Real Estate Transactions


Ian Welsh to Kitty Debella, two lots, $112,000.

Stonebridge Meadows LLC to NVR Inc., one lot, $56,700.

Kristina Rhodes, Patrick Phodes, Kristy Worthen to Sonja Hyer, one lot, $117,000.

Paul Sexton to Kelly Mauk, one lot, $190,000.

Cheryl Willoughby to Barry Willoughby, one lot, $0.

Daniel Guillozet to Katie Guillozet, $0.

Estate of Dorothy Stafford, Paul Shaneyfelt, administrator to Janet Tyzzer, one lot, $76,000.

Jennifer Deal, Eric Jimenz to Jennifer Jimenez, one lot, $0.

Keystone Real Estate Group Ltd. to Partners in Hope Inc., two lots, $70,000.

Julie Gibson, Michael Gibson to Ariel Schmitt, Thaddaeus Schmitt, one lot, $194,000.

Kimberly Montgomery, George Walker II, Kimberly Walker Montgomery to Matthew Cameron, one lot, $119,00.

Kristina Cappelli to Daniel Anthony Jr., one lot, $37,700.

Donnal Taynor, Judy Taynor to Kristin Bidzil, a part lot, $71,000.

Howard Phillips, Jacqui Phillips to Priscilla Stine, Timothy Stine, two lots, $178,000.

Sharon Cain, attorney in fact, Shirley Mott to Kathleen Cooney, Thomas Cooney Sr., one lot, $130,000.


Janet Tyzzer to Melissa McNutt, one lot, $87,900.

Douglas Smith, Sue Smith to Cheney Revocable Trust, Cynthia Cianciolo, successor, one lot, $142,000.

Joretta Symons, to James Sheats, Mildred Sheats, two lots, $77,000.

Secretary of Veterans Affairs to April Hall, two lots, $62,300.

Dorothy Goater Declaration of Trust, Dorothy Goater, trustee to Patricia Johnson, Ronald Johnson, one lot, $210,000.

Alex Barlage, Rihana Barlage to Greggerson Real Property, a part lot, $37,000.

Joseph Bolton to Frederick Lord, Geraldine Lord, one lot, $115,900.

U.S. Bank N.A. to Tara Miller, two part lots, $40,000.

Christine Miller to Joseph Borger, Taylor Borger, two part lots, $89,800

Ronda Weldy to Virgie Brown, co-trustee, Walter Messer Sr. Living Trust, Sharon Plunkett, co-trustee, Walter Messer Sr. Living Trust, one lot, $72,500.

Janice Denning to Steve Hager, one lot, $0.

Tracy Koontz to Gregory Campbell, Mia Campbell, a part lot, $172,200.

RK Hydro-Vac Inc. to Piqua Materials Inc., a part lot, $2,032,600.


Davis Brothers Self Storage LLC, one lot, $400,000.

Leighann Johnson, Tyler Johnson to James Slife III, one lot, $160,000.

Dany Carity, Debra Carity to Amanda McDowell, Paul McDowell, one lot, $230,000.

Kyle Austin to John Tayse, two lots, $149,900.

Glenn Ray to Joey Boyd, Sarah Boyd, one lot, $275,000.

Beth Detrick, Russell to Joshua Poeppelman, one lot, $107,000.


Pamela Cain, Ronald Cain to Holly’s Cafe & Carryout LLC, a part lot, $150,000.


John Sherman, Tamula Sherman to Andrew Williams, Pamela Williams, one lot, $68,000.

Charles Schaffer, Pamela Schaffer to Heather Alexander, two lots, $0.

Shawn Naff to Sara Jo Naff, one lot, $0.


Amiee McCarty, Donald McCarty, Jared McCarty, Kimberly McCarty to Jeffery Massengill, Lisa Massengill, two part lots, $19,900.


NVR Inc. to Amanda Bruner, Thomas Bruner, two lots, $230,700.

Carriage Trails at the Heights LLC, Dec Land Co. I to Inverness Group Inc., two lots, $52,000.

Carriage Trails at the Heights LLC, Dec Land Co. I to Inverness Group Inc., two lots, $44,000.

Inverness Group Inc. to Debbie Herman, John Herman, two lots, $382,500.

