School supplies provided for Piqua City Schools

By Victoria McBride - Smoke Signals staff writer

PIQUA — For the 2018-2019 school year, school supplies were provided district wide for all schools in Piqua.

Superintendent Dwayne Thompson, said the plans had been approved at last May’s board meeting. Their goal in making this decision according to Thompson, “was to ensure that all students had equal access to the same quality of supplies needed for their learning while at school.”

Teachers were asked to submit a list of supplies needed for their classroom and content. Thompson said that the district was able to save money because they ordered the supplies in bulk. Thompson made it clear that they did not necessarily buy certain supplies for each student.

He elaborated: “Each student did not need a bottle of glue, we were able to reduce the cost of supplies by buying five bottles per classroom instead of 30.” Because school supplies were provided, school fees were reduced to $20 a student. “The intent of doing this was to provide a fee that was reasonable enough for parents to pay in full,” Thompson said.

Thompson said they did a comparison by county and by similar districts as identified by OED to see where Piqua stood. According to Thompson, Piqua compares “very well-even with our lunch fees that have not been raised for nearly five years now.”

As a final note, Thompson added, “We appreciate the great support we get from the community, and this is one way we could put our efforts in place to save more, be more efficient, yet provide what is needed for a good education.”

By Victoria McBride

Smoke Signals staff writer