ACT testing begins

By Zurie Pope - Smoke Signals Staff Writer

PIQUA — Students throughout Piqua High School and Miami County sharpened their minds in preparation for ACT testing between Feb. 22-28.

When asked how schools were judged based on ACT scores Curriculum Director Scott Bloom said, “ACT student participation and student achievement are a part of the overall District Report Card. The percentage of students who take the ACT and earn remediation free scores on all of the sections of the ACT are part of the district report card.”

However, perhaps more than the effect on the schools, ACT results have a tremendous effect on students in both their current and future academic pursuits. School Counselor Georgia Huntsman said, “The ACT is so important to universities because admissions officers use it to judge your academic preparedness for college. However, your ACT score is also important to universities because if you’re admitted, your ACT score will be incorporated into their annual ACT statistics.”

“The ACT helps students to understand college and career readiness,” Mr. Bloom added.

As of the 2018 school year, the subject PHS students are most proficient in is math with an average of 18.7 out of 36. Huntsman said, “It is very pertinent for a student to practice so that they are prepared for the test.” The website students were told to use for test preparation was,as well as the Pre-ACT.

When asked about the effectiveness of the test, Bloom said, “It is only an assessment, not an instructional tool or program. These scores can help students identify areas of strength and areas that require more study. It is important to remember that an overall ACT scores is actually a composite of four ACT test section: english, math, reading and science. Students can pinpoint specific content areas that they can continue to work on.” When Huntsman was asked about standardized testing and college preparedness, she said, “The ACT/SAT is only a portion of what a college/university is looking for in admittance to their institution. Colleges are looking for a student as a well rounded individual. Those items include: ACT/SAT, GPA, class rigor, community involvement, clubs/extracurricular activities.”

Students have and will continue taking ACT and SAT tests for some time. When asked about his final views on the ACT, Bloom said, ”While very few people love to take tests, students and parents should make sure that they take advantage of this free ACT assessment. These assessments normally cost a significant amount of money and requires testing on Saturdays, often at a different school or location. This ACT is coming to you with no cost and at PHS. This is a real cost-saving for parents and students.”

By Zurie Pope

Smoke Signals Staff Writer