Miami County Real Estate Transactions


Teresa Davis, R. David Hoffelt to Robert Crouch, one lot, $40,000.

Barron Corporation to Hardesty Ventures Inc., one lot, $0.

Secretary of Housing and Urban Development to Jill Watkins, one lot, $0.

Miami County Sheriff (Acting) David Duchak, Jorge Moncada to Bank of New York, Bear Stearns Trust, J.P Morgan Chase Bnak, N.A. Mortgage Pass Through Certificates Series, two lots, $50,000.

Jessica Hamilton, S. Spence Hamilton to Jeffrey Hamilton, one lot, $36,700.

Amy Panfalone, Doug Panfalone to Jeffrey Hamilton, one lot, $36,700.

Alexander Hamilton, successor trustee, Stephen Hamilton Revocable Trust to Jeffrey Hamilton, S. Spencer Hamilton, Amy Panfalone, one lot, $0.

Carrie McCartan, Carrie Williams, Michael Williams to Deborah Heslop Amended Family Trust Agreement, Deborah Heslop, trustee, one lot, $187,000.

Matthew Eckard to Greg Kinnison, Trudy Kinnison, one lot, $306,000.

Gregory Cox, co-trustee, Sheila Cox, co-trustee, Cox Family Revocable Living Trust to Matthew Lecklider, Melissa Lecklider, one lot, $310,000.

Deanna Hill, Ronnie Hill to Carrie Gomez, Cristopher Gomez, one lot, $189,000.

Brian Williamson to Overfield Early Childhood Program Inc., one lot, $0.

Angela Shelley, Angela Sparkman, Clint Sparkman to Steffani Hoelscher, one lot, $145,000.

Nancyanne Welsh to Byron Welsh, one lot, $0.

Michael Larson, Rachel Larson to Brittany Wells, Jacob Wells, one lot, $216,000.

Matthew Enneking, Shelia Enneking to James Woodruff, Nicole Woodruff, one lot, $125,600.


Diana Dill, William Dill to Dylan Kinnison, one lot, $178,500.

Leroy Divens to Richard Berger, Victoria Berger, two lots, $80,000.

Teeters Real Estate Investments LLC to David Pietrack, one lot, $25,000.

Constance Fay, Thomas Fay to Justin Burkett, Rebecca Burkett, one lot, $88,500.

Jeffrey Warner, Jennie Warner to Terry Swartz Sr., one lot, $49,000.

Michael Russell, Rose Russell to Douglas Lillicrap, Jacqueline Lillicrap, one lot, $10,000.

Jennifer Fox to Bryan Fox, Jennifer Fox, two lots, $0.

Mortgage-backed notes, Nationstar Mortgage, attorney in fact, Springleaf Mortgage Loan Trust, U.S. Bank N.A., to Jeffrey Grimes, one lot, $19,000.

Gerald McAfee, attorney in fact, Scott McAfee to Chappie’s Investments LLC, one lot, $43,500.

Miami County Sheriff (Acting) David Duchak, Douglas Burton, to Nationstar Mortgage LLC, one lot, $82,100.

Miami County Sheriff (Acting) David Duchak, Mary Lynn Murphy to Pennymac Loan Services LLC, one lot, $118,000.

Miami County Sheriff (Acting) David Duchak Shelley Thiebeau to Sabr Mortgage Loan, two lots, $44,000.

David Brown, successor co-trustee, Brown Family Trust, Daina Levine, successor co-trustee, to Julie Alexander Declaration of Trust, Robin Alexander Declaration of Trust, Robin Alexander, trustee, one lot, $20,000.


Miami County Sheriff (Acting) David Duchak, Travis Bright to Wells Fargo Bank N.A., one lot, $18,700.


Ashlie Ouellette a.k.a. Ashlie Uderman, Shane Uderman to Abram Kuntz, one lot, $100,000.

J & S Property Investors LLC to James Lee, Sharon Lee, two lots, $0.

Patricia Weidner, Lance Wooddell, Patricia Wooddell to Kathryn Lewis, one lot, $86,000.


Miami County Sheriff (Acting) David Duchak, Mark Lynn to U.S. Bank N.A., successor, one lot, $72,000.

Virgil Mooneyhan to David Mason, one lot, $70,000.

Lesher Farmers Ltd. John Richards, Marilyn Richards to JES Tipp City OH, $1,131,300

Ernest Foley Jr., successor trustee, Margaret Foley Trust, to Four Foley’s LLC, one lot, $0.

Robert Wood, Sue Wood to John Robbins, one lot, $205,000.


Brooks Bambic, Richard Bambic to Gregory McGhee, Lindsay McGhee, two lots, $47,000.


