Miami County Real Estate Transactions


Elizabeth Hess to David Hess, one lot, $0.

James Miller, Rochelle Miller to Jack Swabb, Joy Swabb, one lot, $145,000.

Sandra Collins, attorney in fact, Madelon Frey, Bob Hendricks, Debra Hendricks to Weitzel Investments, one lot, $69,700.

Thomas Frey to Weitzel Investments LLC, one lot, $20,400.

Erin Moore, Jerry Moore, attorney in fact, Ryan Moore to Benjamin Merkert, one lot, $104,000.

John Dick, Melissa Rice to Christopher Broerman, Andrea Thompson, one lot, $128,500.

Beverly Marts, Lee Marts to Lee and Beverly Marts Joint Revocable Living Trust, $0.

James Bair, Vicky Bair to Tracy Mount, one lot, $93,300.

Estate of Glenn Honeyman to Patricia Honeyman, one lot, $0.

Heather Ritts, Heather Smith, Scott Smith to Keith Kirk, Marcia Kirk, one lot, $144,000.

Susan Hackett Leytze, David Leytze to Jefferey May, Melissa May, one lot, $245,900.

Keystone Land Development Inc. to Harlow Builders Inc., one lot, $49,900.

Judith Ault to Brian Ault, Cynthia Fair, one lot, $0.

Eric Demmitt, Michelle Demmitt to Kristy Stager, one lot, $199,900.

Hatler Bryant, Rhonda Bryant to Seana Gibson, one lot, $86,000.

Brandon Freytag, Stacey Freytag to Eric Demmitt, Michelle Demmitt, one lot, $289,500.

Ed Liette Realty Inc. LIette Realty LLC to Harbor West Land Company LLC, one lot, $521,600.


U.S. Bank N.A. to Secretary of Veterans Affairs, two lots, $0.

CAP Industries to City of Piqua, one lot, 40.

City of Piqua to CAP Industries Inc., one lot, $0.

Angela Weaver, Lexie Weaver Jr. to Danielle Reed, one lot, $70,900.

Barbara Bollenbacher, Richard Bollenbacher to Darrell Selhorst, Jamie Selhorst, two lots, $86,000.

Miami County Sheriff David Duchak, Brandy Foreman, Matthew Foreman to Irene Wright, Nathan Wright, one lot, $50,600.

Secretary of Housing and Urban Development to Kay Prater, two lots, $0.

Daniel Sullivan to Brandi Olberding, three lots, $5,000.

Elizabeth Beaty, Christopher Flinn, Elizabeth Flinn to Donald Durand Jr., one lot, $78,000.

Jamie Stahl, Roland Stahl to Trenton Cooper, Melodie Myers, two lots, $102,900.

Donald Retterbush to Sara Grunkemeyer, two lots, $0.

Kandice Darner to Michael Darner, $0.

Esther Chaney to Donald Salisbury Jr., one lot, $63,000.

Gloria Verdier to Ryan Manning, one lot, $63,500.


Elizabeth Harshbarger to John Janney, Karen Janney, one lot, $240,000.

True North Group Ltd. to Resham Bains, Kiran Krimpuri, one lot, $243,900.

Heather Bell, Tony Bell to Daniel Newton, one lot, $196,000.

Suzanne McGillvary, Billy Sandridge to Blake Williams, one lot, $114,500.

Amy Kristine Powell, Gary Powell to Donald Poston, Jennifer Poston, one lot, $374,000.

Cynthia Plummer, Mark Plummer to Swabb Management Company, one lot, $174,500.


Barbara Brumbaugh, Philip Brumbaugh to Barbara Brumbaugh, Philip Brumbaugh, one lot, $0.


Steven Koether to Julia Koether, one lot, $20,500.

Wells Fargo Bank N.A. to M Sidote Capital LLC, one lot, $3,500.


Matthew Naff to Dave Naff, one lot, $0.

Miami County Sheriff David Duchak, Caryn Miles to Lakeview Loan Servicing, two lots, $86,000.

Brent Davis, Sarah Davis to James Jay, Maxine Jay, one lot, $190,000.


Carriage Trails at the Heights LLC, Dec Land Co. I LLC to NVR Inc., two lots, $39,400.


Laura Abney-Gratz, Kenneth Gratz to Brent Waler, Emily Waler, 2.945 acres, $117,500.

Estate of Dorothy Skinner to Elaine Stefkovich, 8.0 acres, $0.


Cheng Tsing Pan, Chiao Ping Pan to Kent Monnin, Tonda Riley, one lot, $349,400.

Robert Brown, Tricia Brown to Hines Builders Inc., 1.850 acres, $0.

Harold Trader LLC to Lahti Samples, $275,000.

SCT Builders Ltd. to Deanna Temple, Scott Temple, one lot, $0.


Stanley Terebinski to Amanda Gulick, John Gulick, 14.265 acres, $725,000.


Nicholas Davis, Patricia Davis to Christa Butts, 2.0 acres, $199,000.

25A Beverage and Deli Inc. to Joshua Shafer, Kendra Shafer, 0.493 acres, $116,500.

Richard Briski Jr. to Lloyd Gregory, Serena Gregory, one lot, $132,000.


Scott Thompson, Tonya Thompson to Ashley Lavy, Chase Lavy, 0.771 acres, $159,900.


Olivea Coate to Corey Coate, 2.0 acres, $4,000.


Barbara Devenport, Vincent Devenport to Mary Wagner, 4.0 acres, $134,000.

David Vandegrift, Deborah Vandegrift to Deborah Vandegrift, one lot, $0.

Eric Blair, Leandra Blair to Steven Lyman, 2.0 acres, $150,000.


State of Ohio Department of Transportation to Andrew Pohl, Cassandra Pohl, 0.009 acres, $0.


Adam Wallace, Lindsay Wallace to George Ritter II, 1.0 acres, $99,000.

Estate of Charles Collis, Miami County Sheriff David Duchak, Deborah Shick, executor to Christiana Trust, Wilmington Savings Fund Society, 0.873 acres, $33,400.

Cheryl Brewer, Galen Brewer to Jordan Tribmel, 1.771 acres, $145,000.