A Georgian exchange student comes to PHS

By Victoria McBride - Smoke Signals Staff Writer

Tamuna Manvelishvili

Tamuna Manvelishvili

PIQUA — Tamuna Manvelishvili is an exchange student from the country of Georgia, which is near Ukraine, Russia, and Turkey.

She came to Ohio on August 4 and will leave in May. Manvelishvili said, “I want to have a perfect end to this journey!” She loves seeing new places and exploring new cultures.

While here, she has enjoyed seeing Niagara Falls. “It is breathtaking because of its beauty,” Manvelishvili comments. She was also able to visit California and Washington D.C. Manvelishvili says her next destinations to go to are New York City and Chicago.

Her overall experience has gone very well. She has a good host family that she is able to get along with! She also likes Piqua High School, and so far, she says it’s more fun than her school in Georgia. Manvelishvili says the teachers here are really friendly and supportive.

Manvelishvili has been involved in tennis, bowling, Key Club, and Spanish Club while here at PHS. Her most memorable moment was the Women’s Chorus Christmas Choir Concert. It was most memorable because she loves Christmas, and at that time she said she felt “unlimited happiness and beauty of life.”

She enjoyed it so much that she and her friend Karina got very emotional, and even started crying, but she assured me it was tears of joy and excitement.

Something new she has never tried before was sushi and gave thanks to two of her friends for introducing her to sushi. Manvelishvili commented, “I regret that I didn’t try it before because it’s so good!”

Tamuna Manvelishvili
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By Victoria McBride

Smoke Signals Staff Writer