Jonnalyn Prather, Lonnayn Troutwine, Lucas Troutwine to Jessica Sanderson, one lot, $113,000.

Secretary of Veterans Affairs to Adam Barton, Department of Veterans Affairs, one lot, $77,400.


NVR Inc. to Christopher York, Stephanie York, two lots, $281,900.

NVR Inc. to Adam Hintz, Alexandra Hintz, two lots, $252,800.

Maritza Negron, William Nieves to Maritza Negron, Erik Streckel, two lots, $250,000.

NVR Inc. to Zhamila Gaydarova, Mukhammad Ismailov, two lots, $295,400.

Ethan Spahr, Stephanie Spahr to Kris Holden, Rachel Holden, two lots, $225,000.

Jimmy Pierce Jr., Yolanda Pierce to Christopher Roe, Deanna Roe, two lots, $209,000.


Gordon Watson, Tracy Watson to Aaron Horn, Bethany Horn, 2.518 acres, $215,000.

Karen Schender to Justin Agee, one lot, $0.

Miami County Sheriff (Acting) David Duchak, Lee Traylor to Adrian Anderson, Glenndola Anderson, one lot, $26,600.


Rodney Maxson to Bonnie Bayham, George Bayham, one lot, $0.

Bonnie Bayham, George Bayham to Jamie Rowe, John Rowe, one lot, $75,000.


L. Joseph Pour, M Ellen Pour to Lisa Ball, Matthew Ball, 0.717 acres, $131,500.

Haley Copen, Nathaniel Copen, Haley Newnam to Haley Copen, Nathaniel Copen, one lot, $0.

James Daniel, Kathryn Daniel to Erin Langenkamp, William McIntire, one lot, $239,000.

Nancy Slagle, William Slagle to Amy Hughes, Robert Hughes, one lot, $159,900.

Northridge Group to Judith Bruner, Thomas Bruner, one lot, $275,000.


Stephen Wiford, Susan Wiford to Stephen Wiford, 21.875 acres, $0.

Robert Harrelson, successor co-trustee, Jane Hershberger, successor co-trustee, Second Amended and Restated Mary Alice Young, Alice Young, successor co-trustee to Jacob Hershberger, Joshua Hershberger, Lucas Hershberger, $0.

Robert Harrelson, successor co-trustee, Jane Hershberger, successor co-trustee, Second Amended and Restated W. Norris Young, Alice Young, successor co-trustee to Jacob Hershberger, Joshua Hershberger, Lucas Hershberger, $0.


Cathy Chambers, Elwood Chambers to Galen Harris, Julia Harris, 19.5838 acres, $414,000.


Wells Fargo Bank N.A. to Triple D and B LLC, $75,000.

Ameriquest Mortgage Securities Inc., etc. to Sisters with Style Ltd., one lot, $99,600.

Constance Cook, Douglas Cook, Russell Cook to Jennifer Walker, Thomas Walker Jr., one lot, $140,000.

Gerald Lahmann, Judith Lahmann to Loretta Cambron, one lot, $145,000.

Noel Patton IRA, Sunwest Trust, custodian to Amanda Buschur, Christopher Buschur, 1.788 acres, $45,000.

Floyd Swinford Revocable Living Trust, Mary Swinford Revocable Living Trust to Judy Kleman, Robert Lesher, one lot, $268,500.


Dale White, trustee, White Keystone Preservation Trust to Darla Schaefer, Matthew Schaefer, 1.208 acres, $145,000.

Norma Johnson to Norma Johnson, trustee, Johnson Revocable Living Trust, 44.497 acres, $0.

Jeanette Deahl, Jeanette Johnson, Stephen Johnson to Norma Johnson, 44.497 acres, $0.


Connie Stockslager, Gary Stockslager to Gary Stockslager and Connie Stockslager Irrevocable Trust, Matthew Stockslager, trustee, 1.4143 acres, $0.


Charles Adams, Corinna Adams to Joshua Jackson, Ricquael Jackson, 3.846 acres, $140,000.


Estate of Joseph Martin to Pamela Martin, 3.364 acres, $0.

B & D Estate Properties LLC to Robert Jackson, $83,000.

Miami County Sheriff (Acting) David Duchak,Sheryl Kappeler, Stephen Kappeler to Fannie Mae a.k.a Federal National Mortgage Association, one lot, $0.


Donald Marshall, Lila Marshall to Daniel Blackburn, 2.325 acres, $275,000.

Rebecca Pierson to Anthony Gough Sr., Linda Gough, $110,000.


Secretary of Housing and Urban Development to Cody Stotts, one lot, $0.