Real Estate Transactions


Erin O’Neal, Samuel O’Neal to Brian Ralph, Linda Ralph, one lot, $359,500.

Sally Diprima-Scordia, John Scordia to Kristy Weber, Stephen Weber, one lot, $475,000.

Meghan Gorman, Tom Gorman to Meghan Gorman, Tom Gorman, one lot, $0.

Meghan Gorman, Tom Gorman to Meghan Gorman, Tom Gorman, one lot, $0.

Lynn Maxell-Busse to Lynn Maxell Busse, trustee, one lot, $0.

James Holter Declaration, James Holter, trustee, Louise Holter Declaration, Louise Holter, trustee, to Angela Dalton, one lot, $155,000.

Ellis Blevins Jr. to Jennifer Arnett, one lot, $60,000.

Secretary of Housing and Urban Development to VSF Investments Ltd., one lot, $0.

Elaine Stewart to John Stewart, $0.

Michelle Miller, Nathan Miller to Michelle Miller, one lot, $0.

David Cromes II, Janie Hett to Paul Armbruster, Sandra Armbruster, one lot, $118,000.

Hope Flory, co-trustee, Living Trust of Betty Neves, John Neves, co-trustee to Hope Flory, trustee, John Neves Jr. Irrevocable Trust, one lot, $0.

Lee and Lee Investment Inc. to Dipak Shah, Dipti Shah, one lot, $152,100.

Carolyn Dorsey, William Dorsey to Richard Steineman, one lot, $65,000.

David Buchanan to Leann Buchanan, one lot, $0.


Fifth Third Mortgage Company to Benanzer Development I Ltd., one lot, $47,300.

Christopher Barr to Kaleb Etherington, one lot, $68,500.

Daniel Newton to Chelsea Wintrow, one lot, $113,000.

Estate of Charles Tullis to Mary Sue Tullis, one lot, $0.

Karen Seipel, Rickey Seipel to George Clark, Joyce Free, one lot, $99,900.

Deutsche Bank Trust Company Americas Trust, Mortgage Asset-backed pass-through, Ocwen Loan servicing LLC, attorney in fact, Residential Accredi Loans Inc. to VSF Investments Ltd., one lot, $33,800.

Angela Lewis Wholly Discretionary Trust, Thomas Ervin, co-trustee, Jill Luttmer, co-trustee to Freerick Hall, two lots, $32,500.

Donald Black to Angela Cecil, Daren Cecil, one lot, $207,000.

Linda Marshall, Pauline Marshall, Stephen Marshall, attorney, Rebecca Wolfe, Ronald Wolfe Sr. to Michael Beougher, Teresa Beougher, one lot, $85,000.

Kristine Gorman, Michael Gorman to Erin Thomas, Keith Thomas, one lot, $325,000.

David Eshman, Norma Eshman to Gary Hughes, one lot, $89,900.

Tasha Calloway, Matthew Kiehl, Tasha Kiehl to Ann-Marie Calvert, two lots, $89,900.

Estate of Jeannie Jones, Sue Hicks, commissioner and fiduciary to Billy Jones Jr., one lot, $29,000.

Manley, Deas, Kochalski LLC, attorney in fact, Nationstar Mortgage LLC to Secretary of Housing and Urban Development, one lot, $0.


Jonathon Barnes to Bonnie Peeples, one lot, $104,900.


Board of Education of the Covington Exempted Village Schools to Village of Covington, two lots, $0.

Aron Tipps, Vanessa Tipps to Karymn Blackford, three lots, $85,000.

LSF9 Master Participation Trust, U.S. Bank N.A, trustee to Frederick Schwable, one lot, $29,900.


Brian Ingle, Jenny Ingle to Anthony Cook, one lot, $54,000.


NVR Inc. to Christopher Griffith, Erin Griffith, two lots, $220,000.

Carriage Trails at the Heights LLC, Dec Land Co. I LLC to NVR Inc., two lots, $42,200.

