Real Estate Transfers


Scott Investments of Troy LLC to John King, trustee, Rebecca King, trustee, King Family Trust, one lot, $58,400.

Scott Investments of Troy to Jamaine Burns, Monica Burns, one lot, $322,500.

Ruffolo Exchange LLC to Solutions Real Estate Investments LLC, one lot, $0.

Denlinger and Sons Builders Inc. to Cassandra Lord, Stephen Lord, one lot, $369,900.

Nancy Broughton, Paula Broughton to Connie Nichols, Thomas Nichols Jr., one lot, $210,000.

Gavin Spitler, Jessica Spitler to Christopher Hanson, one lot, $95,000.

Cherryl Williams, Dean Williams to Cherryl Williams, Dean Williams, one lot, $0.

Barbara Hangen, Todd Hangen to David Grosse, Gretchen Grosse, one lot, $179,500.

Zerla Stayman to Zerla Stayman, trustee, one lot, $0.

Jason Svajda, Missy Svajda to Erin Ducko, Michael Ducko, one lot, $274,900.

Justina Barnes, Teddy Barnes to N.P. Dodge Jr., trustee, one lot, $197,000.

Joseph Aulridge, Vicki Auldridge to Easaw Thomas, Susy Thomas, one lot, $67,000.

George Walker II to Kimberly Montgomery, George Walker II, one lot, $0.

Patricia Holbrook to Andrew Keller, one lot, $104,000.

Chelsea Hutchinson, Kyle Hutchinson to Ethan Wilson, one lot, $86,500.

Diann Williams, Henry Williams to Toni Rowley, one lot, $165,500.

Cassandra Lord, Stephen Lord to Andrew Johnston, Layne Johnston, one lot, $184,900.

Audrey Hangen to Darin Cron, Rebecca Cron, one lot, $238,500.

Stephen Oblinger to Bluebird Investment Properties LLC, one lot, $203,500.

Stonebridge Meadows to NVR Inc., one lot, $55,000.

Ditech Financial LLC, Green Tree Mortgage Loan Trust, Green Tree Servicing LLC, attorney in fact, Wells Fargo Bank N.A., trustee to Eugene Weitzel, Peggy Weitzel, one lot, $36,600.

James Yardlay, Kimberly Yardley to Joseph Girolamo, Laura Girolamo, one lot, $250,000.


Joanne Holowecky, Mark Holowecky to Jessica Jury, Lee Jury, one lot, $199,900.

Brian Cassel to Marcus Jones, one lot, $112,500.

Kay Manson, Larry Manson to JTL Properties of Miami County, one lot, $46,500.

Lyle Griffith to Debora Katz, Jeffery Katz, one lot, $9,000.

Pamela Beemer to Brenda Browning, Jerry Browning, two lots, $70,000.

Bernadine Alexander Trust, Connie Caserta, trustee to William Pryfogle, one lot, $0.

Craycon Homes Inc. to Cornerstone Construction of Miami County, one lot, $24,000.

Maralee Paulus, Steven Paulus to Douglas Liette, Edwin Liette, two lots, $1,000.

Lucinda Fry, Chris Libbee, Sharon Libbee, Susan Libbee to Douglas Liette, Edwin Liette, two lots, $4,000.

Charles Moser, Sally Moser to Douglas Liette, Edwin Liette, two lots, $4,400.

Joneil Kimball to Andrew Vogler, one lot, $78,000.

Estate of Anita McCrary, Lucinda Jo Fry, executrix to Douglas Liette, Edwin Liette, two lots, $4,400.


Deborah Bigley, Paul Bigley to Levi Robbins, 19.2281 acres, $130,000.

Harlow Builders Inc. to Linda Grimberg, one lot, $55,900.

Hurst Car Washes LLC to Isbel Enterprises LLC, one lot, $100,000.

Mara Back, Gerlad Demers, Mara Demers to Derek Menard, Rebekah Menard, one lot, $110,000.


Karen Besecke, Michael Besecker, Michael Besecker to Benjamin Markley, one lot, $103,000.

Katharine Smith to Brittany Combs, Blake Worthington, one lot, $75,000.

Jill Ann Miller, Jill Ann O’Donnell, James O’Donnell to James O’Donnell, Jill O’Donnell, one lot, $0.


Carriage Trails at the Heights, Dec Land Co. I LLC to NVR Inc., two lots, $33,500.

Inverness Group Inc. to Bridgette Powell, Kevin Powell, two lots, $221,200.

NVR Inc. to Stephen Colangelo, two lots, $279,800.

Amanda Wilson, Nathan Wilson to Sharon Harris, two lots, $172,500.

Carriage Trails at the Heights, Dec Land Co. I LLC to NVR Inc., two lots, $33,500.


Aaron Cain, Dana Cain, Sylvia Cain to Thomas Wills Jr., two lots, $89,000.


Brenda Beeman, co-executor, Estate of Jack Siler, Elwood Siler, co-executor to Michael Chamblin, Sharon Chamblin, two lots, $29,000.

Daniel Drodge, Terrilynn Meece to Joseph Schutz, one lot, $120,000.


Kirk Herkins to Kirk Herkins, Denise Ressler, two lots, $0.

Christena Tinkle, John Tinkle to James Templeton, one lot, $135,000.


Adam Bennett, Amanda Bennett to Emily Blaine, Samuel Blaine, $129,000.

Patricia Hopkins, Richard Hopkins to Patricia Hopkins, co-trustee, Richard Hopkins, co-trustee, Hopkins Family Revocable Living Trust, $0.

Donna Baver, Donna Steinbrugge to Amanda Dick, Joseph Dick, one lot, $274,000.


Darin Cron, Rebecca Cron to Shelly Bair, 5.0115 acres, $135,000.


Stony Brook Estates to Christine Cox, David Cox, one lot, $65,900.

Stacy Rueckhaus, Stephen Rueckhaus to Mark Francis, one lot, $212,500.

Douglas Hemm to Jonathan Cox, one lot, $180,000.

Federal National Mortgage Association, Law Offices of John Clunk Co. LPA to Stephanie Littlejohn, one lot, $0.


Dianne Hartmann, John Hartmann to Spring Cutlip, one lot, $191,500.

Bank of New York, trustee, Bayview Loan Servicing, attorney in fact, Cwalt 2005 to Sapphire and Diamonds LLC, one lot, $78,700.


Richard McMaken Jr., Rose McMaken to Elizabeth Long, Josh Long, 5.001 acres, $0.


Louis Pauly, Sandra Pauly to Brandon Ishmael, 1.504 acres, $258,000.

Estate of Richard Thompson, Terry Waag, executor, to James McCuistion, Shannon McCuistion, 7.488 acres, $200,000.

Sharon Nowoczynski to Gerald Bowerman II, 1.344 acres, $0.

Bonita Sue Jenkins, Donald Jenkins to Donald Jenkins and Bonita Jenkins Revocable Living Trust, $0.


Jennifer Scott, Ben Wappelhorst, Jennifer Wappelhorst to Dillon Browning, 0.717 acres, $125,000.


Raymond Carr to Rita Potter, one lot, $120,000.


Anna Reed, William Reed to Pamela Snell, one lot, $85,000.


Betty Jane Wells to James Crabtree, Pamela Crabtree, one lot, $100,000.