Golf players look toward future

By Zurie Pope - Smoke Signals staff writer

PIQUA — On Oct. 3, I sat down with Tyler Bergman and discussed his role as coach of the girls varsity golf team for Piqua High School.

He has coached the team for two years but has always had in interest in the sport. He said, “I’ve been golfing since I was five, and I’ve always enjoyed it.” Of course the job has its difficulties and when asked what the most difficult aspect of his career was, Bergman said, “It is a hard sport to teach, and a hard sport to help people get better at.” However, the pros far outweigh the cons. He said the most rewarding aspect of his job was “ seeing one of the girls get the lowest row, just seeing them improve from when they began.”

One student that has certainly improved is Kelsey Bachmann, Bergman’s top player this year with a record of 5-2. Through what he describes as “patience and a lot of hard work” he believes all of his students can achieve great things.

When asked where he sees this team in the future, he said, “It will continue to get better and the numbers will continue to grow.”

I also spoke with Andrew Johnson, seventh grade social studies teacher and coach of the boys varsity golf team. Much like Bergman he “learned about golf at a young age and always enjoyed it. Everyday is a challenge on a golf course.”

His top player is Kyler Rommer and his record is 2-9; however, he finds the most rewarding aspect of his job is not the minutiae of statistics but “watching kids improve their game and gain confidence in themselves.” He said the most important traits for a young golfer to have in order to succeed are hard work, focus, determination, creativity, honesty, and maturity.

When asked where he sees his team in the future, he said, “I see this team working hard in the off season, and being even better golfers next fall.”

By Zurie Pope

Smoke Signals staff writer