Marriage licenses

Charles Joseph Talbert, 33, of 21 E. Water Street, Troy to Rebecca Jean Croley, 38, of same address.

Kelsey Marie Canan, 26, of 119 E. James Street, Bradford to Clark Richard Manson, 26, of 9200 Covington Bradford, Covington.

Gigi Ann Jhair, 50, of 513 First Street, Piqua to Michael Andrew Hinnegan, 48, of same address.

Kathee Jo Caldwell, 63, of 290 Wisteria Drive, Troy to Herschel Ray Whitt, 71, of same address.

Kristina Marie Diehl, 24, of 234 S. Hyatt Street, Tipp City to Andrew MacGyver Wiley, 30, of same address.

Brice Douglas Powell, 31, of 1255 Todd Lane Apt. F, Troy to Rebekah Leigh Sherick, 30, of same address.

Maria Monrreal, 26, of 156 Boone Drive, Troy to Cesar Cruz, 28, of same address.

Amanda Sue Morgan, 40, of 2262 Owens Road, Pleasant Hill to Eric D. Brumbaugh, 45, of same address.

Shelly Danielle Necessary, 29, of 1335 Imperial Court Apt. A, Troy to James Paul William Hicks, 38, of same address.

Joshua Aaron Hart, 39, of 4275 W. Demming Road, Piqua to Candace Elaine Lawrence, 36, of same address.

Tristan Alan Latimer, 19, of 227 Harrison, Piqua to Karly Jo McNeal, 18, of same address.