Real Estate Transactions


Barbara Walton Restated Living Trust, Barbara Walton, trustee to Ranald Monnin, one lot, $125,000.

Beatrice Newman, Robert Newman to Jessica May, Joshua May, one lot, $235,900.

Brian Cox, Jennifer Cox to Brenda Menchhofer, one lot, $210,000.

Jason Church, Lora Church, Kimberly Leighner, Mick Leighner to Kimberly Leighner, Mick Leighner, one lot, $0.

A. Marker LLC to Jenna Day, Matthew Day, one lot, $26,600.

Nottingham Development Inc. to Scott Investments of Troy LLC, $942,400.

Melinda Bair, Ronald Bair, Dustin Gephart, Trisha Gephart, Cynthia McDaniel, James McDaniel, Wendy Snyder, Jerrod Wright, Nicole Wright to Anthony Kremer, Rhonda Kremer, a part lot, $108,000.

Roger Chapman-Custer, to Linda Falter, Ronald Johnson, one lot, $99,000.

Jessica May, Joshua May to Dakota Delver, Mariah Delver, one lot, $142,500.

Vestnet Inc. to John Zeitz, a part lot, $165,000.

Dennis Lindamood, Joy Lindamood to Michael Horner, Dana Hyland, one lot, $190,000.

Goodall Properties LLC to Outrigger Group Ltd., two part lots, $1,350,000.

DH Investment LLC to Beatrice Newman, Roger Newman, one lot, $168,000.

Heather Farrier, Reuben Farrier to Kyle Irwin, one lot, $104,000.

Neilson Hixson to Mindi Eernisse, Neilson Hixon, two part lots, $59,100.

Nottingham Development Inc. to Harlow Builders Inc., eight lots, $471,200.

Dolores Collins Declaration of Trust to Linda Schnell, a part lot, one lot, $145,000.


Dian Godsey to Rosevelt Smith, two lots, $0.

Doris Jackson to Rosevelt Smith, two part lots, $0.

Tom Smith to Rosevelt Smith, two lots, $0.

MP Holdings LLC to Property Transactions LLC, one lot, $1, 000.

Nicole Ford, trustee, Robert and Sharon Ford Joint Irrevocable Trust to Alison Cianciolo, Anthony Cianciolo, one lot, $52,500.

Bruce Fetters, Carol Fetters to Alison Cianciolo, Anthony Cianciolo, one lot, $52,500.

Bob Fess, Lucinda Fess to Robert Randale, Virginia Randale, one lot, $185,000.

Wayne Street Rentals to Jerry Wilson, one lot, $16,500.

Merry Seipel, William Seipel to Raymond Cearley, one lot, $100,000.

George and Dolores Anthony Family Trust, Michael Anthony, Lisa Anthony Butt, attorney in fact, Cynthia Zimpfer, successor trustee to Kelley St. Myers, Richard St. Myers, one lot, $25,000.

Jimmie Potter, Linda Potter to Jancie Wehrley, Steven Wehrley, one lot, $20,000.


Kimberly Uber, Matthew Uber to Quang Tran, two lots, $184,900.

Carriage Trails at the Height LLC, Dec Land Co. I LLC to Inverness Group Inc., two lots, $38,000.

NVR Inc. to Priscilla Adkins, Randy Adkins, two lots, $316,600.

NVR Inc. to Adrienne Kitts, Brian Kitts, two lots, $326,000.

Inverness Group Inc. to Kristin Arbaugh, William Arbaugh, two lots, $262,100.

Gregory Sutton, Jessica Sutton to Lori Isbrandt, William Isbrandt, two lots, $273,500.


Dean Sowers to Dean Sowers, a part lot, one lot, $0.


Jennifer Booher, Ricky Booher to Brandon Seebach, one lot, $71,000.


Green Tree Development to Robert Daugherty, Sarah Daugherty, one lot, $24,000.

Catherine McFarland, Ronald McFarland to Catherine McFarland, Ronald McFarland, two lots, $0.


LMKD Properties LLC to Dabo Investment , part lot, $0.


Elizabeth Reeder, Jarrett Reeder to Windy View Farm Ltd., two part lots, $27,000.


Mary Ann Yetter, Michael Yetter to Neil Buckwalter, two part lots, $40,000.

Amanda McDowell, Paul McDowell to Harry Hicks, one lot, $95,000.

Jennifer Greth to Jeremy Greth, a part lot, one lot, $0.


Paul Engle to Karen Engle, a part lot, $0.


Elaine Hart, Richard Hart to Joshua Fosnight, one lot, $346,400.

Kenneth Brenenborg, Kris Brenenborg to Bayram Karimov, three lots, $425,000.

James Watercutter Trust, Roger Watercutter, successor trustee to James Watercutter, Jana Watercutter, 6.011 acres, $0.

Cathy Cripps, Theodore Cripps to Cathy Cripps, trustee, Theodore and Cathy Cripps Trust, 10.423 acres, 0.829 acres, $0.


Beatrix Stafford to Beatrix Stafford, $0.

Marie Francis, Mark Francis to Brian Cox, Jennifer Cox, one lot, $289,000.


Marilyn Reynolds, Orvin Reynolds to Jennifer Wheelock, Kenneth Wheelock, 0.491 acres, $75,000.

Raymond Bair, trustee to Bair-Trax Dairy LLC, $0.


Estate of Stanley Grieshop to Marla Grieshop, $0.


Connie Perry, Timothy Perry to Gina Cozza, one lot, $219,900.

Angela Davis, Raymond Davis Jr. to Kara Hartke, Kevin Hartke, 3.037 acres, $127,500.

James Pytel, Sharon Pytel to James Pytel, Sharon Pytel, one lot, $0.

Harley Kehl, Maureen Kehl to Corey Miller, one lot, $135,400.

Brad Weaver, Mellissa Weaver to Donald Barry, Emily Barry, one lot, $175,900.


Joel Benedict, Rachel Benedict to Joel Benedict, 1.0 acres, $0.

Summit Builders LLC to John Dick, Melissa Dick, 1.177 acres, $25,000.


Scott Investments of Troy LLC to Candice Ford, one lot, $245,000.


Hirsch Family Revocable Living Trust, Lori Pyers, successor trustee, JCG Property Renovations LLC, 0.475 acres, $42,000.


Charlotte Quigley, Larry Quigley to Gerald Layman, Jeannie Layman, one lot, $175,000.