trustee, Tara Cottrell, trustee to Christopher Ridge, 3.259 acres, $197,500.

Marcus Sergy, co-trustee, Sharon Sergy, co-trustee, Sergy Family Trust to Jonathan Hogan, Melissa Hogan, 2.0 acres, $160,000.

James Waters, Sue Waters to Sheryl Bechtol, 3.0 acres, $60,000.

Debra Burrill, trustee, Shirley Lightcap Irrevocable Trust Agreement to Angela Byers, James Byers, one lot, $155,300.

Robert Snead, Susan Snead, Lisa Wertz, Peggy Jane Wertz, William Wertz, Gary Woolery, Georgia Woolery to Sharon Earls Living Trust, Sharon Earls, trustee, Wayne Wertz Living Trust, Wayne Wertz, trustee, $223,000.

Sharon Earls, Wayne Wertz to Sharon Earls, trustee, Sharon Earls Living Trust, Wayne Wertz Living Trust, Wayne Wertz, trustee, $0.

Ann Thiery, Charles Thiery to Barbara Calhoun, Bill Calhoun, 2.0 acres, $0.


Federal National Mortgage Association, Lerner, Sampson, Rothfuss, attorney in fact to Nicolas Long, one lot, $0.

Ronald Liette, Sharon Liette to Jacqueline Halm, Scott Halm, one lot, $144,000.