Bertke Joins PHS

By Zurie Pope - Smoke Signals Staff Writer

Jennifer Bertke

Jennifer Bertke

PIQUA — Jennifer Bertke, who has been at PHS since the year began, is passionate about continuing her pursuit of academia. Her current job is her first in the teaching field, but she is continuing to take classes at Bowling Green. She graduated from Anna High School and received a bachelor’s in civil engineering from the University Of Dayton.

Education is a running trend throughout the Bertke family since her mother is a teacher, and her husband Dave an educator at the Career Center. However, the career trajectory of her children, son Ricky and daughter Eva, is undetermined.

Bertke said she has always been interested in teaching predominantly due to its constant change, describing the job as one that “changes everyday”and has a great “diversity of students” in terms of learning styles, which allows a teacher to continuously develop and alter their teaching techniques to better help their students learn.

Above all, what she enjoys most about teaching is allowing her students to understand and pursue their passions. Bertke has always had in interest in technology and teaches engineering at PHS. Seeing her students have the same fascination in this vocation always brings her joy.

Bertke said, “I was really interested in the career opportunity this position has, and I was always interested in technology. I love working with students and helping them find a passion or interest in these things as well.”

Jennifer Bertke Bertke

By Zurie Pope

Smoke Signals Staff Writer