World Polio Day awareness comes to PHS

By Victoria McBride - Smoke Signals Staff Writer

PIQUA — Interact Club, headed by April Watson, hung World Polio Day flyers around the school to spread awareness and join the fight in the eradication of polio.

World Polio Day was Oct. 24, 2018. Interact Club is the junior version of The Piqua Rotary Club. The Piqua Rotary Club recently had a luncheon where Rick Hanes gave a presentation about World Polio Day.

Poliomyelitis, or polio, is a paralyzing and potentially fatal disease. Polio is an incurable virus that affects the nervous system, can affect anyone, but usually affects children under the age of five. There are three types of polio: types, I, II, and III.

Polio cases that are reported now are all type I. According to Hanes, “the last case of type II was in 1999. The last case of type III was in 2012.” Hanes also said the world has gone from 125 Polio-epidemic countries to only three. This is a 99.9 percent worldwide reduction of polio.

Only 18 new cases of polio were reported this year in Nigeria, Afghanistan, and Pakistan. Hanes shared, “If the immunization campaign was not in effect, it is estimated over 17.4 million currently healthy people would be paralyzed.” The eradication of polio has been one of the Rotary’s primary focuses.

As long as that 1 percent remains, all countries will be at risk of an outbreak. You can join the effort in the eradication of polio by donating your time and money or by spreading awareness.

By Victoria McBride

Smoke Signals Staff Writer