Polish exchange student comes to PHS

By Victoria McBride - Smoke Signals Staff Writer



PIQUA — Karina Basiure is a Polish exchange student from Krakow, Poland. It is called “city of the kings,” and is located in the southern part of Poland. She has been living in Piqua for seven months and will leave in June.

He favorite memory here has been participating in the school musical, “Dirty Rotten Scoundrels.” Basiure said, “It was so much work, but mostly fun. Being a part of something that magical was life changing.” Not only was Basiure included in in the PHS Musical, but she also joined the bowling team, Art club, Key Club, and Harry Potter Club

Basiure said she gained a lot of experience while here — experience that she could have never gained anywhere else. She also gained a cultural understanding and made “memories of a lifetime.”

As an exchange student, a difficulty she had was finding a place to call home, she had to change host families twice because none of them seemed to be the right fit. She also said PHS compared to her school is Poland is great. There are so many more opportunities than just focusing on studying and having a higher level of education. Poland schools do not have as many ways to participate in outside activities.


By Victoria McBride

Smoke Signals Staff Writer