February PHS Senior Athletes of the Month named

By Kathy Young - Smoke Signals Staff Writer

PIQUA — Athletic Director, Chip Hare, and Piqua’s coaches came together to pick February’s Senior Athletes of the Month. They decided due to their hard work, determination, and perseverance that Micah Karn and Haleigh Beougher were the most deserving.

Beougher just completed her second year as a varsity Piqua diver. Beougher said that her family inspired her to play, and her favorite memory from this year was completing her double. Beougher also plays Volleyball and participates in Student Council, Link Leaders, and Big Brother, Big Sister. She placed second in All-American GWOC.

Beougher hasn’t yet decided where she is going to attend college, but plans to major in pre-pharmacy. Beougher’s future dream is to become successful in her work place and to have a family.

Beougher says that being February’s Senior Athlete of the Month has resulted in her having a feeling of accomplishment and that she’s doing something right.

Karn was chosen for Senior Athlete of the Month due to the 2018-19 basketball season. He has played for 13 years and was inspired by his father. His favorite memory was playing on the Star basketball team with his lifelong teammates, Trey Richmond and Qurriallace Tucker, because he respects that they are the only people who have gone through all of the year’s highs and lows with him.

Karn also plays baseball, football, and is a busser at Piqua Country Club. His future plans are to become a Police Officer and be a CO in the county jail. Karn is inspired by his varsity football head coach, Bill Nees, because he is, “a good guy and spreads positive attitude wherever he goes.”

Some of Karn’s accomplishments are South District second team for football, first team in GWOC, and highest GPA on the holiday classic team. Karn is grateful that he was chosen because he has played the game for a long time and loves doing it, so to be recognized for something he’s worked so hard on is very rewarding.

By Kathy Young

Smoke Signals Staff Writer