Real Estate Transfers


April Ganger, Rickey Ganger to April Ganger, Rickey Ganger, one lot, $0.

Flynn Realty Inc., Prodigy Properties LLC to LaGrange Limited, one lot, $200,000.

George Hobbs, attorney in fact, to Shirley Bodey, one lot, $117,900.

Miami County Sheriff Charles Cox, Michael Gray to Steve Drake, $35,500.

Andrea Olt, co-trustee, Timothy Olt, co-trustee, Timothy and Andrea Olt Revocable Trust, to Andrea Olt, $0.

Secretary of Housing and Urban Development to Christopher Lialios, one lot, $0.

Judith Bishop to James Bishop, one lot, $0.

Lucillie F. Granger to Lucille Granger Irrevocable Trust, Pamela Voisard, trustee, one lot, $0.

April Ganger, Rickey Ganger, Marsha McDade to April Ganger, Rickey Ganger, one lot, $0.

Scott Investments of Troy to Christopher Carlson, Leah Carlson, $0.

Tia Christie to Swabb Management Company, one lot, $135,000.

Thomas Spayde, Tricia Spayde to Spayde Properties LLC, $0.

Thomas Spayde, Tricia Spayde to Spayde Properties LLC, $0.

NVR Inc. to Jennifer Wilson, Justin Wilson, one lot, $310,800.


Jimmie Potter, Linda Potter to John Brian, Krista Brian, one lot, $6,000.

Donna Jackson, trustee, Robert Jackson, trustee, Jackson Family Revocable Living Trust agreement to Tonia Pate, five lots, $187,000.

Teeters Real Estate Investments to Jaiyo Lin, Yarmin Liu, one lot, $25,000.

Melissa Bernard to Bradley Bernard, one lot, $0.

Belva Black, Linda Weikert, attorney in fact to Russell Howe, one lot, $99,000.

Deborah Harris to Tabatha Tousley, two lots, $78,000.

Amy Walker, Robert Walker to Amy Walker, Robert Walker, one lot, $0.

Caliber Real Estate Services LLC, attorney in fact, LSF9 Master Participation Trust, U.S. Bank Trust, N.A., trustee to Scott Bubeck, one lot, $55,000.

Darla Haggerty to Cheryl Haggerty, Timothy Haggerty, one lot, $0.

Susan Maxwell to Mutual Federal Savings Bank, $0.

Carolyn Anderson, Ole Anderson, Dennis Latham, Dolores Latham, Mary Latham, Rebecca Latham to Edwin Eisert, Helen Eisert, one lot, $89,900.

Adam Debrosse, Elizabeth Debrosse to Brandon Virgallito, Casey Virgallito, one lot, $70,000.


David Hoffman, Jane Sellman to Village of Covington, one lot, $0.


Brenda Niswonger, Douglas Niswonger to Brenda Niswonger, Douglas Niswonger, two lots, $0.


Wesley Arblaster to Bill Wendel, Heather Wendel, one lot, $163,000.

Colin Heaney, Danielle Heaney to Abbey Henninger, one lot, $150,800.

Diana Chatigny, Peter Chatigny, Annette Hoverman, Paul Hoverman, to Cory Breth, Mary Breth, one lot, $140,000.

Christi Shiler, William Shivler Jr., to James Nickell, Jay Nickell, one lot, $75,000.


NVR Inc. to Adam Vandegrift, Alyssa Waitzman, two lots, $254,900.

Alan Goldstein, Wanda Goldstein to Carol Porter, two lots, $180,000.

NVR Inc. to Sabir Mamatov, two lots, $319,200.

Carriages Trails at the Heights LLC, Dec Land Co. I LLC to NVR Inc., two lots, $33,500.

Carriages Trails at the Heights LLC, Dec Land Co. I LLC to NVR Inc., two lots, $33,500.


Rosita Long Wagner, Allyn Wagner to Christopher Long, $100,000.

Jeffrey Johnson, Lori Johnson to Jeffrey Johnson, one lot, $0.

Miami County Sheriff Charles Cox, Robert Rogers to Charlene Beetley, Terry Beetley, one lot, $11,500.

Carrington Mortgage Services to Ryan Myers, one lot, $76,000.

Julia Stevens, Lowell Stevens to Ian Cook, MacKenzie Cook, one lot, $85,500.


G. Maxine Merz, Glendora Merz, Joseph Merz to G. Maxine Merz, $0.


Miami County Sheriff Charles Cox, Michael Henderson to Rebeka Gipe Revocable Trust, 10.502 acres, $361,0000.


Bryan Ross, Regina Ross to Eric Martino, 0.723 acres, $171,000.

Barbara Buttermore, co-trustee, David Cheney, co-trustee, Raymond Cheney Revocable Trust to Matthew Bonfiglio, 1.24 acres, $0.

Lucinda Shepherd, Richard Shepherd to Lucinda Shepherd, Richard Shepherd, one lot, $0.

Ramesh Balagangadhar, Ramesh Kurup, Ritika Kurup to Aaron Zakrie, Ashley Zakrie, $213,500.

Joan Hudson, Mark Hudson to Brian Cartwright, one lot, $400,000.


Ruby Crouse to Wilda Ishmael, one lot, $0.

Wilda IShamel to Dawn Koble, Douglas Koble, one lot $59,000.


Mark Schutt to Elizabeth Perry, Wayne Perry, 2.227 acres, 4.455 acres, $162,000.


Dominque Cisneros, Cheryl Heffner, Jerrold Heffner, Sheralyn Heffner to Marie Breitenbach, Nathan Breitenbach, 0.923 acres, $96,000.

Lindsley Huff, Jeanette Huff to Jeanette Huff, one lot, $0.

Dorothy Marcum, James Marcum to Stanley Marcum, trustee, Marcum Family Preservation Trust, Steven Marcum, trustee, $0.


3 Gen D LLC to Britney Stout, Eric Stout, 10.006 acres, $114,900.


Estate of Tomma Hall to Dennis Hall, 1.089 acres, $0.

Miami County Sheriff Charles Cox, Scott Morley to James Kingrey, Sandra Kingrey, $140,000.


Christina Heindenreich, Erich Heidenreich to Becky Janosik, Matthew Janosik, one lot, $20,000.

Craig Allread to Joseph Weigel, one lot, $157,500.

Stephen Huels to Kevin Langford, 2.0 acres, $20,000.

Barbara Liston to Barbara Liston Irrevocable Trust Agreement, H. Jeffery Weldy, trustee, 0.667 acres, $0.


Kevin Monroe to Christine Monroe, 0.973 acres, $0.

James Miller and Frances Miller Joint Revocable Living Trust, Rusty Miller, trustee, to James Miller and Frances Miller Joint Revocable Trust, $0.


Charles Lutz, Sally Lutz to Charles Lutz, 0.347 acres, $0.

Misty Flory, S. Randall Flory to David Steele, 0.459 acres, $100,800.

Lorna Tripp, Paul Tripp to Cynthia Arnett, David Arnett, $75,000.


Estate of William Jones, Michael Jones to Nathanael Vogt, two lots, $125,900.