PHS reinstates the old and introduces the new

By Victoria McBride - Smoke Signals Staff Writer

PIQUA — Piqua High School is reinstating old classes and introducing new classes for students who schedule for the upcoming year.

Reinstated classes for the upcoming 2019-2020 school year include: The Novel and Anatomy and Physiology.

The Novel will explore the relatively recent origin and evolution of the novel. Classwork will involve reading, discussion, and written analysis of the novel read.

Anatomy and Physiology is a course that will enable students to develop an understanding of the relationships between the structures and functions of the human body. The prerequisite for this class is Biology.

PHS is introducing many new classes, too, including: Introduction to Medical Investigation, Medical Terminology, Foundation of Video Design and Production, Foundation of Animation and Interaction Design, Premiere Pro, Global Foods, Logistics Lab, Health Careers Lab, and American Sign Language IV.

In Introduction to Medical Investigation, students will examine the interactions of the human body systems, and they explore identity, power, movement, protection, and homeostasis.

Students who take Medical Terminology will focus on the applications of the rules for constructing and defining medical terms, while building their medical vocabulary.

Foundations of Video Design and Production is a project-based curriculum that develops key digital communication skills.

Foundation of Animation and Interaction Design will teach digital communication skills in the context of professional animation and interaction design process, using Adobe tools.

Premiere Pro is a class that will detail step by step key techniques for working in Premiere Pro.

Global Foods is a new class where students will compare cuisines, ingredients, and preferred cooking methods of various cultures.

In Logistics Lab, students will learn the production processes applied across manufacturing operations and supply chain logistics.

By taking Health Career Labs, students will apply knowledge and clinical skills necessary to access, plan, provide and evaluate care to patients in varied healthcare settings.

By Victoria McBride

Smoke Signals Staff Writer