Miami County Real Estate Transactions


NVR Inc. to Derrick Brummel, Karla Brummel, one lot, $345,500.

Richard Graef Revocable Living Trust, National Advisors Trust Company, Turnstone Private Trust to Wilfred Severt Jr., one lot, $115,000.

Donald Bark, Robin Bark to Kristy Inoa, Paul Inoa, one lot, $218,000.

Betty Newnam to Lois Russell, one lot, $0.

George Bradley, Miami County Sheriff David Duchak to Fifth Third Bank, one lot, $60,000.

Norman Long, Robert Long to Jordan Romerger, Rebekah Romberger, one lot, $19,000.

David Zirkle, Mary Zirkle to Michael Dilworth, Phillip Dilworth, Steven Dilworth, one lot, $19,000.

Scott Investments of Troy, LLC to Melissa Tucker, one lot, $237,200.

Clara Blizman, Miami County Sheriff David Duchak, Clara Popp to Federal National Mortgage Association, one lot, $0.

David N. Smith Self-Declaration of Trust, Geraldine Smith, trustee to Geraldine Smith, three part lots, $0.


Estate of Janet Teach to Connie McKenzie, one lot, $0.

Northwood Group Inc., Swift Run LLC to Gregory Stephens Declarations of Trust, Gregory Stephens, two lots, $1,117,400.

Fifth Third Bank of Western Ohio, trustee, Samuel Jackson Jr. Revocable Living Trust to Gregory Stephens Declaration of Trust, $1,117,400.

Robert Harms to Bruce Harms, Gregory Harms, Terry Hess, trustee, one lot, $0.

Janelle Baker, Timothy Baker to Park Ridge Apartments LLC, one lot, $0.

Miami County Sheriff David Duchak, Suzette Curtner to MTGLQ Investors LP, one lot, $50,000.

Miami County Sheriff David Duchak, Estate of Milton Victor, Brett Victor, possible heir, to Janet Christy, Thomas Christy, one lot, $51,300.

Martha Cox Guenther to Matthew Hicks, Melissa Hicks, one lot, $120,000.

Brent Wooddell to Jacquie Willman, one lot, $62,000.

BH Real Property to Jeffery Albaugh, Marilyn Albaugh, one lot, $99,000.

Nationstar Mortgage LLC, attorney in fact, Springleaf Mortgage Loan Trust, U.S. Bank N.A., to JP Homes Inc., one lot, a part lot, $22,500.

Clydecorleira LLC to Katelynn Paul, one lot, $90,000.

Christine Gillette, Christine Potts to Mark Potts, one lot, $0.


Karen Krackman to Craig Brackman, one lot, $0.

Frank Moloney, Susan Moloney to Scott Moloney, trustee, Shelley Vair Irrevocable Trust, one lot, $140,000.

Gregory Enslen, Samantha Enslen to Enslen Holdings, one lot, $0.


Diane Jones, Garth Jones to Joel Dapore, one lot, $74,400.


Rene Millhouse, Thomas Millhouse to Douglas McCall, Kylie McCall, one lot, $94,500.


NVR Inc. to Rakhila Ibragim, Ravshan Ibragim, two lots, $235,300.

Carriage Trails at the Heights, Dec Land Co. I LLC to NVR Inc., two lots, $43,400.

NVR Inc to Jamie Lauber, Matthew Lauber, two lots, $241,300.


Rita Dumaine, attorney in fact, Anna Focht to Frank Focht II, a part lot, $0.

Jeffrey Whiting, Linda Whiting to Cindy Kenworthy, Frederick, two part lots, $72,500.


Orville Smith to Amelia Davis, James Davis, one lot, $127,500.

Tisa Ellis, Tisa Wolf to Alina Whittaker, Theodore Whittaker, one lot, $115,000.


New Carlisle Federal Savings Bank to Secretary of Housing and Urban Development, 1.0 acre, $0.


Rachel Boone, Trent Boone to Rachel Boone, 1.503 acres, $0.

Erin Burns, Nathan Burns to Julie Compliment, Timothy Larger, $175,000.


Kristen Herder, Matt Herder to Chris Carrington, Julie Knott, 13.309 acres, $589,000.


Robert Miller, Valerie Miller to Dustin Cathcart, Karen Cathcart, one lot, $161,000.


Sandra Guyton survivor’s trust, Brenda Kilgore, successor trustee to Cristie Florence, Raymond Florence, one lot, $241,500.

Janelle Baker, Timothy Baker to Baker Rental Property, 1.908 acres, $0.

Olivia Hoecker to Bethany Huelsman, Douglas Huelsman, one lot, $172,500.


Betty Peeples to Phong Duy Anthony Ha, Shelley Ha, 0.877 acres, $27,500.


Charles Kleptz Inc. to Charles Kleptz Third Amended and Restate Trust, Arlene Kleptz, co-trustee, Thomas Kelptz, co-trustee, 158.324 acres, $0.

Bayer Development Group to Gerald Moder, Kristina Moder, $140,000.


Kristen Haas, M. Douglas Haas to Kristen Haas, trustee, M. Douglas Haas, Haas Trust, one lot, $0.


John Weizman to Jonathan Weizman, 0.880 acres, 2.120 acres, $0.