Miami County Real Estate Transactions


Estate of Clinton Dorsey, Roger Luring, executor to Joshua Cooper, one lot, $85,000.

Emily Smith, Emily Welker to Akacia Davis, one lot, $97,900.

Scott Investments of Troy to Elizabeth Svelund, Steven Svelund, one lot, $316,000.

Dottie Brown, Ted Brown to Bluebird Investments Properties, one lot, $195,000.

Carol Barr, Steven Fox to Hatler Bryant, one lot, $38,500.

Kendra Giblin, Matthew Giblin to Michael Strayer, one lot, $138,500.

Karen Baker to Brandon Hirby, one lot, $126,000.

Anne Case, Joshua Case to Rebekah Webster, one lot, $75,000.

Ocie Bowman, Ted Brown, executor to Sheldon Shobe, two part lots, $97,800.


Estate of Angela Davis to Gavin Davis, Linda Dvis, guardian, one lot, $0.

James Nelson, Leona Nelson to 8858 Piqua LLC, one lot, $140,000.

Doris Jackson to Doris Jackson Trust, Doris Jackson, trustee, $0.

Ann Phyillaier, Leroy Phyillaier, attorney in fact to Leroy Phyillaier, one lot, $0.

Loren Brown Chambers to Mynra Owen, one lot, $115,000.

Chad Lawson, Gabrille Lawson to Allison Field, one lot, $101,000.

Barbara Baker, Richard Baker to Joshua Wagner, one lot, $82,000.


Kenneth Stephenson Trust, Melissa Laskowski, trustee to Nancy McClain, one lot, $235,000.

Jodi Magato Rice to Jodi Magato Rice, one lot, $0.

Harold Hacker, Tomi Hacker to Harold Hacker, Tomi Hacker, $0.

Lynn Hutchinson, Steven Hutchinson to Douglas Ewald, Madonna Ewald, one lot, $260,000.

John Farrier, Sharon Farrier to Kimberly Ellis, Ronald Ellis, one lot, $385,000.

Fieldstone Partners LLC to RRTC Holdings LLC, one lot, $5,000.

Alexander Davis, Alyssa Davis to Alyssa Davis, one lot, $0.

Glenn Gass, Graciela to Housing Opportunities for Peoples Inc., one lot, $150,000.


Estate of Deanna Brumbaugh, Krystle Marko, guardian to Dale Tobe, Sheryl Tobe, two lots, $79,500.

Jason Powell to Jessica Grimm, Kyle Grimm, one lot, $69,500.


James Sarver, Tracy Sarver to James Sarver, two lots, a part lot, $0.

Brandon Coate to Brandon Coate, Erin Coate, a part lot, $0.

Bank One N.A., JP Morgan Chase Bank N.A. to Gough Brothers LLC, one lot, one part lot, $52,500.


Daniel Jones, Kimberly Jones to Kyle Austin, Leigha Reynolds, two lots, $244,000.

NVR Inc. to Bradley Clark, Tina Clark, two lots, $388,500.

NVR Inc. to Greco Kellawan, Vanita Kellawan, two lots, $239,400.


Secretary of Housing and Urban Development to Nicole Terry, 1.0 acres, $0.

Secretary of Housing and Urban Development to Jonathan Cripps, Lauren Cripps, 5.0149 acres, $0.

Adrianna Radford, Chad Radford to Bonnie Jordan, 6.110 acres, $207,900.

Estate of Steven Alexander to Ronald Alexander, 2.0 acres, $0.


Bruce Ruese, Donna Ruese to Robert Rohlfs, Tonia Rohlfs, one lot, $205,000.

Carolyn Lewis to Sharon Johnson, 1.096 acres, $190,600.

Jason Reinhardt, Jennifer Reinhardt to Denlinger and Sons Builders Inc, one lot, $77,400.

Jill Theobald, John Theobald to Michelle Bonnett, one lot, $167,400.


Estate of Marilyn Landis to Bruce Landis, one lot, $0.


Erin Cooper, Nelson Cooper, Alson Osborne, Joshua Osborne to Connie Vargo, 0.570 acres, $90,000.

Frederick Louthan to Louthan Family Trust, Frederick Louthan, trustee, $0.


Kent Whitmer to Aden Burns, 10 acres, $190,000.


Kay Snider Revocable Living Trust, Kay Snider, trustee, Steven Snider Revocable Living Trust to Kay Snider Revocable Living Trust, Kay Snider, trustee, Steven Snider Revocable Living Trust, 69.951 acres, $0.


Betty Suber Revocable Living Trust, Howard Suber, successor trustee to John Suber, Suzan Suber, 0.9812 acres, $0.


Hurst Car Washes LLC to Debbie Isbel, two part lots, $75,000.

Will of Edward Johns, Eric Johns, executor to Knostman Brothers LLP, one lot, $15,000.


Clara Young Revocable Living Trust, Clara Young, trustee to Clara Young, $0.