PHS Teacher of The Week named

By Zurie Pope - Smoke Signals staff writer

PIQUA — Jean Koth was named teacher of the week by Piqua High School principal Rob Messick for the week of Dec. 22. Known for her versatile style of algebra teaching and her compassion and ability to bring out the best in her students, Koth will be a fitting choice among the many other teachers who have held the title.

When asked why she was nominated for teacher of the week, Messick said, “Jean understands that teaching is just as much about relationships as it is subject matter. Her small investment in time continues to pay great dividends.” However, that wasn’t the only reason Koth was nominated during the midst of Christmas. Her marvelous sweater drew the eye to say the least. Koth was “the only person that could pull off the ‘Impaled Rudolph’ look,” Messick quipped.

This nomination is a continuation of a relatively recent tradition. The “Teacher of the Week” program began in the 2017-2018 school year and has continued this year. When asked why it began, Messick said, “It was part of our PBIS initiative. We wanted to recognize staff members that were doing the extra little things that make Piqua High School a great place for students.”

The decision making process is based on select but important qualifications: how hard the teacher has worked, how willing they are to help their students, and more are used to create an honest assessment of their work.

When asked about the selection process, Messick said, “The administrative team works together to decide who will be named Teacher of the Week. We sit down and discuss it during our weekly high school administrative meeting. I have also had teachers email me with nominations. I like it when I get those. I think it is best when you are recognized by your peers. When this happens, I do keep the teacher who made the nomination anonymous. Sometimes we even recognize multiple teachers if they are working as a team in the classroom or in another activity outside of the class.”

By Zurie Pope

Smoke Signals staff writer