Restaurant inspections

Restaurant inspections are performed in the county by Miami County Public Health, except in Piqua, which has its own health department. Miami County Public Health can be reached at (937) 573-3500, by email at or on the website at

Jan. 11

Bowman & Landes Turkey Farm, 6490 E. Ross Road, New Carlisle — Observed employee drinks on food prep table beside prep cooler. Observed wood shelf base behind display cooler that was not cleanable during inspection. Observed ice accumulation on the condensing unit of the walk-in freezer. Observed residual on the back of the slicer blade. Critical: observed working containers of sanitizers that were not properly labelled; corrected.

Kentucky Fried Chicken, 21 S. Stanfield Road, Troy — Observed kickplate on the door leading to walk-in cooler falling away from door. Observed dried food residual on the handles of walk-in cooler and on the tabletop grills. Observed food bins not properly air drying on the rack beside three compartment sink. Observed low grout in between tile floor in the chicken prep area.

Jan. 17

Kroger, 731 Market St., Troy — Critical, repeat: observed packaged raw shell eggs above vegetables in the produce walk-in cooler. Critical, repeat: observed egg rolls were not properly hot holding at the correctly temperature; corrected. Critical, repeat: observed sauces in sushi prep cooler that were not properly date marked. Critical, repeat: observed donuts that did not properly have ingredients listed of the icing used. Observed incorrect labels being used for Starbucks bakery products and sandwiches. Observed seasonal cranberry bread that did not have a proper ingredient label available in bakery. Observed bulk deli ingredients that were not labeled properly in salad bar. Critical: observed fish containers that had holes drilled in the bottom that were not easily cleanable. Repeat (click list walk-in cooler and freezer): observed wood pallets being used to hold food in both the walk-in cooler and freezer units. Repeat: observed no thermolabels for the ware washing unit at beer and wine bar. Observed wrong thermolabels being used to measure water temperature in ware washing machine in bakery. Critical: observed food residual on the top inside of microwave. Observed ventilation grill hoods in front deli area that had build-up of grease. Critical: observed rust on cutting blades in meat cutting room. Observed pans not being properly air dried in ware washing area. Observed food bins that were not properly air drying during inspection. Observed utensils and food contact surfaces that were exposed to contamination and must be properly inverted. Observed that utensils were not facing in the same direction in the same direction. Observed unsealed wooden cove base used along the walls of the produce walk-in cooler and the prep area. Observed that there were no paper towels by hand washing sink in beer and wine bar. Observed debris underneath shelving units in the walk-in freezer. Observed black residual on the floor of the produce area. Observed debris build-up underneath shelving units in storage freezer holding frozen meat and ice cream. Observed residual build-up underneath Starbucks counter area.

Skippers Tavern, 101 N. Miami St., West Milton — Critical: observed food employee walk into kitchen put gloves on without washing hands first. Food employee(s) did not wash hands in situations that specifically require them to do so. Observed employee food and drink on prep cooler cutting board. Repeat Observed improper storage of food items on floor. Observed bags of raw chicken sitting in tubs of water thawing. Repeat: observed base tile missing under three bay sink area.

Jan. 18

Tony’s Bada Bing, 132 E. Main St., Tipp City — Critical: at the time of inspection, no individual was on hand or available that was level two food safety trained. Critical: in the reach-in cooler across from the three compartment sink, one small log of raw sausage and one carton of eggs were observed being stored above ready-to-eat food. Critical: in the prep sink, two 5 pound bags of mozzarella cheese were observed being maintained at room temperature. In the storage room, pieces of noncommercial equipment (chest freezer, microwave, etc.) were observed. Multiple utensil storage containers and sorters were observed with food and dust debris build-up. Critical: at the bar, the soda fountain gun drain tube was observed in the adjacent hand washing sink. The middle compartment of the kitchen three compartment sink was observed leaking water.

MU Bulldog Diner, 30 Lowry Drive, West Milton — Critical: observed ready-to-eat foods in front prep cooler that were not properly date marked during inspection. Critical: observed eggs sitting out above grill that were not properly time marked during inspection. Observed no available sanitizing test strips during inspection. Observed ice accumulation on the ceiling panel of the walk-in freezer. Observed mugs with food contact surface exposed to ceiling tiles and not properly inverted. Observed low water pressure in the men’s restroom. Critical: observed working container of chemicals that were not properly labeled during inspection; corrected.

From Piqua City Health Department reports.

Jan. 31

Washington Primary, 800 N. Sunset Drive, Piqua — Satisfactory at time of inspection.

Feb. 1

Wendy’s, 1221 E. Ash St., Piqua — Observed cracked food containers. All food containers must be smooth, durable and easily cleaned. The following items need to be cleaned: pop nozzles at front counter, food containers and microwave interior. Container of beans in hand sink. Do not put items in hand sink.

Piqua Central Intermediate, 807 Nicklin Ave, Piqua — Satisfactory at time of inspection.

Feb. 2

KFC, 1251 E. Ash St., Piqua — Observed broken food containers. The following items need to be cleaned: warming drawers, hot holding line, hood, walls, interiors of both walk-in coolers, interior of walk-in freezer, reach-in cooler.

Baymont Inn and Suites, 950 E. Ash St., Piqua — Provide metal stem thermometer so food temperature can be monitored. Observed damaged food containers. The interior of both microwaves need to be cleaned. The cabinets are damaged and need to be replaced or repaired so they can be easily cleaned. No reheating is permitted in facility.

Feb. 5

Waffle House, 1232 E. Ash St., Piqua — At least one person in charge for the facility must have a level two food safety certification. Currently no one at the facility has certification. The following items need to be cleaned: metal stem thermometer, drawers by grill, food containers and utensils, walls, vegetable cutter, flood, shelving in store room and walk-in cooler. The wall is damaged near the three-compartment sink.

Bob Evan’s Farms, 999 E. Ash St., Piqua — The following items need to be cleaned: microwave interior, food utensils, warmer by grill line.