Health inspections

Inspections are performed in the county by Miami County Public Health, except in Piqua, which has its own health department. Miami County Public Health can be reached at (937) 573-3500, by email at or on the website at

Provided by the Piqua Health Department

Feb. 23

Cracker Barrel Old Country Store, 980 E. Ash St., Piqua — The following items need to be cleaned: food pass through, prep unit drawers and the dish room ceilings.

Feb. 26

Kroger No. 932, 1510 Covington Ave., Piqua — Observed boxes of food product on floor. Keep food and least 6 inches off floor. Wash, rinse and sanitize items in deli. Items being rinsed after sanitizing. Allow to air dry.

Feb. 27

Ulbrich’s IGA, 407 S. Wayne St., Piqua — The following items need to be cleaned: mixer in the bakery, the meat walk-in interior and the meat table. Replace missing ceiling tiles.

Provided by Miami County Public Health

Feb. 8

Hickory River Smokehouse, 135 S. Garber Drive, Tipp City — Wet wiping cloths were observed being stored water with 0.0 ppm of sanitizing solution. The microwave in the dinning room adjacent to the Pepsi machine was observed noncommercial. Critical: in the vegetable prep area, the onion slicer was observed with food debris build-up. Critical: in the front serving area, food debris build-up was observed on the multi-use bowls. Beneath the dinning room Pepsi machine, water was observed leaking from the plumbing.


Arby’s, 903 W. Main St., Troy — No violations were documented at the time of inspection.

Smith’s Boathouse Restaurant, 439 N. Elm St., Troy — Critical: in the top section of the prep cooler, multiple individual packages of pasta were observed holding between 45 F and 48 F; corrected during inspection. Critical: in the cold holding unit adjacent to the soup hot holding unit, containers of food were observed improperly dated. Critical: one multi-use ladle and one multi-use serving spoon were observed with food debris build-up; corrected during inspection. The floor tiles in the back prep area were observed in disrepair.

Village Pizza & Drive Thru, 302 S. Miami Ave., Bradford — Repeat: observed wooden counter top with hand washing sinks that was not easily cleanable. Repeat: observed missing kick plate underneath True cooling unit. Repeat: observed handles on food equipment that had food residual build-up. Repeat: observed non-food contact that had food residual build-up on the sides of equipment. Repeat: observed holes in the walls of the restroom and in the wall across from the sinks. Repeat: observed debris build-up underneath equipment throughout food prep area.

Comfort Suites, 1800 Towne Park Drive, Troy — Repeat: observed non-commercial griddle being used in the food prep area.

Mrs. B’s Catering, 101 N. Main St., Pleasant Hill — Observed ice build-up underneath condensing unit in walk-in freezing unit.

Feb. 13

West Milton IGA, 1177 S. Miami St., West Milton — No violations were documented at the time of inspection.

Miami County Jail, 201 W. Main St., Troy — No violations were documented at the time of inspection.

Feb. 14

Market Fresh Foods, 301 Troy Pike, Covington — Critical, repeat: Multiple deli sandwiches in the front display cooler was observed holding between 45 F and 50 F; corrected during inspection. Repeat: observed display cooling unit was not holding sandwiches at proper temperature.

JJ’s Lunchbox, 7031 S. County Road 25-A, Tipp City — Repeat: facility did not have one employee with supervisory and management responsibility and the authority to direct and control food preparation and service with level two certification in food protection. Observed multiple dented cans in the back storage area of food prep. Critical: observed buffalo and BBQ sauces not being held at proper temperature (84 F); corrected during inspection. Critical: observed refrigerated, ready-to-eat foods in prep cooler that were not properly date marked during inspection. Critical: observed working bottles of sanitizer that were not properly labeled during inspection; corrected during inspection.

Troy High School, 151 W. Staunton Road, Troy — Observed unsealed wooden pallets in food storage areas and in the walk-in coolers and freezer in current use. Observed non-commercial microwave in food prep area.

Feb. 15

Asian Cottage, 761 W. Main St., Troy — Critical: on the front low boy cooler, one carton of raw eggs were observed being stored above a pan of General Tso’s Chicken; corrected during inspection. Repeat: at the time of inspection, wet wiping cloths were observed being stored on surfaces open to room air. In the walk-in cooler, the shelving units were observed with rust build-up. The shelving units in the walk-in cooler were observed with food and a mold-like substance build-up. In the low boy cooler, single-serve containers were observed with the food contact surfaces up. The prep sink fixture was not installed.

Al’s Pizza, 13 Weston Road, Troy — Observed handled utensil stored directly in soup container with handle in the soup in walk-in cooler. Observed handles on prep cooler that were observed to have food residual on them. Repeat: observed accumulation of dust and residual on the shelving units of the walk-in cooler. Observed pans not properly air dried before stacking by ware washing unit.

Feb. 16

K’s Hamburgers, 117 E. Main St., Troy — Critical, repeat: containers of food items in the reach-in cooler between the kitchen hand washing sink and dish machine were observed without coverings. In the food scoop drawer, three scoops were observed without end caps; corrected. Throughout the kitchen in the reach-in coolers, multiple shelves were observed with food debris build-up. The following nonfood contact surfaces were observed with food debris build-up: in the reach-in coolers throughout the kitchen, the shelving units in the back storage area, the HVAC supports above the onion prep area, the bottom surfaces of the reach-in coolers and freezers, the top surfaces of both microwaves. In the back storage area, boxes of single-serve items were observed being stored on the floor. In the knife drawer, food debris build-up was observed.

Sakai Japanese Bistro, 2303 W. Main St., Troy — Repeat: observed employee drink in food prep area that was not in a proper location; corrected. Critical: observed packaged eggs, raw fish and raw meat above vegetables and other Ready-To-Eat foods in walk-in cooler. Repeat: observed non-handled items being stored in food containers in both prep cooler and walk-in cooler. Critical: observed shrimp tempera (70 F) and batter (65 F) being kept out without proper refrigeration during inspection; corrected. Observed rust build-up on the shelving units in the walk-in cooler during inspection.

Feb. 20

Lunch @ 4 W. Main, 4 W. Main St., Troy — At the time of inspection, observed food operators preparing salads and placing cheese on roast beef for hot sandwiches. Critical: in the hot storage unit, two pans of hot sliced roast beef and cheese were observed holding at 125 F; corrected.

Applebee’s, 1759 W. Main St., Troy — Repeat: observed ice accumulation inside of the walk-in freezer on the ceiling panels around condensing unit. Observed dark residual on the gasket of the walk-in cooler door. Repeat: observed residual build-up on the handles of the equipment. Observed food equipment not properly being air dried before stacking in storage rack. Observed missing grout between tiles in the front food prep area. Repeat: observed debris and food build-up on the food prep floor.