Miami County Real Estate Transactions


David Hathaway to Richard Parson, Susan Parsons, two part lots, $6,000.

Levoyd Cargill to Michael Cargill, one lot, $0.

Constance O’Keefe, L. Michael O’Keefe to McCartyville Properties LLC, one lot, $113, 500.

Adam Stark, Emily Stark to Kevlin Swepston, Randy Swepston, one lot, $179,900.

David Lulfs, Linda Lulfs to Ann Sweeney, Roger Sweeney, one lot, $129,000.

NVR Inc. to Stephanie Hertz, one lot, $280,200.

Huntington National Bank to Bhavesh Patel, Sonal Patel, one lot, $179,000.

Lynne Gwinn to Chasity Box, Joseph Box, one lot, $435,000.

Stonebridge Meadows LLC to NVR Inc., one lot, $42,400.

Gladys J. Burnett Revocable Living Trust, Firstar Bank N.A., trustee, U.S. Bank N.A, trustee to Star Bank, trustee, Troy Foundation, U.S. Bank, trustee, three lots, $0.

Jack Jamison, Kathy Jamison to Torrie Smothers, Virgil Smothers Jr., one lot, $205,000.

Eric Stetzel, Lisa Stetzel to Steven Cole, one lot, $250,000.

Lauretta Lyon, George Mindyzak, Laura Minydzak to Lauretta Lyon, George Mindyzak, Laura Minydzak, $0.

Rhonda Harger to Candace Harger, Leah Harger, Mark Harger, one lot, $0.

Rhonda Harger to Rhonda Harger, Robyn Harger, two lots, $0.

Kimmel Ohio LLC to Kevin Trick, one lot, $96,000.

Rebecca Doyle to Chase Brown, Janelle Brown, one lot, $103,500.

Frank Harlow, Holly Harlow to Robb Howell III, one lot, $375,000.

NVR Inc. to Carolyn Davis, one lot, $208,800.

Kelly Bauer, Nathan Bauer to Tricia Alsip, two lots, $89,500.


Frank Mikalajewski, Holly Mikolajewski to Kristie Smith, Zachary Smith, one lot, $138,000.

William Hermmert to Forest Martin, one lot, $1,000.

James Goubeaux, Trudy Goubeaux, Trudy Stewart to Travis Duff, two lots, $88,500.

Secretary of Housing and Urban Development to American Land Investments Ltd., one lot, $0.

Connie Manning, William Manning to William and Connie Joint Revocable Trust, two lots, $0.

Secretary of Housing and Urban Development to Antonio Romano, one lot, $0.

Cornerstone Construction to Michael Blakenburg, Nina Blakenburg, one lot, $225,000.

Frederick Freed to Barbara Freed Bollenbacher, Richard Bollenbacher, one lot, $108,000.

CSB3 Properties LLC to Michael Sloan, one lot, $51,000.

Leslie Grissom, David Strode, to David Strode and Leslie Strode Joint Revocable Trust, two lots, $0.

Fannie Mae a.k.a. Federal National Mortgage Association, Law Offices of John Clunk, LPA, to Brandon Virgallito, Casey Virgallito, one lot, $0.

Ohio Dept. of National Resources to Scott Steel LLC, one lot, $9,500.

Cornerstone Construction of Miami County to Magdalena Garza, Roberto Garza, one lot, $229,400.

Deutsche Bank National Trust Company, trustee, Ocwen Loan Servicing LLC, attorney in fact to Anthony Chappie, one lot, $29,000.

Jean Heath, Joan Kelley to Jane Moore, one lot, $55,000.

Teeters Real Estate Investments to Julie Bachman, Keith Bachman, one lot, $35,000.

Church Street Partners to Waterfowl Works, LLC, two lots, $87,500.


Leigha Ledford to Charlotte Aalders, Logan Aalders, two lots, $174,900.

NVR Inc. to Marc Slater, two lots, $237,800.


Estate of Ruby Frazier to Janet Frazier, one lot, $0.

Dana Brown, Todd Brown, Dana Mote, Dana Stratz to Christopher Long, one lot, $85,000.

