PHS Student of the Week named

By Zurie Pope - Smoke Signals Staff Writer



PIQUA — Alexis Goode was named PHS student of the week for the week of March 18-22 by French Teacher Barbara Woolley for exhibiting the traits of caring, honesty, respect, caring, integrity, and responsibility. When asked to elaborate further on why she choose Alexis Goode, Woolley said, “Alexis is a super creative and hardworking student. She is always working to help others in need, and she often amazes me with her artwork.”

While Goode, daughter of Brock Hall, flourishes in all of her classes, she is an artist at heart. Her favorite subject is art, and when asked why, she said, “I love drawing and all things creative. I like expressing myself through art because it’s easier to show how I feel through images.” However, her favorite teacher is the woman who nominated her in the first place: Madame Woolley. When asked why she considered Woolley her favorite, Goode said, “She is amazing, okay! She’s so kind and genuine, and she always makes everything fun.”

Alexis intends to attend college with a major in culinary arts and hopes to become a chef after graduation. She believes that her artistic pursuits and culinary pursuits are one in the same using her ability to produce beautiful artwork to create beautiful food. When asked why she wants to pursue this career, she said, “I love the small tedious measurements and the amount of time it takes to make a meal.”

However, she doesn’t plan to forget her roots. When asked what she enjoys most about PHS, Goode said, “I enjoy my classes because I enjoy learning.”


By Zurie Pope

Smoke Signals Staff Writer