Miami County Real Estate Transactions


Jackie Monnin to Jackie Monnin, Courtney Turk, Jason Turk, one lot, $0.

Mary Hughes, Ryan Hughes to Christina Beach, Evan Beach, one lot, $288,000.

Mary Gohl, William Gohl to Dora Grogean, one lot, $106,000.

Amy Greenwald, Gregory Greenwald to Gerald Davis, Jennifer Davis, one lot, $55,000.

Christiana Trust, trustee, Kondaur Capital Corp., separate trustee, Matwin Ventures Trust, Wilmington Savings Fund Society to Arch City Realty Group, one lot, $52,500.

Pamela Sturtz to Pamela Sturtz Irrevocable Trust, Marjorie Urban, trustee, one lot, $0.

Denlinger and Sons Builders Inc. to Christopher Garrity, Megan Garrity, one lot, $425,400.

Scott Investments of Troy to Kara Frantom, Sean Frantom, one lot, $189,900.

Harlow Builders Inc. to Amy Thuma, Todd Thuma, one lot, $232,400.

David Boggs, Heather Boggs to Laurie Ann Crawford, Robert Crawford, one lot, $99,000.

Leann Gaerke, Shelie Gaerke, Todd Gaerke, Troy Gaerke, Paul Howe, Teresa Howe, Teri Howe, Paul Seeley, Tracy Seeley to Todd Gaerke Revocable Living Trust, one lot, $78,800.

Rebecca Evans, Dustin Moore, Rebecca Moore to Nicole Willhoff, one lot, $123,500.

Jolaine Routson to Brian Westerfield, Kara Westerfield, one lot, $425,000.

Kevin Klawon to Luis Del Cid, five lots, $0.

Dora Grogean, Timothy Grogean to Mark Kowalak, one lot, $314,000.

Connie Goldner, attorney in fact, Mark Goldner, Kenneth Shellhaas to Wendy Adams, one lot, $112,500.

Beverly Bell, Charles Bell to Peter Doebler, Yoshie Doebler, one lot, $189,900.

Nicholas Rosen, Tabitha Rosen to Clay Hampton, Kaitlin Hampton, one lot, $105,000.

Mary Dineen, Dana Horton to Elizabeth Horton, one lot, $0.

Charles Elliott, Elizabeth Elliott to Charles Elliott, Elizabeth Elliott, one lot, $0.


Phyllis Felver, trustee, Walter and Phyllis Felver Revocable Living Trust to Ohio Living Communities, one lot, $131,200.

James Jeffryes and Ruth Jeffryes Irrevocable Trust, Jai Jeffryes, trustee to Lawrence Gardner III, one lot, $6,000.

Bethany Curtis, Nicholas Curtis to Ashley Lewis, Benjamin Lewis, a part lot, $138,000.

Douglas Millhoff to Cheryl Vollette, David Vollette, a part lot, $79,000.

Olding III Properties LLC to Piqua Troy Investments LLC, one lot, $243,000.

Cheney Irrevocable Living Trust, Cynthia Cianciolo, trustee to Cora Owens, James Owens Jr., two lots, one part lot, $149,000.

Brett Davis, Julia Davis to Abbie Schrubb, one lot, $180,000.

Janet Christy, Thomas Christy to Christy Real Estate, $0.


Esharon Hopper, Gregory Hopper to Anthony Hopper, one lot, $0.

Doris Schiller to Beth Bennett, Hugh Schiller, Perry Schiller, one lot, $0.

Darlene Sams, George Sams Jr. to Misty Turner, one lot, $160,000.

DJB LLC, DJB Unlimited to Fateh Property, a part lot, $100,000.

Cynthia Nash, Gregory Nash to Tyler Nash, two part lots, $0.


William Wendel to Cristela Wendel, a part lot, $0.

Dabo Investments to Jody Boehringer, Brent Davis, a part lot, $0.

Kathleen Potter, Ronald Potter to Piqua Troy Investments LLC, two lots, $433,500.


Bianca Bridgeman, Roger Bridgeman to Kevin Schindel, one lot, $179,000.


