Real estate transactions


Halifax Land Company to Frank Harlow Jr., Holly Harlow, one lot, $99,900.

Strein LLC to Jesse Hackney, one lot, $103,900.

Edward Mergler, Melanie Mergler to Kyle Hermiller, one lot, $166,000.

David Boerger, Judith Boerger to Billie Hughes, Jeremy Hughes, one lot, $193,000.

Mona Taylor to S & L Rentals LLC, one lot, $63,500.

Mona Taylor to Karen Bensman, one lot, $71,500.

Bart Meersschaert, Bettina Zeeb to Erica Deaville, Joshua Deaville, one lot, $217,000.

Adam McClure, Emily McClure to Kevin Harnish, Nikole Harnish, two lots, $211,500.

Erna Bondurant to Meghan Gorman, Tom Gorman, one lot, $54,500.

Gary Wells, Virginia Wells to Virginia Wells, one lot, $0.

Barbara Jo Neff to Kathleen Fisher, Sue Wood, one lot, $0.

Melissa Rowell, Richard Rowell, Melissa Towne to Lori Brower, one lot, $122,500.


Hannah Havenar, Ryan Havenar to Graham Blacke, one lot, $77,000.

Joseph Simmons, Susan Simmons to SIM Investments, one lot, $0.

Eric Bates, Jessica Bates to Lorie Ireton, two lots, $69,000.

Estate of Christopher Unser to Edward Unser, Shelly Unser, one lot, $0.

Secretary of Veterans Affairs to Group I Properties LLC, one lot, $0.

Robert Stephan to Robert Stephan Trust, Robert Stephan, trustee, two lots, $0.

Eric Pence, Heather Pence to Sarah Godfrey, one lot, $99,900.

Miami County Sheriff Charles Cox, Urban Greive to Terry Stamper, one lot, $82,759.


Weslyn Brown, David Fugate Jr. to Chloe Spitzig, Kenneth Spitzig, one lot, $128,000.

Chloe Spitzig, Kenneth Spitzig to Juliet Hefner, one lot, $98,000.

Gina Keller, Gina Steffe, to Deborah Hill, two lots, $120,000.

Robin Shiverdecker, Terry Shiverdecker, Robin Stankiewicz to Gina Keller, Gina Steffe, two lots, $0.

Christopher Freeman, Madison Freeman to Ann Lawson,one lot, $95,000.

J.S. Smith Rentals, John Smith co-owner, Traci Smith, co-owner to Gale Turner, Shirley Turner, two lots, $70,000.


Federal National Mortgage Association, Chicago Title Insurance Company, attorney in fact to Joshua Messaros, Mark Messaros, etc., one lot, $0.


Delores Mullen, James Mullen to Chad Mullen, co-trustee, J. Scott Mullen, co-trustee, Mullen Keystone Preservation Trust, one lot, $0.


Mary Stoepfel to Ryan Ayers, one lot, $0.

Hoyt Hutson to David Hutson, one lot, $0.


NVR Inc. to Douglas Garber, Kristina Garber, two lots, $329,100.

NVR Inc. to Kimberly Jessee, Robert Jessee, two lots, $282,200.

Carriage Trails at the Heights, Dec Land Co. I LLC to NVR Inc., two lots, $32,500.

Carriage Trails at the Heights, Dec Land Co. I LLC to NVR Inc., two lots, $43,400.


Real Task LLC to Sarah Lugabihl, two lots, $84,500.