Daniel Break, Katherine Break to Lizabeth Dugas, two lots, $148,000.

William Bross, Kristine Mikolajewski, attorney in fact to James Kaster, Judith Kaster, one lot, $255,000.

Estate of Elmer Gray Jr. Naysa Mowell, executor to Cynthia Borton, James Borton, one lot, $62,000.

Mindy Benjamin, Timothy Benjamin to Jean Hargrave, Jeffrey Hargrave, one lot, $310,000.

Secretary of Housing and Urban Development to Daniel Blaine, one lot, $50,700.

Armentrout Management LLC to Amanda Schultz, two lots, $142,500.

Willis E. Zunke Irrevocable Living Trust, Alan Zunke, trustee, to Creative Living Systems Inc., one lot, $149,900.


Adelia Tobias to Diane Shields, Jerry Shields, one lot, $106,900.


Jessica Peters, Scott Peters to Theresa Werling, one lot, $97,900.

Connie Ganger, Larry Ganger to Connie Ganger, Larry Ganger, one lot, $0.


Judith Poling to David Everett, two lots, $83,500.


Herbert Longman, Linda Longman to Charles Ellis, one lot, $70,500.


Mary Maess, trustee, maess Living Trust to Elisa Brandon, Jonathan Brandon, two part lots, $113,500.

Nathaniel Minneman to Adelia Tobias, one lot, $105,000.

Jodi Bristley, executor, Estate of Marlene Cummins, to Karen Swank, Steven Swank, one lot, $80,000.

James Cummins to Joel Wombold, Yvonne Wombold, one lot, $0.


Bill Ray and Ethel Mae Cavender Family Trust, to Gary Conn, Grieslda Conn, $54,600.

John Baker to Kevin Baker, $0.


Jason Frazier, Lucia Frazier to Dawn Fortner, Robert Fortner, $244,000.

Robert Davis, Sarah Davis to Elizabeth Davis Revocable Trust, 11.944 acres, $83,000.


R & R Takhar Oil Company Inc. to JD Moon Realty Group, $199,000.

Roger Denlinger, successor trustee, Ulysses and Florence Denlinger Joint Revocable Trust, Wayne Denlinger, to Honor Smith, Patricia Smith, 2.001 acres, $46,500.

Roger Denlinger, successor trustee, Ulysses and Florence Denlinger Joint Revocable Trust, Wayne Denlinger, to Michael West, West Keystone Inheritance Trust, 2.001 acres, $46,500.


Ashley Dunlavy, Terry Dunlavy to Curtis Hayes, 1.922 acres, $168,000.

Frederick Grimm, Constance Porter to Ashley Dunlavy, Terry Dunlavy, 1.922 acres, $160,000.


Ann Grieser, Mark Grieser to Shepard Place LLC, 11.258 acres, $0.


Mary Hand to Devon Shaneyfelt, 1.0 acre, $105,000.

Heather Adams, Heather Ray to Jeremy Adams, 10.10 acres, $0.

Richard Robinson, Sandra Robinson to Darren Wood, Laura, Wood, 10.475 acres, $76,500.


John Mauldin, trustee, Mauldin Family Trust to Douglas Richard, Michelle Richard, $225,000.


Donald and Mary Christian Trust, Mary Christian, trustee, to Scott Herron, Teri Herron, 2.0 acres, $190,000.


Christa Black, Robert Black to Daniel Jacob, Elizabeth Jacob, one lot, $186,000.

Cheryl Buchanan, David Buchanan, Cheryl Vehre to Diana Swafford, Larry Swafford, one lot, $180,000.


Mary Lange, Thomas Lange to Mary Lange, Thomas Lange, 2.67 acres, $0.


Kent Dues to Warren Wardlow, 1 acre, $130,000.

Jane Hix to Cyndi Fecher, Dewayne Johnson, 6.062 acres, $234,000.

Dianne Blue, Gordon Dyer, Dianne Dyer to Dianne Dyer, Gordon Dyer, 1.0 acre, $0.