Marriage licenses

Zachary Lewis Deeter, 30, of 609 E. Walnut Street, Covington to Crystal Rosa Pergram, 27, of same address.

Scott David Boehringer, 57, of 522 N. Pearl Street, Covington to Nancy Lorraine Latulippe, 58, of same address.

Kendra Lee McCallister, 28, of 2220 Wilshire Drive, Piqua to Bryant William Fox, 29, of same address.

Trenton Jack Shade, 20, of 5865 State Route 55, Ludlow Falls to Bailey Anderson Jarrett, 20, of same address.

Jeremy Tanner Caine Sowers, 18, of 129 North Main Street, Laura to Patricia Len Persinger, 20, of 716 West Ash Street, Piqua.

Diana Mae Haines, 57, of 1003 S. Mulberry, Troy to Granville Job Haines, 60, of same address.

Philip Blaine Gessner, 43, of 243 E. Broadway Street, Covington to Sarah Lyn Sink-Gostomsky, 42, of same address.

Jeffrey Allen Whiting, 53, of 216 E. Monument Street, Pleasant Hill to Linda Sue Brown, 63, of 211 E. Monument Street, Pleasant Hill.

Adrian Nicole Dickey, 24, of 303 Edgebrook Avenue, Brookville to Joshua Mark Deal, 27, of 8330 Adams Road, Troy.

Zachary Martin Stager, 28, of 1213 York Lane, Troy to Lauren Kaye Ritzi, 27, of 2554 Merrimont Drive, Troy.