AP Testing begins

By Zurie Pope - Smoke Signals Staff Writer

PIQUA — Students from across the nation will begin testing for possible future placement in college classes beginning on May 6 and lasting over a period of two weeks. A diverse group of 95 students in grades ranging from freshman to seniors will be participating at PHS.

Overseen by the educational non-profit College Board, AP results have a tremendous effect on students’ academic lives and future careers. Student guidance Counselor Georgia Huntsman said, “If they get a 3 or higher, they can get college credit for that class. It also prepares them for college as well as the rigor of the class exemplifies the highest level of curriculum at PHS that is shown on their transcript.”

All AP tests are on a score of 1-5, 1 meaning colleges are not recommended to give credits on your behalf, and 5 meaning you are qualified. “Qualified” means you have proven yourself capable of performing well in college level classes.

While the differences between regular standardized student testing and AP testing are relatively minute, they are noticeable. Huntsman said, “AP tests require more stamina. There are longer essays and more multiple choice on the AP tests.”

Students are not the only people in the academic field who must prepare for AP testing. Teachers work vigorously to formulate plans for both themselves and their students before testing can begin. Huntsman said, “They have an AP certified curriculum they go by. They also use AP Central to obtain tips, methods, resources, and practice questions.”

There are several sources students can use to make sure they succeed. These include The Advanced Placement Website, Teachers’ materials, and practice tests.

By Zurie Pope

Smoke Signals Staff Writer