Real Estate Transactions


Ashley Brown, Travis Brown to Leslie Mitchell, Micah Mitchell, one lot, $214,900.

Harlow Builders Inc. to Natalie Nguyen, Harold Vian, $535,000.

May Nino, Munir Nino to Seven Star Properties LLC, one lot, $120,000.

Scott Investments of Troy to Dana Cheung, Tony Lim, two lots, $269,000.

Scott Investments of Troy to Jonathan Bade, Lindsey Bade, one lot, $499,900.

Hoa Thanh Duong, Linh My Truong to Gregory Eyink, one lot, $169,500.

Katherine Adams, Steven Adams to Katherine Adams, Steven Adams, one lot, $0.

Jonathan Bade, Lindsey Bade to Keystone Homes in Troy, Scott Investments of Troy, one lot, $292,900.

Water Street Investments Ltd. to Four Sons Development LLC, a part lot, $90,000.

Clyde Julian, Linda Julian to S & K Property Group, one lot, one part lot, $10,000.

Holdon Lingrell, Kimberly Osborne to Ashley Edgerly, one lot, $96,900.


Barbara Caserta to Michael Mayor, Allysshia Wise, Jody Wise, Randall Wise, apart lot, $74,900.

R. Damian Bumgarner to Damian Bumgarner Trust, $0.

Roxana Chesser, Adrienne Riesenbeck, Benjamin Riesenbeck, Jessica Riesenbeck, Thad Riesenbeck, James Slover, Jane Slover to Keith Kerentsew, Kerri Kerentsew, one lot, $65,000.

Reva Holtvogt, William Holtvogt Jr. to Colleen Miller, Thomas Miller, one ot, $120,000.

Roland Sourmail to Christopher Linville, a part lot, $20,000.

Sharron Hanes to Dana Paldino, one lot, $0.

Matthew Thompson, Virginia Thompson to Cassidy Haney, two lots, $54,900.

Secretary of Housing and Urban Development to U.S. Bank N.A., two lots, $0.

Estate of Audrey Sword to Sandra Cox, Joanna Marrs, one lot, $0.

Michael Cox, Sandra Cox, Jeffery Marrs, Joanna Marrs to Jeffery Marrs, Joanna Marrs, one lot, $0.

Ronald Miller, Tina Miller to Thomas Fay, two part lots, $100,000.

James Meyers, Ruth Ann Meyers to Jacinta Helton, one lot, one part lot, $25,900.

Jessica Hedger, Kisle Hedger to Travis Adkins, one lot, $89,900.

Ocwen Loan Servicing LLC, attorney in fact, Salamon Home Equity Loan Trust, Wells Fargo Bank N.A., successor, Wells Fargo Bank Minnesota, N.A., to Mary Spruance, one lot, $9,000.

Jeffery Marrs, Joanna Marrs to Alice Marrs, Brett Marrs, one lot, $145,000.


Michelle Turner to Patrick Turner, one lot, $50,000.

Jon Cimnillo, Linda Cimnillo, Andrew White, attorney in fact, to Jonathan Graver, Krista Morgan, one lot, $275,200.

Mr. Cooper dba NRZ Pass-Through Trust V, U.S. Bank N.A., trustee to NRZ Reo V-2 Corp, two lots, $0.

Bradley Holloway, Fawn Holloway to Bradley Holloway and Fawn Holloway Joint Revocable Trust, $0.

Christine Fite, Richard Fite to Sheila Back, Stephen Back, two lots, $30,000.

Abigail Watson, Tyler Watson, Christopher Zobrist to Tyler Watson, a part lot, $0.

Katrina Loubier, Paul Loubier to Kallergis Enterprises, one lot, $485,000.


Woneda Weaver to Lonnie Hitchcock, Woneda Weaver, $0.


Linda Reinhardt to Bob Beard, Pamela Beard, one lot, $40,000.


