Miami County Real Estate Transactions


Jacquelyn Schaefer, Tyler Spires to Joseph Cheatwood, a part lot, $97,000.

Raysun Investments LLC to Dale Howard, Patricia Howard, one lot, $540,000.

Halley Cole, Mack Cole to Matthew Wise, two part lots, $80,000.

Mable Leytze, Robert Leytze to Mable Leytze, co-trustee, Robert Leytze, co-trustee, two part lots, $0.


Harlan Rodeheffer to Eric Spoltman, two lots, $120,000.

Paul Folmer to David Couch, Fauwn Couch, three lots, $165,000.

U.S. Bank N.A. to Clarence Branson, Margaret Branson, a part lot, $20,500.

Huntington National Bank to Secretary of Housing and Urban Development, a part lot, $0.

Debra Gariety-Riley, Michael Riley to 705 Boone Street LLC, one lot, one part lot, $0.

Rebecca Arthur, Gregory Kistner to David Wimmer Jr., one lot, $92,100.

National City Bank, PNC Bank N.A., successor to Secretary of Veterans Affairs, one lot, $0.

Liberty Savings Bank FSB to Secretary of Housing and Urban Development, $0.

Group1 Properties LLC to Natasha Long, one lot, $86,900.

Gregory Marchal to VSF Developments Ltd., a part lot, $23,000.

David Mays II, Rosalie Mays to Jack Blevins, one lot, $122,900.

Judy Miller to Thomas Miller, a part lot, $0.


Susan Basye, attorney in fact, Virginia Stepp, to Sarah Bennett, Teri Bennett, a part lot, $137,000.

Buffy Meyer, Gary Meyer, Dennis Monnin, Joan Monnin to COP Investments, one lot, $85,000.


Talismanic Properties LLC to NVR Inc., one lot, $55,000.

NVR Inc. to Brenda Maroko, Stephen Maroko, two lots, $238,000.

Bruce Bayman, trustee, Marcella Bayman Irrevocable Trust to Georgia Bayman, David Werts, one lot, $100l,000.


Billy Smith, trustee, Kathleen Smith, trustee, Smith Family Trust to Robert Eldridge Jr., Shawn Eldridge, one lot, $144,000.


NVR Inc. to Benjamin Weber, Chelsea Weber, two lots, $242,500.

Carriage Trails at the Heights LLC, Dec Land Co. I LLC to NVR Inc., two lots, $45,000.

Carriage Trails at the Heights LLC, Dec Land Co. I LLC to NVR Inc., two lots, $51,500.

NVR Inc. to Krista Wireman, Todd Wireman, two lots, $269,700.

Inverness Group Inc. to Capital Abraha, Samuel Gebrewahid, two lots, $334,000.

Inverness Group Inc. to Lauren Thompson, Thomas Thompson, two lots, $246,000.


Patricia Fleckenstein to Curtis Dull, 1.846 acres, $0.

Homer Porter to Homer Porter, trustee, Porter Trust, 0.71 acres, 0.746 acres, $0.


Kelci Corrigan to Bradley Harris, 0.551 acres, $0.

Carla Mercer, Ted Mercer to Ted Mercer, two lots, $0.

Nancy Adams Revocable Living Trust, Pamela Karnehm, successor trustee to Randa Rae Borders, Timothy Borders, one lot, $129,000.

Miami Conservancy District to Board of Park Commissioners of Miami County, 1.1548 acres, 3.0463 aces, $0.


Estate of Ronnie Lee Hall to Philip Hall, 2.082 acres, $0.

Gene Ruppert, Wanita Ruppert to Brenda Dolph, Michael Dolph, 1.0 acre, $227,500.


Donald Routson, Julia Routson to Point Five LLC, 1.387 acres, $16,000.


Carlos Owens, Lynn Owens to Carlos Owens, Lynn Owens, $0.

Estate of Margaret Matosky, Karen Huffman, Michael Huffman, Frank Moloney, Susan Moloney to Karen Huffman, trustee, Margaret Matosky Trust, 39.952 acres, 0.094 acres, 0.345 acres, 0.561 acres, $0.

Estate of Margaret Matosky to Karen Huffman, Susan Moloney, $0.

Estate of Margaret Matosky to Karen Huffman, trustee, Susan Moloney, 39.952 acres, $0.


Estate of Ida Cornwell, Shirley Cornwell, Shirley Jones, executor to Roberta Rike, William Rike Jr., 1.19 acres, $52,000.

Lindbergh Bingham Jr. to Julie Gettinger, Stephen Gettinger, 1.274 acres, $225,000.


Kenneth Denlinger Irrevocable Trust, Nikki Taynor, trustee to Kenneth Denlinger, $0.


Crossroad Church of God Mountian Assembly to Crossroad Church of God Moutain Assembly, 14.024 acres, 0$0.

Laura Scott, William Scott to Laura Scott, William Scott, 8.122 acres, $0.

Estate of Louis Havenar, Mary Lou Havenar, Michael Havenar, attorney in fact to Benjamin Hickerson, Tiffany Hickerson, 2.382 acres, $255,000.


Philip Snider to Regan Snider, one lot, $0.

Estate of Ray Cress to Brenda Cress, 1.112 acres, $0.