Helen Buckingham, Kenneth Buckingham to Brenda Wilson, a part lot, $45,600.

Helen Buckingham, Kenneth Buckingham to Donald Buckingham, four part lots, $0.

Jordan Brown, Ryan Brown to Lori Stone, Matthew Stone, one lot, $116,000.

Michael Leach Declaration of Trust to Shawn Brady, one lot, $125,000.


Melissa Paule, Neil Paule to Jackie Blackburn, Robin Blackburn, two lots, $238,000.


Richard Shanks to Colleen Kennedy, 0.771 acres, $74,000.

Marie Schwieterman, Matthew Schwieterman to Julia Gipson, one lot, $30,000.


Judy Rike, Michael Rike to Lauren Laug, Angela Nill, 2.0 acres, $89,000.


VSF Developments Ltd. to James Fortkamp, 1.737 acres, $225,000.

William Klint to Jennifer Klint, Mathew Klint, one lot, $0.

Charles Ferrell, Earlena Ferrell to Erich Zink, one lot, $210,000.

Kent Monnin, Tonda Riley to Tonda Riley, one lot, $0.

Marianne Patten Irrevocable Trust, Randall Patten, trustee, to Kirsten Reck, Matthew Reck, one lot, $262,500.

Michelle Bonnett, Robert Bonnett to Michelle Bonnett, Robert Bonnett, one lot, $0.

Avoncvs to Windy View Farm Ltd., $80,000.


David Swigart, Sandra Swigart to David Swigart, Sandra Swigart, 5.541 acres, $0.

Kathy Jo Rousseau to Matthew Rousseau, 0.3561 acres, $0.


Bennie Foster, Martin Foster to Jodelle Cron, 0.751 acres, $5,400.

Marlene Cassel, Jack Doseck, Veronica Doseck to Jodelle Cron, 0.751 acres, $10,800.


Autumn Caldwell, executor, Estate of James Collins to Dianna Borchers, John Borchers, one lot, $92,500.

John Kronour, Karen Kronour to Shannon Tackett, one lot, $239,000.

Robert Rickett to Michelle Baldridge, one lot, $0.

Joyce Baab to Halley Cole, Mack Cole, one lot, $176,400.

Elaine Bryant, William Bryant to Elaine Bryant, one lot, $0.


DeMoss Farms LLC to DeMoss Farms, $0.

Charlotte Sink, Roland Sink to Brent Sink, Laura Sink, 10.20 acres, $0.

Joel Welbaum, Vicky Welbaum to Vicky Welbaum, $0.

Yvonne Holtvogt to Joseph Holtvogt, 10.002 acres, $0.

Katherine Clark, Roger Clark to Kelli Simon, 1.665 acres, $0.

Katherine Clark, Roger Clark to Debra Clark, Roger Clark, four part lots, $0.

Amanda Brown, Abraham Hardy to Bethany Heilman-Powell, 1.165 acres, $160,000.


Dawn Millhouse, Richard Millhouse to Dawn Millhouse, Richard Millhouse, 33.877 acres, $0.

Dawn Millhouse, Richard Millhouse to Dawn Millhouse, Richard Millhouse, $0.


Dianne Gentis, Richard Gentis to Mike Havenar, 1.112 acres, $130,000.

Kyle Demeritt to Austin Sims, one lot, $169,900.


Estate of Philip Rindler to Alyshia Rindler, $0.

Alyshia RIndler, Elizabeth Rindler to Elizabeth Rindler, $85,000.


Marion Compliment, Paul Compliment to James Brinkman, Tabatha Brinkman, 1.656 acres, $150,000.

Donald Setterbo, Nancy Setterbo to Kathryn Boggs, Mark Boggs, two lots, $20,000.

Elizabeth Eickman, Joshua Eickman to Travis Sell, two lots, $158,000.


Estate of Betty Straker to Harry Straker, 1.0, $0.

Estate of Minnie Lawrence, John Lawrence to Brandon Schulz, Mark Siegel, 10.674 acres, $42,000.