Piqua Indian Alumni Nation Program begins

By Zurie Pope - Smoke Signals Staff Writer

For more information, visit http://www.piqua.org/Alumni.aspx.

PIQUA — Piqua graduates will be able to contribute to their community in a fantastic new way, as the district will be beginning the Piqua Indian Nation Alumni Program this week. Although the program will begin this year, the steering committee that will oversee it will not be formed until January of 2019.

Graduates from every generation will be accepted for membership, and there is no limit for acceptable members. Dwayne Thompson, superintendent of Piqua City Schools said, “I would love to see any and all graduates of Piqua City Schools from all generations join the group.”

According to Thompson, the main goal of this entity is to allow all graduates to reflect on their schooling years and help the youth of this era to grow and thrive. When asked what projects they would partake in, Thompson said, “I foresee special events hosted at Piqua sporting events, perhaps an annual gathering of some kind, and a way to recognize alumni for great accomplishments and achievements, among other ideas. I would love to see this be a fun group that helps to keep our alumni informed, connected, and in touch with their past as well as the future of Piqua City Schools.”

Although many graduating classes have Facebook pages and others collective means of communication, this would be the first organization to include all Piqua graduates. However, students are not the only ones for whom this group will be created. Although at this point it is mere speculation, Thompson also spoke of creating a Piqua City Schools Staff Alumni Association as well. He said, “We are not quite ready to roll that idea out, but there are so many wonderful retired Piqua staff members that have served Piqua students over the years, and it would be great if we could stay connected with these individuals as well.”

The driving force behind this group is the nostalgia many have for Piqua High School, and more importantly, the experiences and fun they had here. When asked what the ultimate goal was, Thompson said, “I hope to do one great thing with this organization: bring Piqua alumni together. After all… We are Piqua!”

By Zurie Pope

Smoke Signals Staff Writer

For more information, visit http://www.piqua.org/Alumni.aspx.