Carriage Trails at the Heights LLC, Dec Land Co. I LLC to NVR Inc., two lots, $33,500.


Daniel Markley, Macey Markley to Daniel Markley, Macey Markley, two lots, $0.

Amy Deeter, Stefan Deeter, Amy Smith to Adam Schaeffer, Chelsea Schaefer, one lot, $120,000.


Amber Bucio, Christopher Bucio to Albany LLC, one lot, $764,000.

Lynn Lowery, Robert Lowery to Christy Miller, one lot, $195,000.

Angela Replogle, Bart Replogle to Bethan Rousculp, one lot, $98,900.

Edward Noble, Yevette Noble to Erica Center, Wendell Center, one lot, $148,500.

Carolyn Pierce to Lee Miracle, two lots, $114,000.

Lucinda Asher, Lucinda Brown to Lucinda Brown, one lot, $0.

Lucinda Asher, Lucinda Brown to Lucinda Brown, $0.

Jerald Sawchek, Tina Sawchek to ZLL Construction LLC, one lot, $21,000.


Ruby Benton, Estate of Ruby Benton, Surman Benton, executor to Patrick Jackson, one lot, $82,500.

Hale-Sarver Funeral Home Inc. to James Sarver, one lot, $0.


Gary Bailey, Sharon Bailey, Janice Little, attorney in fact, to Thomas Wortman, one lot, $50,000.


Caroline Blaess, George Blaess to Joshua Blaess, $0.

Sandra Bashore, Stephen Bashore, Freda Maxson to Mark Messaros, 0.256 acres, $34,000.


Estate of Richard Gibbs to Estate of Richard Gibbs Jr., Mary Lou Holly, 0.202 acres, $0.

Lisa White to Lisa White, Katie Whittaker, one lot, $0.

Alan Herzog, Mary Ann Herzog to Alexis Kinney, Kyle Kinney, one lot, $146,000.

Laura Schulze, Scott Schulze to Christopher Rank, Michelle Rank, one lot, $229,000.

Jane Monnier, Steven Monnier to Cheryl Heffner, Clinton Heffner, one lot, $198,500.


Helen Meyer, trustee, LeRoy Meyer, trustee to Curtis Helsinger, Kristen Helsinger, one lot, $45,000.

Terebinski Family Limited Partnership to Stanley Terebinski, 1.728 acres, $0.


James White Sr. to Brookyln Grissom, Joshua Grissom, one lot, $204,000.

Joseph Bodenmiller Revocable Living Trust, Mark Bodenmiller, trustee to Darrell Davis, Shelly Davis, 1.579 acres, $0.

Harry Hamby LLC to Charles Suerdick, one lot, $124,900.


Dominique Cisneros, Sheralyn Heffner to Cheryl Heffner, Jerrold Heffner, 2.201 acres, $7,500.

David Klepacz, executor, Will of Klepacz to Ronald Siney, 1.833 acres, $160,000.

Mary Lodge, Michael Lodge to Mary Lodge, Michael Lodge, one lot, $0.

Dawn Troyer, John Troyer Jr. to Larry Andreozzi, one lot, $233,000.


3 Gen D LLC to Brandi Schindler, Nicholas Schindler, 10.051 acres, 10.226 acres, $205,000.

La Veta Mann to Timothy Adkins, LaVeta Mann, 10.059 acres, $0.

Anthony Iddings, Carolyn Iddings to Anthony Iddings, Carolyn Iddings, 7.9105 acres, 6.6536 acres, $0.

James McCuistion, Shannon McCuistion, Shannon Miller to Carla Huber, $365,000.


Cheryl Reichman to Dale Kenworthy, Jane Ann Kenworthy, $100,000.

Beth Sullenberger, Jerry Sullenberger to Josh Hart, Candace Lawrence, 5.001 acres, $221,000.

Steve Mullikin, Valerie Mullikin to Steve Mullikin, Valerie Mullikin, 2.869 acres, $0.