History day comes to town!

By Kathy Young - Smoke Signals Staff Writer

PIQUA — Piqua High School is hosting the annual History Day project on Saturday, March 2. History Day is led by Social Studies teacher Kaci Pace. This year there are 12 students who are split up into five groups participating.

History Day winners are selected by a panel of three judges based on criteria such as their annotated bibliography, a 500 student word composed essay, research from both primary and secondary sources, etc. The themes of the projects are selected by the students, and it can be about anything historically significant. Although students have the freedom to choose their theme, it has been found that local history does better with the judges.

History Day is a great way for students to use their creativity. Students can present their projects in many ways, but this year the groups have chosen to create an exhibit using trifolds.

Pace, who has been involved in History Day for four years and judged for one, and said that History Day is an opportunity “for students to gain research skills, local knowledge, etc.” Years past some of the ninth grade teachers decided to make history projects mandatory for class, and students chose whether they would like to present them at History Day. Although the teachers decided to switch out the project with something they found would be more beneficial for the students, they still encourage them to participate.

Pace described history day as a, “…science fair for history nerds.” The furthest a Piqua student has made it was as an alternative at Nationals.

By Kathy Young

Smoke Signals Staff Writer