Marriage licenses

Michael Edwin Bowman, 24, of 8917 State Route 121, Bradford to Sarah Elizabeth Jutte, 27, of 1253 Stichter Road, Ludlow Falls.

Zachary James Speckman, 25, of 4652 Ardale Street, Sarasota, Fla. to Kaitlyn Elizabeth Faulkner, 22, of same address.

Vincent Gene Kissinger, 28, of 1901 Covington Avenue, Apt. 64, Piqua to Anna Victoria Penny, 27, of same address.

Thomas Martin Might, 52, of 4565 Rosedale Avenue, Tipp City to Thomas James Richardson, 67, of same address.

Monica Justine Turzynski, 27, of 7665 S. Peters Road, Tipp City to Patrick Lee Perry, 38, of 2722 Draycott Court, Miamisburg.

Eric George Fry, 25, of 160 Wyatt Street, Bradford to Ashley Faith Justice, 23, of 406 Patty Drive, Bradford.

Emily Ann White, 35, of 3928 La Colina Road., Santa Barbara, Calif. to Fred Andrew Nichols III, 36, of same address.

Bailee Victoria Leonard, 22, of 3209 E. State Route 55, Troy to Ricky James Hutsell, 27, of same address.

Joel David Coomer, 38, of 1864 Towne Park Dr. Apt. 5 C, Troy to Aneta Lin, 33, of same address.

Joshua Robert Ringo, 23, of 43 Woods Drive Apt. 3, West Milton to Cassandra Lynn Wheeler, 21, of same address.

Thomas Anthony Mallon, 84, of 220 E. Garnsey Street, Piqua to Dianne Raye Collins , 73, of same address.

Deon Lamar Weatherspoon, 45, of 152 Westhaven Drive, Troy to Dana Maelyn Spurlock, 45, of same address.

Zachary Dean Fuge, 26, of 385 Redding Road, Lexington, Ky. to Brianna Lynn Bilik, 23, of same address.

James Craig Slough Jr., 38, of 419 Ellis Street, Troy to April Dawn Gray, 38, of same address.

Charles William Facemyer, 25, of 6996 Casstown-Clark Road, Casstown to Michelle Lynn Horn, 32, of same address.

Thomas Ray Cline, 56, of 1240 W. High Street, Piqua to Deborah Ann Heisey, 51, of same address.

Michael Frederick Culver, 56, of 3224 Marshall Road, Kettering to Hope Ann Hawes, 52, of 501 N. Main Street D5, Covington.

Zachary Thomas Legge, 30, of 536 Riverside Drive, Piqua to Amber Leinna Jones, 30, of same address.

Brian Keith Richards, 42, of 20 N. Ludlow Street, Covington to Amanda Elizabeth Williams, 38, of same address.

Alicia Nicole Horton, 24, of 2530 Marr Road, Casstown to Austin Hayes Westfall, 23, of 2570 Troy Sidney Road, Troy.

John Douglas Peck, 57, of 591 Chestnut Street, Covington to ChristeneKay Walters, 53, of same address.

Steven Michael Smith, 25, of 701 E. Franklin Street, Troy to Krystal Alyse Johnston, 25, of same address.

Jennifer Rebecca Barton, 44, of 732 S. Downing Street, Piqua to Lance Eric Collum, 45, of same address.

Adam Douglas Gehret, 26, of 247 Westhaven Drive, Troy to Kristin Elizabeth Jurek, 26, of 2246 Marengo Street, Toledo.

Nicholas Robert Hamberg, 22, of 1518 Chevington Chase, Tipp City to Emily Anne Burton, 23, of 637 Primrose Lane, Tipp City.

Meredith Leigh Sullivan, 33, of 820 Westlake Drive, Troy to Todd Anthony Prenger, 36, of 541 Michael Place, Tipp City.

Susan Kathleen Fisher, 28, of 737 Oak Lea Drive, Tipp City to James Brent Matson, 38, of 416 Boush Street, Norfolk, Va.

Beau Donald LaVey, 34, of 1901 Covington Avenue Apt. 37, Piqua to Ashley Lynn Shields, 30, of same address.

Trenton Matthew Dreer, 19, of 700 Clark Avenue, Piqua to Rebecca Irene Art, 19, of 2955 Miami Shelby Road, Russia.

Joseph William Summers, 30, of 1750 Laurel Creek Drive, Troy to Mandi Jessica Beohmerle, 31, of same address.

Jamie Louise Graves, 22, of 1515A Williamsburg Place, Troy to Trey Allen Fletcher, 20, of 109 E.Lyndhurst Street, Sidney.