Blood ‘drives’ Piqua High School

By Zurie Pope - Smoke Signals Staff Writer

PIQUA — On March 15, students from PHS will be lining up to give blood on the behalf of blood banks throughout Western Ohio.

Interact Club will be hosting the blood drive, and with the help of a local blood center, the blood will be donated to hospitals across the area. When asked about the students who have signed up to give blood and the slots left to go, April Watson, Interact Advisor, said, “As of now we have around fifty, but the goal is 124 appointments. We still have two more weeks to go, so we’ll be fine!”

This year’s spring drive is of course yet another reiteration of a longstanding tradition Piqua and Troy to determine who will donate the most blood. For years, students and teachers have signed up to make sure their hometown wins and their community hospitals can thrive. While the current drive is not the beginning of the next competition, the contest will begin in the fall and the actual victors will be announced in the winter. When asked how long this competition has been occurring, Watson said, “I want to say 10, 20 years. It been a long time — before me!”

However, the real question is: why are so many students and teachers willing to give blood in the first place? When asked, Watson said, “I think they like doing something good that’s going to help someone else.”

By Zurie Pope

Smoke Signals Staff Writer