Miami County Real Estate Transactions


Jennifer Shaits to Scott Sharits, two part lots, $0.

Amy Leibold, Richard Leibold to Meagan Leibold, a part lot, $112,000.

Kristi Drake, Steve Drake to Troy Huggins, one lot, $132,000.

Mike Hawk Homes LLC to Douglas Carson, one lot, $240,000.

James Howe to Joyce Howe, a part lot, $0.

Shirley Marker to Lena Beam, two part lots, $102,100.

Ameriquest Mortgage Securities Inc., Deutsche Bank National Trust, Ocwen Loan Servicing to Tradewinds Development Group, two part lots, $15,500.

Michael Kilpatrick, Pamela Kilpatrick to Dana Kilpatrick, Jason Kilpatrick, one lot, $22,3000.

Mary Hine, Robert Hine to Barbara Arcidiacono, one lot, $153,900.

NVR Inc. to Paul Myers, Sue Myers, one lot, $277,100.

Carrie Kendall, Matthew Kendall to Cynthia Flohre, Patrick Flohre, one lot, $350,000.

Keystone Homes in Troy dba Scott Investments of Troy to Rachael Egolf, one lot, $280,000.

BRE Properties LLC to Deanna Brock, Kevin Brock, one lot, one part lot, $0.


Hannah Havenar, Ryan Havenar to Frederick Hall, one lot, $18,800.

Fifth Third Mortgage Company to Elmer Swank, one lot, $19,000.

John Brian, Krista Brian to VSF Investments 3 Ltd., one lot, $10,000.

Rhonda Hartley Partin Johnson, Verle Johnson to VSF Developments Ltd., one lot, $15,000.

Penrod Four Seasons to Erika Penrod, Thor Pendor, $0.

Brenda Cartwright, William Carwright, Carl Patton, Karen Patton to Anna Patton, one lot, $0.

James Brittingham to Janice Brittingham, one lot, $0.

Secretary of Housing and Urban Development to Paul Maxwell, one lot, $0.

Daniel Jay, Margene Jay to Jack Weiss, three lots, two part lots, $15,000.

City of Piqua to Fifth Third Bank, four part lots, $0.

Christopher Yingst, Elizabeth Yingst to Tony Gragg, one lot, $103,000.

Eileen Warner, Wayne Warner to Bradley Hill, a part lot, $145,000.

Christopher Wolfe, Wendy Wolfe to Brian Chapman, one lot, $75,900.


Misty Shank, Andrew Shank, George Stum, Katherine Stum to Megan Myer, Samuel Myer, two part lots, $103,000.

Estate of Camilla Stevens, Deanne Moore, executor to Lori Ayette, Michael Ayette, one lot, $255,500.

Elisabeth Richardson to Ashley Belcher, Jacob Estridge, one lot, $145,900.

Annamarie Berger, Mark Berger to Robyn Kerley, one lot, $152,000.

Cheryl Heinl, Tony Heinl to Elizabeth Jacquemin, Robert Jacquemin, one lot, $374,900.

Gerda Monnette, Paul Monnette to Karen Dalton, Patrick Dalton, one lot, $217,000.

Debby Barnhart, Donald Barnhart Jr. to Annamarie Berger, Mark Berger, one lot, $218,000.

Elizabeth Jacquemin, Robert Jacquemin to Kevin Baker, Stefanie Baker, one lot, $272,000.

Charles Frazier, Deborah Frazier to Marian Drees, one lot, $189,900.


Cesar Torres, Tanya Torres to Kristi Bradford, two lots, $215,000.

Linda Cockeram to Denton Bloom, Dorothy Bloom, two lots, $180,000.

NVR Inc. to Terri Vest, two lots, $205,000.

Carriage Trails at the Heights, Dec Land Co. I LLC to Inverness Group Inc., two lots, $58,700.

Thomas Hoskins to Michell Hoskins, two lots, $0.


Carmen Marchal, Joshua Marchal to Amanda Magnuson, Jeremiah Magnuson, a part lot, $67,000.

Bayer Development Group LLC to Karen Cusac, trustee, Mark Cusac, trustee, Cusac Living Trust, one lot, $33,500.


Judy Sauer, Kenneth Stomps, Linda Stomps to Stomps-Sauer LLC, $0.


Lee-Dick Realty to Bradlee Real Property, 0.892 acres, $170,000.

Meaghan Fisher, Timothy Rowe to Aimee Velez, Kervin Velez, one lot, $199,000.

David Dilbone, Summer Dilbone to Timothy Rowe, one lot, $383,000.

Eudell Mann to Eudell Mann, trustee, $0.


John Jess, Lou Ann Jess to Theresa Huenke, David Swigart, 53.578 acres, $452,500.


Alina Wertz, Zachary Wertz to Joseph Jurasovich, one lot, $230,000.

Linda Louis to George Doviak III, Joy Doviak, 10.002 acres, $445,000.

Dustin Toman, Mark Toman to Christopher King, Stephanie King, one lot, $189,900.

RL Snell Enterprises Ltd. to Tradan Properties, one lot, $160,000.

RL Snell Enterprises Ltd. to Tradan Properties, one lot, $175,000.

Estate of Harold Kiser to Cathy Martin, 0.329 acres, $0.


Eugene Dammeyer, Judith Dammeyer to David Boggs, Heather Boggs, one lot, $220,000.


Clayton Rapp to Frieda Garber, Randall Garber, 10.001 acres, $70,100.


Clayton Brown, Kimberly Brown to Christopher Yingst, Elizabeth Yingst, one lot, $195,000.

Mike Havenar, Tammie Havenar to Kelsey Bates, 1.112 acres, $143,000.

Henry Redinbo Trust, Sarah Redinbo, successor trustee to Jean Redinbo Amended and Restated Revocable Trust, $0.


Christina Andrews, Christina Herron, Samuel Herron to Kelly Ramey, Zachary Ramey, 1.722 acres, $117,500.


Alana Denlinger, Ryan Denlinger to Kymberlee Reid, Justin Shannon, $139,900.

Randy Freels to Estate of Samantha Freels, Anthony Freels, executor, 2.0 acres, $0.

Grant O’Dell, Lynsie O’Dell to Heather Hughes, two lots, $165,000.