NVR Inc. to Makhmud, Elmira Shakirova, two lots, $251,800.

Autumn Bell, Nicholas Bell to Jason Ainsworth, Stephanie Ainsworth, two lots, $315,000.


Douglas Parsons, Lori Parsons to Amy Mote, one lot, $89,400.

Denise Pace, Robert to Denise Pace, Robert Pace, one lot, $0.

Valerie Whitt to Vonnie McDorman, one lot, $0.


Gregory Conn, Marcia Conn to Ryan Thobe, 2.516 acres, $136,900.

Richard Alder, Suzanne Alder to Dana Shoup, 20.850 acres, $175,000.

Burl Ashburn, Joann Ashburn to Cindy Freshour, Darrell Freshour, 0.1653 acres, $20,400.


Jon Jacomet, Sandra Jacomet to Cara Jacomet, Eli Jacomet, 5.064 acres, $0.


Stonybrook Estates LLC to Harlow Builders Inc., on lot ,$63,900.

Stephany Deeter, attorney in fact, Phyllis Grove to Brandi Emmel, 5.00 acres, $159,900.

Edna Zimmerman to Curtis Gibson, Kathryn Gibson, 0.8981 acres, $205,000.


Katie Watts, William Watts to James Couser, Kristina Couser, 10.036 acres, $407,500.


Cheryl Pauling, Ted Pauling to Cheryl Pauling Revocable Trust, Cheryl Pauling, trustee, 5. 0 acres, $0.

Cheryl Pauling, Ted Pauling to Ted Pauling Revocable Trust, 5.0 acres, $0.

Alisa Shimkus, Eric Shimkus to Isaiah Hill, 1.0 acre, $165,000.

Rebecca Decker, Ronald Decker to Peter Podaras, one lot, $175,000.


Reynold Angle to Justin Flory, Tracy Flory, 10.3 acres, $220,000.

Sheriff of Miami County David Duchak, Angela Hildreth, Anthony Hildreth to Debbie Clark, Randy Clark, 2.501 acres, $140,000.

3 Gen D LLC to Donald Trumbull, Melissa Trumbull, 10.469 acres, $105,000.

Jo Ann Taylor to Deana Anderson, Michael Anderson, 10.001 acres, $75,000.


Site X Inc. to Jordan Hess, $0.

Carol Fessler to Carol Fessler Revocable Living Trust, Carol Fessler, $0.

Carol Fessler to Fessler Farm LLC, $0.

Angela Bond, Kevin Bond to Angela Bond, Kevin Bond, 2.0 acres, $0.

Mark McFadden, Susan McFadden to Kenneth Angle, Sherry Angle, 98.750 acres, $839,700.

Kevin Narad, Teresa Narad to Brian Pricer, Laura Pricer, 0.75 acres, $160,000.


Dale Schaefer, Grace Schaefer to Anthony Craine, Kathryn Crane, $0.

Shirley Roberts to Jimmy Roberts, 10.001 acres, $0.

Delores Baird , Robert Baird to Crystal Pierce, Richard Pierce, 6.869 acres, 3.572 acres, 0.265 acres, $275,000.


Marcia Garrett to Michael Sloan, $158,000.

Linda Haines to Linda Haines, trustee, to Linda Hunt Revocable Inter Vivos Trust, one lot, $0.

Linda Haines, Paul Haines to Linda Haines, 2.974 acres, $0.

Donita Cromes to Robert Cromes, 0.863 acres, $0.

Paul Haines Revocable Inver Vivos Trust, Paul Haines to Paul Haines, one lot, $0.


Addie Long, Richard Long to Tammy Wick, 0.352 acres, $10,000.

Sara Osborne Trust, Tammy Wick, trustee to Addie Long, Tammy Wick, 0.352 acres, $0.

Sara Osborne Trust, Tammy Wick, trustee to Robert Presley, 1.253 acres, $0.

Jill Thome, William Thome to Primo Real Estate $163,800.

William Miller, successor trustee, Wintrow Family Trust to Mary Corbin, Rodney Gehron, two lots, $70,800.


Abby Kuhlman, Bradley Kuhlman to Kenneth McNeal, 1.179 acres, $170,000.