Karen Robinson to William Cecil, one lot, $102,000.


NVR Inc. to Jennifer Mosier, Sean Mosier, two lots, $338,000.

Carriage Trails at the Heights LLC, Dec Land Co. I LLC to Inverness Group Inc., two lots, $38,000

Carriage Trails at the Heights LLC, Dec Land Co. I LLC to Inverness Group Inc., two lots, $38,000.


James Strumberger, Sherri Strumberger to Donna Bonner, Michael Bonner, 0.2121 acres, $1,000.


Kathy Maxon to Laura Penny, one lot, $90,000.


Hines Builders Inc. to Scherre Mumpower, 1.850 acres, $0.

Amended and Restated Revocable Trust Marilyn Lipp, Star Bank, N.A., Troy, Trustee, U.S. Bank N.A. to Emily Fox, Levi Fox, one lot, $200,000.

Renee Leber to Bruce Ruese, Donna Ruese, one lot, $169,900.

Barbara Kruse to Jeffrey Smith, $0.


Christine Siefker, Jeffery Siefker to George Clark, Bradley Sowry, Lisa Sowry, one lot, $155,000.


Jesse Filbrun, trustee, Tonya Filbrun, trustee, Filbrun Family Revocable Trust to Lowell Filbrun, trustee, Sara Filbrun Trust, 10.393 acres, $0.


Thomas Spayde, Tricia Spayde to Spayde Properties, $0.

Danny Barnett to Danny Barnett, Karen Barnett, 2.126 acres, 0.446 acres, $0.

Pamela Gray, Terry Gray to Barry Martens, Shawn Martens, one lot, $197,000.

Jane Welch to Mary Lee, Russell Lee, Windy Lee, one lot, $35,000.

Spayde Properties LLC to Thomas Spayde, Tricia Spayde, one lot, $0.

JP Morgan Chase Bank N.A. to Secretary of Veterans Affairs, 0.94 acres, 0.31 acres, $0.

Dean Bryson, MeganMcCuiston Bryson to Jason Edwards, Karen Edwards, one lot, $177,900.

Sally Anne Riechert to 750 Wisteria Land Trust, $122,500.


Peggy Fry Kovacic, David Kovacic, Peggy Kovacic to David Kovacic and Peggy Kovacic Trust, $0.


Mary Lankford, Roger Lankford to Darren Matinez, 1.813 acres, $110,000.


Fifth Third Bank, Piqua National Bank & Trust Co. trustee to Jesse Filbrun, co-trustee, Tonya Filbrun, co-trustee, Filbrun Family Revocable Trust, 72.390 acres, 26.657 acres, $755,900.

Eric Baumann, Jeri Baumann to Piqua Materials Inc., 3.6196 acres, $150,000.

Estate of Louis Havenar, Mary Lou Havenar, Michael Havenar, attorney in fact and guardian, to Kay Snider Revocable Living Trust, Steven Snider Revocable Living Trust, 12.034 acres, $96,000.


Kelly Meyer, Thomas Meyer, Dale Stager, Keven Stager, Nancy Stager to Jordan Miller, Sarah Miller, 1.6965 acres, 8.7066 acres, 0.1524 acres, $81,700.


Amy Cain, Nathan Cain to Danielle Bacher, Thomas Bacher, 0.717 acres, 0.356 acres, $136,5000.

Susan Doolos, administrator, Estate of Dennis Hogle to Shannon Milnickel Sr., Sheila Milnickel, .685 acres, $23,000.

Tammy Gilbert to Matthew Ward, 12.00 acres, $160,000.

Jill Gulasa, John Gulasa Jr. to Ashley Wilson, $159,900.

Glen Perry to Linda Perry, two lots, $12,000.

Margy Patterson Trust, Margy Patterson, trustee to Linda Cook, 0.631 acres, $125,000.


Secretary of Housing and Urban Development to Douglas Laughman, 1.179 acres, $0.