Real Estate Transactions


Corby Schoeder, Michelle Schroeder to Ryan Brickner, Valerie Brickner, one lot, $220,000.

Penny Hamm to Mei Po Cheung, two lots, $92,000.

Kenneth Bornhorst, Robin Bornhorst to Kenneth Bornhorst, Robin Bornhorst,one lot, $0.

Erin Monnier, Ronald Monnier to Amanda Conley, Anthony Conley, one lot, $100,500.

Jerry Massey, trustee, Teresa Massey, trustee, Massey Family Revocable Living Trust to Matthew Williams, Tiffany Williams, one lot, $144,900.

Janet Jebens to Dennis Jebens, one lot, $0.

Beth Brooks, John Brooks to Marshall Sullivan, Seneca Sullivan, one lot, $269,900.

Angela Voorhees to Keith Voorhees, one lot, $0.

Miami County Sheriff Charles Cox, Mary Scarborough to JP Morgan Chase Bank, one lot, $54,700.

Bradley Cornatzer, Miami County Sheriff Charles Cox to LSF9 Master Participation Trust, U.S. Bank Trust, N.A., trustee, one lot, $237,000.

Miami County Sheriff Charles Cox, Eric Kitzmiller to U.S. Bank N.A., one lot, $124,000.

Kerry Elifritz, Richard Elifritz to Jason Racine, Sherri Racine, one lot, $96,900.

Helen Butt, Herbert Butt to Linda Burley, trustee, Herbert and Helen Irrevocable Trust, one lot, $0.


Terri Allen, Miami County Sheriff Charles Cox to Fifth Third Mortgage Company, one lot, $165,000.

Miami County Sheriff Charles Cox, Estate of Marion Wood, Benjamin Wood, Real Estate Beneficiary to Terry Stamper , one lot, $56,000

Rhonda Argabright to Amy Shawver, Benjamin Shawver, one lot, $97,000.

JP Morgan Chase Bank N.A. to Secretary of Housing and Urban Development, two lots, $0.

Wright-Patt Credit Union Inc. to Mark Gambill, one lot, $31,000.

Lavon Davis Claytor Trust, Lavon Swinehart, trustee to Stephan Szachta, one lot, $74,500.


Miami County Sheriff Charles Cox, Judith Richards to 327 Miles Land Trust, Susanne Mosier, trustee, one lot, $62,000.

Estate of Dorothy Miller, Dixie Miller Gregg to Sharon Ullery, one lot, $0.

Christine Damratoski, James Damratoski to Kristin Huber, Korey King, one lot, $415,000.

Gerald McMullen, Rebecca McMullen to Herbert Hufford II, one lot, $284,000.

Rhonda Burke, William Burke to Barbara Morton, one lot, $74,900.

Sarah Drake, Patrick Lipps, Sarah Lipps to Nicholas Boyce, one lot, $158,000.

Kathryn Gilmore, Russell Gilmore III to Kathryn Selke, one lot, $281,400.


Krista Gibson, Nathan Gibson to David Larson, Rachel Larson, one lot, $231,000.

Barry Wackler, Rebecca Wackler to Shelly Hemmerle, one lot, $178,000.

Samuel Woods to Daniel Schaurer, one lot, $87,000.


Casey Fisher, Gary Fisher II to Casey Fisher, Gary Fisher, two lots, $0.

Steven Rogers, Vicki Jo Rogers, attorney in fact to Jerry Blaine, Patricia Blaine, two lots, $205,000.

Irene Nutter, Ronald Nutter to Fredrick Austerman, Sue Austerman, two lots, $274,500.

Amy Snyder, attorney in fact, David Snyder to Michael Roush, two lots, $179,000.

Janice Wilson, Kenneth Wilson to Larry Delashmit, two lots, $150,000.


Barbara Mills, executrix, George Reed Sr. to Aleene Cromwell, Thomas Cromwell, three lots, $36,000.


Estate of Steven Hart, Aaron Hart, administrator to Natasha Monnin, two lots, $0.


Marilyn Morgan, Marvin Morgan to Michael Marshall, Dorothy Presetel, two lots, $86,000.


Miami County Sheriff Charles Cox, Barbara Jackson, Nathan Jackson to Northridge Group LLC, one lot, $216,000.


Miami County Sheriff Charles Cox, Richard Rush to Terwin Mortgage Trust, U.S. Bank N.A., trustee, $74,800.


David Dalhamer, Kathleen Dalhamer to Zachary Thorsky, $127,900.


Timothy Gibboney to Trevor Diegel, one lot, $27,900.

Eric Eisenberg, Jill Eisenberg to Eric Eisenberg, Jill Eisenberg, 2.598 acres, $0.


Miami County Sheriff Charles Cox, Paul Cossin to Federal National Mortgage Association, 0.500 acres, $0.

Harold Trader to James Ashton, Ramona Ashton, 1.129 acres, $390,100.


Dimitri Nicholas to Mary Echemann, Timothy Echemann, $405,000.

Sheila Allen, Terry Allen to Alva Clark Jr., one lot, $120,000.