Marriage licenses

Devyn Kay Burch, 25, of 1256 E. Garbry Road, Piqua to Timothy James Meeds, 27, of same address’s.

Danielle Adoracion Story, 32, of 101 Wagner Road, West Milton to John Michael Hollobaugh, 31, of same address.

Alyssa Marie Miller, 21, of 1515 Amherst St., Piqua to Jason Daniel Byers, 23, of same address.

Brandon Cordel Houk, 23, of 7599 Lauver Road, Pleasant Hill to Chelsea LeAnn Nix, 23, of 1201 Patton Street, Troy.

Amanda Kay Hoeft, 31, of 263 Dahlia Ave. Unit 8, Imperial Beach, Calif. to Levi Daniel Goodin, 25, of same address.

Paul Lloyd Pike, 34, of 8710 McNeal Road, New Carlisle to Sara Michelle Ferryman, 35, of same address.

Joseph Allen Wackler, 27, of 419 Spring Street, Piqua to Courtney Lauren Emrick, 23, of same address.

Morgan Elizabeth Kendall, 22, of 1248 Garbry Road Apt. 8, Piqua to Anthony Wayne Watts, 24, of same address.

Leslie Brooke Ferryman, 25, of 126 Linden Avenue, Piqua to Todd LaMarr Edwards, 26, of 1716 S. State Road 129, Versailles, Ind.

Todd Michael Agne, 34, of 1211 Spruce Street, Troy to Mary Melinda Clark, 29, of 116 Front Street, West Milton.

Joshua David Detrick, 20, of 1118 S. Crawford Street, Troy to Arian Jenay Braun, 21 of 1817 Glenn Place, Sidney.

Quinten Michael Lswankdowski, 20, of 1362 East View, Fairborn to Jessica Christine Dammeyer, 18, of 5315 N. Walnut Street, Covington.

Joshua Michael Earick, 20, of 525 E. Spring Street, Covington to Lacie Lee Marie Adkins, 20, of same address.

Emily Beth Wilber, 37, of 3365 Eldean Road, Covington to Chadwick Joseph Nevels, 33, of 11389 Frederick pike, Vandalia.

Candice Leigh Hamby, 34, of 600 Scott Street, Piqua to Michael Thomas Ford, 34, of same address.

Denver Jacob Garber, 24, of 3660 Myers-Tillman Road, Arcanum to Kelsey Sue Shoup, 22, of 7135 Agenbroad Road, Tipp City.

Aaron Dale Musselman, 39, of 8 Burton Road, Casstown to Holly Lynnette Horner, 38, of same address.

Brian Thomas Stafford, 33, of 2417 St. Andrews Drive, Troy to Kathleen Megan Southerland, 28, of same address.

Amalee Elise Webb, 24, of 625 N. Hyatt Street Apt. 1, Tipp City to Christopher Scott Houk, 30, of same address.

Bradley James Leyes, 32, of 4340 Iddings Road, West Milton to Erica Dawn Arnett, 36, of same address.

Joseph Daniel Weaver, 30, S. Tipp Cowlesville Rd., Tipp City to Caitlin Elizabeth Kiwacka, 29, 2820 Gingamsburg, Tipp City.

Michael James Wheeler, 34, 122 E. 1st Street, Springfield to Brittany Nicole Hiler, 32, 7830 Singer Road, Dayton.

Ashlee Jay’Ne Cavey, 26, 3070 E. State Route 55, Troy to Daniel Benjamin Knife, 31, of same address.

Kody Lin Jones, 27, of 7444 Grayson Drive, Springfield to Caily Jane Rapp, 22, of 111 1/2 High Street, Covington.

Benjamin Emerson Kraus, 42, of 851 Dartmouth, Troy to Misty Michele Magee, 41, of same address.

Dimitri Austin Grant, 22, of 5955 Iddings Road, West Milton to Janna Sue Andrews, 21, of 3850 State Route 571, Troy.

Candace Loraine Caplinger, 31, of 34 Vincent Avenue, Troy to Nichole Ann Russell, 41, of same address.

Deborah Elaine Garrison, 53, of 7880 N. Bollinger Road, Conover to Earl J. Wagner, 55, of same address.