PHS enacts new tardy policy

By Victoria McBride - Smoke Signals Staff Writer

PIQUA — PHS has enacted a new tardy policy for students who accumulate more than four tardies a quarter. After their fourth tardy, students will not be allowed to attend the class period when they arrive; they will have to wait until the next class period starts.

Furthermore, the student’s tardy will be unexcused, and he or she will not be allowed to makeup the work missed.

PHS decided to follow through with this policy because tardy students cause a disruption to the teacher and class.

“The teacher has to stop instruction to let them in the door or address them in some other way,” Principal Rob Messick said. Messick also added the second reason for following through with the new tardy policy is the volume of tardies to school infractions.

“Absenteeism and tardiness has become a major problem in our society. This has been echoed by our business advisory. I feel that we have a responsibility to our community to educate our young adults that good attendance is necessary to be a productive citizen,” Messick said.

PHS has spoken with Lima schools who have a similar policy. The outcome PHS hopes to get is creating less disruptions in the learning environment and to create awareness for students that there is a repercussion for poor attendance.

By Victoria McBride

Smoke Signals Staff Writer