Marriage licenses


Courtney Renee Magoto, 21, of 570 Garbry Road, Piqua to Kyle Scott Woodward, 23, of 13720 State Route 65, Maplewood.

Chanse William Daily, 25, of 1046 Laurel Tree Court Apt. B, Troy to Bailey Michelle Current, 21, of same address.

Rachel Michelle Owen, 27, of 809 Lindsey Street, Piqua to Chip Allen Birman, 38, of same address.

Tyler Ray Thompson, 25, of 332 Brentwood Avenue, Piqua to Kendra Nicole Nix, 24, of same address.

Kimberly Ann Staudt, 21, of 434 1/2 S. Downing Street, Piqua to Bobby Crawford Jr., 20, of same address.

Shelley Ruth Thompson, 39, of 5577 W. Monroe Concord Road, West Milton to Carl Frederick Schoen, 33, of same address.

Crista Dawn Williams, 26, of 390 North Sayers Road, Troy to Nicholas Alan Kirk, 27, of same address.

Aurora Lyn Staley, 44, of 4050 State Route 36, Fletcher to Richard Raymond DeLozier, 45, of same address.

Shelly Ann Hutchinson, 31, of 3415 Lilac Lane Apt. D, Troy to Keith Lee Frick, 34, of same address.

Thomas John Scully, 52, of 2767 Swailes Road, Troy to Susan Marie Vahle, 56, of same address.

Jason Michael hunt, 36, of 116 N. main Street, Pleasant Hill to Tara Mae Benedict, 37, of Sugar Grove Circle Hill, Covington.

Candy Sue Browning, 48, of 826 Linden Avenue, Piqua to Stephen Michael McCarthy, 46, of same address.

Jeremy Seth Sanders, 25, of 726 Clear Circle, Smyrna, Tenn. to Michael Earl Swackhamer, 24, of 2280 Shamrock Lane Apt. C., Troy.

Mark Anthony Hanshaw, 46, of 1725 Saratoga, Troy to Carmen Marie Farno, 48, of same address.

Patti Jean Sloan, 47, of 545 Gordon Street, Piqua to John Bradley Wright, 47, of same address.

Richard Arnold Price, 56, of 9911 Hardin Road, Piqua to Josephine Genelago Sabijon, 42, of San Mateo Rizal.

Andrew Gregory Sanders, 22, of 2517 St. Andrews Drive, Troy to Kristen Nicole Blakey, 22, of 835 Stone Ridge Place, Tipp City.

Jason Scott Woolley, 47, of 7665 E. State Route 55, Casstown to Lori Ann Spencer, 44, of same address.

Clinton David Wolford, 35, of 410 Michigan Avenue, Troy to Heather Dwan Eyler, 26, of same address.

Nathan William Wood, 44, of 10517 N. Montgomery County Road, Brookville to April Maria Flory, 44, of same address.

Denae Nichole Anthony, 27, of 180 Floral Acres Drive, Tipp City to Benjamin Russell Detrick, 26, of same address.

Brooke Marie Furrow, 36, of 1120 Scenic Court, Troy to Cory Brek Smith, 39, of same address.

Scott Brian Baker, 53, of 545 N. Rangeline Road, Pleasant Hill to Rebecca Jo Sheafer, 55, of same address.

Jill Ann Miller, 66, of 611 Scott Street, Piqua to James Roger O’Donnell, 82, of 102 E. Bridge Street, Covington.

Brooke Marie Allen, 24, of 1018 E. Knapp Street, Milwaukee, Wis. to James Donald Tucker III, 23, of same address.

Amie Jo Whitney, 43, of 1 Fayette Properties Road, Manchester, Ky. to Michael Yount, 38, of 107 Union Street, Troy.

Benjamin Scott Roberts, 40, of 8740 Bellefontaine Road, New Carlisle to Cassandra Lee Layne, 34, of same address.

Justin Michael Athey, 30, of 535 Park Avenue, Piqua to Lacey Marie Bundy, 22, of 1597 Old Staunton Road, Troy.

Justin Nathaniel Scubert, 39, of 9733 State Route 185, Covington to Jennifer Michelle Stringer, 38, of same address.

Amy Elizabeth Hunter, 36, of 8495 Flick Road, Tipp City to Jamie Lee Durst, 35, of same address.

Chelsie Elizabeth Burchett, 24, of 247 Miles Avenue, Tipp City to Bradley Michael Celia, 27, of same address.

Shane Eugene McCoy, 44, of 527 West Dow Street, Tipp City to Tammy Alberta White, 26, of 1433 Covington Avenue, Piqua.

Derek Steven Koester, 25, of 725 Shoshni, Tipp City to Bethany Marie Kramer, 24, of 3080 Southfield Drive, Beavercreek.

Gail Lynne Honeyman, 54, of 705 Lincoln Street, Piqua to James Benson Welch, 53, of same address.

Anthony Wayne Cotterman, 45, of 120 East North Street, Piqua to Sara Louise Fitzgerald, 35, of same address.

Kristopher Alan Mick, 32, of 970 Skylark Drive, Troy to Sandra Marie Meyers, 31, of 185 State Route 201, Casstown.

Jarrod Ross Scott, 44, of 22 Terrace Place, Troy to Erin Leigh Mattan, 41, of same address.

Kimberly Ann Wachauf, 28, of 290 Appleby Drive, Athens, Ga. to Scott Patrick Gray, 27, of 1203 Farmcrest Drive, Union, Ky.