Real Estate Transactions


Beverly Cruse, Charles Sotzing, Dorothy Sotzing to Stromming Properties LLC, one lot, $105,000.

Joseph Brown, Vickie Brown, Barbara Daffner, Mark Daffner, Michael Luersman, Teresa Luersman to Bradley Knisley, one lot, $120,000.

Miami County Sheriff David Duchak, Leonard Hare to National City Bank, PNC Bank, N.A., successor, one lot, $34,5000.

Miami County Sheriff David Duchak, Charles Weaver, Delores Weaver to Bradley Investment Properties, one lot, $53,400.

Richard Huber, Tricia Huber to Andre Thompson, one lot, $106,000.

Katie Pawlaczyk to Christina Panagouleas, Sandra Panagouleas, one lot, $103,900.

David Messler, Jennifer Messler to David Toller, Roasealice Toller, one lot, $337,000.

Park Place Properties LLC to Jeffrey Welbaum, Margaret Welbaum, a part lot, $1,500.

Estate of Terry Talling to Linda Talling, one lot, $0.

William Bruner, Miami County Sheriff David Duchak to Pamela Cain, Ronlad Cain, a part lot, $35,000.


Windermere Woods LLC to City of Piqua, a part lot, $0.

Buckeye State Mutual Insurance Company to City of Piqua, two part lots, $0.

Carol Parker, Jeffrey Parker, Carol Spangenberger to William Spangenberger, one lot, $41,700.

Miami County Sheriff David Duchak, Katharine Wells, to Asset Bank, Salomon Home Equity, Wells Fargo Bank, N.A., one lot, $18,000.

Ann Levering, John Levering to Aaron Beaver, two part lots, $114,000.

Terry Stamper to Hector Edejer, Lucy Edejer, one lot, $149,000.

Federal National Mortgage Association to Robert Bim-Merle, Paisley Hoose Clunk Co. LPA, Law Offices of John Clunk Co. LPA, one lot, $0.

Estate of Mary Simon, Mary Proffitt to Wayne Simon, one lot, $0.

Bret Reid, Kimberly Reid to Carla Lawrence, Henry Lawrence Jr., one lot, $130,000.

Joseph Thoma III, Peggy Thoma to Louis Thoma, one lot, $0.

Peggy Bundschuh, Joseph Thoma, Peggy Thoma, to Peggy Thoma, one lot, $0.

Richard Harper, Vivienne Harper, Vivienne Longabach to Mia Nichols, two lots, $0.

Kimberly Turner, Louis Turner to Terry Stamper, a part lot, $25,000.

Nancy Hatcher, Timothy Hatcher to Nancy Hatcher, Timothy Hatcher, a part lot, $0.


Emily Browning, Emily Cromer, Kay Cromer to Alison Herring, one lot, one part lot, $97,000.

Rosewood Creek LLC to John Amos, Kathleen Amos, one lot, $71,900.

Kevin Cox to Chelsea Cox, Kevin Cox, one lot, $0.

Kenneth Kist, Melissa Kist, Melissa Shelley to Sunkist Holding LLC, one lot, $0.


Miami County Sheriff David Duchak, Steven McQuinn to Mycumortgage LLC, one lot, $37,000.


Ronald Harter, Sherry Harter to Ashley Ryan, Christopher Ryan, a part lot, $132,000.


Harrison One LLC to Harrison TWO LLC, two lots, $0.

Kristin Soukup, Phillip Soukup to Holli Davis, Russell Davis, two lots, $219,900.


Gerald Meyer to Kristi Meyer-Gillott, Gerald Meyer, one lot, $0.


Lillian Moore to Rebecca Johnston to Leigh Oldham, one lot, $0.

Jeffrey Smith to Kathy Smith, one lot, $54,000.

Fifth Third Mortgage Company to Terry Bush, one lot, $62,700.


Arlene Isenbarger, Daniel Isenbarger to Wesley Arblaster, Christina Isenbarger, 2.3348 acres, $0.

Edith Hinch Revocable Living Trust, Edith Hinch, trustee to Robert Hinch Jr., three lots, $0.

Eva Wills, Jim Wills to Charles Houck. Natalie Houck, 0.753 acres, 1.496 acres, $183,000.


Nancy Gibbs, Richard Gibbs Jr., Mary Lou Holly, Richard Holly to Jacobs Baits LLC, 0.202 acres, $125,000.

Scott Investments of Troy LLC to Vincent Brown, one lot, $428,300.


James Carr, Julie Carr, Nikia Carr, Samuel Carr to James Carr, Samuel Carr, 33.869 acres, $0.


Bettie Kempf, attorney in fact, Dennis Kempf to Bettie Kempf, one lot, $0.


Preston Mote, Sandra Mote to Daniel Winner, Kevin Winner, $527,000.


Benjamin Holtvogt, Jodi Holtvogt, Reva Holtvogt, William Holtvogt to Benjamin Holtvogt, Jodi Holtvogt, one lot, $0.


Miami County Sheriff David Duchak, Amy Linville, Timothy Linville to Bank of New York Mellon Trust Company, 1.060 acres, $50,000.

Yvonne Busse to Yvonne Busse Trust, Yvonne Busse, trustee, 82.668 acres, 1.080 acres, 1.4296 acres, 2.4911 acres, 1.097 acres, $0.


Elmer Ahrens to Elmer Ahrens, Jennifer Ahrens, 10.001 acres, $0.

Amy Hall, Bradley Hall to Bryce Slack, 2.3317 acres, $60,000.