Marriage licenses


Lyndsay Marie Stine, 23, of 240 Market Street, West Milton to Nicholas David Smith, 23, of 411 Hamilton Street, West Milton.

Christina Marie Cross, 40, of 6155 S. Karns Road, West Milton to Jeffrey Ray VanFossen, 39, of same address.

Jessica Elaine May, 17, of 713 S. Mulberry Street, Troy to Devon Michael Burke, 18, of 1131 Park Avenue, Troy.

Greg Michael Zink, 27, of 670 Banyon Tree Way, Tipp City to Christina Eve Schwarz, 25, of same address.

James Leburton Bolen, 30, of 207 E. James Street, Bradford to Danielle Marie Sel, 28, of same address.

Carrie Beth Abrams, 40, of 822 N. Downing Street, Piqua to Jody Leigh Brush, 38, of same address.

Daniel Alan Naas, 56, of 650 West Broadway, Tipp City to Gregory Shawn Palbas, 45, of 460 Crescent Drive, Troy.

Courtney Alexandria Polhamus, 21, of 3 N. main Street, Potsdam to Nathan Thomas Rentz, 21, of same address.

Megan Marie Barr, 37, of 1915 Beckert Drive, Piqua to Jared Heath Askins, 39, of same address.

Michael Dean Compton, 21, of 113 Cleveland Street, Piqua to Mackenzie Lee Armstrong, 19, of 21 S. Monroe Street, Troy.

Christopher Eugene Woodworth, 39, of 633 Floral Avenue, Troy to Angela Marie Wenrick, 41, of same address.

John Russell Sager, 50, of 2513 Blueflag Street, Tipp City to Beth Ann Perkins, 47, of same address.

Nathan Robert Voisard, 20, of 8015 Bradford Bloomer Road, Bradford to Gracyn Elizabeth Schaffner, 18, of 5831 State Route 47, Houston.

Chester Alan Hughes Jr., 35, of 2904 Chinock Pass, Piqua to Taylor Jane Arnett, 24, of same addresss.

Elizabeth Nichole Zaenger, 24, of 605 First Street, Piqua to travis Aaron Cromer, 23, of same address.

Megan Nichole Rhoades, 28, of 1214 Spruce Street, Troy to Joshua Nthaniel Gabel, 35, of same address.

Benjamin Jacob Miller, 27, of 1463 Chelsea Road, Troy to Chloe Beth Abele, 27, of same address.

Kecia Marie Hornbeck, 26, of 8455 Covington Bradford, Covington to dustin Randall Kimmel, 28, of samea ddress.

Lyndsey marie Besecker, 35, of 526 S. Wall Street, Covington to Steven Moland, 48, of same address.

Korey Douglas King, 46, of 1210 Everest Court, Troy to Kristin Michelle Huber, 40, of same address.

Rebecca Lynn Deal, 40, of 9200 Knouff Road, Piqua to Brian Lee Reid, 39, of 110 E. Second Streeet , Fletcher.

David Joseph Lenosky, 56, of 1063 Rosemary Drive, Largo, Fla. to Juliana kay Lutz, 50, oof same address.

Donald Lyle West, 46, of 238 Park Avenue, West Milton to Stephanie Christine Loper, 44, ofsame address.

Sheldon Armstrong Hoyt, 41, of 118 Pipers Pine Drive, Pleasant Hill to Tammara Kae Hoyt, 36, of same address.